Streaming & Unblocking Guides

Online censorship can take many different forms. From geo-restrictions and IP bans to URL blacklists, we’ve all encountered blocked websites that we simply can’t access from our location. In the articles below, we explain how to unblock websites of all descriptions. You’ll learn how to change your online location so you can access restricted services and stream thousands of movies and TV shows that you’d never find on local platforms.

Streaming Services

Streaming services like Netflix restrict their content to users in certain locations. Some services like Hulu, HBO, and BBC iPlayer are only available in one country. Using a VPN, you can temporarily replace your IP address so streaming websites think you’re watching from a different country. That means you can unblock a huge number of geo-restricted shows, all from the comfort of your own home. Find out how to watch popular streaming services from anywhere — and which VPNs work best — in the guides below.

Sports Streaming

There’s even more on offer if you’re a fan of sports. Licensing restrictions, blackouts, and subscription fees mean watching the game you want isn’t always easy. In this section, we explain how to use a VPN to stream the sports events you want, when you want.

VPN Locations

Some VPN services cater to certain locations better than others. If you’re connecting into a certain country, or you live there and need a VPN for regular use, you’ll need a VPN with fast speeds and servers nearby. Fortunately, we’ve done the testing to identify which services work best. In the guides below, we explain which VPNs you should use for specific countries and locations.

VPN Services & Netflix

Not all VPNs work with Netflix, and those that do may only unblock certain regions. So how do you know which VPN is worth subscribing to? In the articles below, we explain the results of our Netflix VPN tests in thorough detail. You’ll find out how fast, reliable, and effective the most popular VPN services are for Netflix, and which regions they can unblock.