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Bespoke VPN, Internet Privacy & Security Tools

We've developed a series of tools to improve your internet privacy and security. Our VPN-specific tools help you test your VPN at home to ensure it's working as intended.

VPN Side by Side Comparison Tool

VPN Comparison Tool

Compare the key details of up to 65 popular VPNs, side-by-side.

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IP and DNS Leak Test Tool

IP & DNS Address Leak Test

Check if your VPN is hiding your public IP and DNS address correctly in just a few steps.

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We carry out investigative, independent research into VPN, digital rights, and security matters. Our work has been covered by the BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, and more.

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Many VPN review websites are biased towards certain VPN providers, rely on flawed testing methods, and lack genuine VPN experience. Top10VPN was established to provide transparent, expert, and data-driven VPN advice, unaffected by financial incentives.

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