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VPN guide for beginners - VPN FAQ

Beginner’s guide to VPNs

We explain how a VPN works and why you need one in our easy guide.

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The ultimate guide to streaming with a VPN

Access incredible streaming content

Find out how to stream your favorite shows, films and videos from anywhere in the world.

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The ultimate guide to VPNs for online privacy

Private and secure browsing

Discover how to browse the internet anonymously and surf safely on public Wi-Fi.

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Editor’s picks for February 2017

Best NordVPN deals screenshots


BEST PRICE $3.29 per month save 72%

Our Pick for Privacy

“NordVPN offers double data encryption, killswitch, Tor Over VPN, DNS leak blocker and more.”

  • Rich privacy features
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Tor-optimised servers available
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Best ExpressVPN deals screenshots


BEST PRICE $8.32 per month save 36%

Our Pick for Netflix

“The streamers' choice. ExpressVPN is super fast and incredibly reliable for watching Netflix and other streaming services.”

  • Tested and Working with Netflix
  • Ultra Fast Speeds up to 61Mbps
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
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Best HideMyAss! deals screenshots


BEST PRICE $6.55 per month save 43%

Our Pick for Ease of Use

“HideMyAss! has a refreshingly cheeky brand and a VPN app that's well-designed and really nice and easy to use”

  • Colourful, fun design
  • Powerful, slick location search function
  • Easy user modes
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The latest tips on how to get most of your VPN

China Tech Travel Guide: best VPNs, privacy tools and tips Travel 22 FEB 2017

China Travel Guide: Tech Special

Make sure you’re prepared for your visit to China. This guide covers all you need to know to ensure you retain access to the online services you take granted outside the Great Firewall of China.

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US Tech Travel Guide: VPNs and more Travel 20 FEB 2017

USA Travel Guide: Make the Most of Your Tech

Here’s 8 things to remember to avoid getting caught out with your tech when you visit the US. From public Wi-Fi to smart online tools, some of our tips might surprise you.

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