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Top10VPN is an independent VPN review website founded by Antonio Argiolas in 2016. He launched it to improve the VPN industry, after realizing the market was flooded with hundreds of unsafe applications and review websites that weren’t adequately testing them.

Since then, we’ve conducted over 30,000 hours of in-depth VPN testing and shared our findings with our readers. We’ve also published original research and investigations on issues affecting internet privacy, security, and freedom around the world.

What Do We Do?

Top10VPN.com was established to fight for a better VPN industry and a freer internet.

For 8 years, our team of independent experts have used a scientific methodology to help consumers make better decisions about the VPN services they use.

Unlike many other VPN review websites, we conduct all of our own testing and gather original, hands-on data to evaluate every VPN’s performance. Most importantly, our ratings are completely independent and free from any conflicts of interest.

We work closely with native speakers from 10 countries to make our recommendations and advice available in multiple languages, ensuring they are as useful as possible for readers around the world.

We also publish informational resources, investigations, and research to draw attention to internet censorship, privacy, and security issues that impact consumers today.

  • 65 VPNs tested
  • 50+ years of experience
  • 30,000+ hours of testing

Why VPN Services?

The need for a more private, secure, and open Internet has driven a quarter of the world’s population to subscribe to a VPN.

Sadly, not all VPN software can be trusted, and identifying safe applications requires technical knowledge. There are hundreds of unsafe VPNs on the market, and dozens of VPN review websites that haven’t genuinely tested them.

When looking for trustworthy VPN information, we found that many VPN review websites are either biased due to their links with VPN providers, or lacked experience with VPN services, relying on flawed testing methods.

For many VPN users, it can be difficult to know which VPN recommendations they can trust.

Top10VPN was created to provide transparent, expert, and data-driven VPN recommendations that are unaffected by financial incentives.

By sharing our advice, research, and recommendations, our goal is to make the VPN industry better, so consumers worldwide can be in more control of their lives online.

Our VPN Experts

Our VPN experts specialize in Virtual Private Networks. With over 50 years combined experience in network security, software engineering, and consumer technology, they have overseen the testing of 65 VPNs and developed every step of our review process.

We also have an in-house VPN testing team that supports our experts with their tests. All of the reviews, advice, and original data you see on Top10VPN.com are the result of their combined efforts.

  • Our database showing VPN test data including streaming service access and available VPN protocols
  • A researcher measuring a VPN's connection speeds and recording the test results across international locations
  • Chart comparing the performance of 10 VPNs with various international streaming services

Our Review Process

Unlike most VPN review websites, we conduct our own original testing and research to evaluate a VPN’s performance. Every recommendation you see is the result of a rigorous testing process consisting of hours of use at the hands of our experts.

We are independently-owned and entirely separate from any VPN service provider. There’s no potential for conflicts of interest, and we never bow to pressure from some VPN companies to alter our reviews.

In the interest of total impartiality, we also purchase our own subscriptions to every VPN we test. We don’t accept payment to conduct a VPN review or provide positive coverage, and VPN providers will never have a say in how we rate their products.

It’s simple: our readers are our first priority. We dedicate all of our time and resources towards creating objective, independent, and unbiased advice for you.

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Independent Research That Makes A Difference

We regularly publish independent research into key issues relating to internet censorship, digital rights and cybersecurity. Our goal is to raise awareness about these important topics and ultimately, to make the internet safer and more private for everyone.

We are already making an impact. Our research into internet censorship has informed the work of major government organizations, including the United Nations and the U.S. International Trade Commission. It has also been included in official submissions to the U.S. Senate.

Our privacy and cybersecurity research has also been featured in over 700 publications globally, including The Financial Times, ZDNet, NBC News, New York Times, PC Mag, and CNET. You can find more coverage in our Press Center.

Supporting Advocacy Campaigns

We proudly support a number of great organizations in their fight for an open internet and defense of our digital rights.

Most recently, we partnered with Open Rights Group to investigate the impact of aggressive web content filters in the UK. We also provided resources to Internet Without Borders to ensure activists in Chad had access to data and secure VPN services.

Top10VPN.com proudly supports the following organizations

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