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How and Where to Watch F1 Races for Free

Simon Migliano is a recognized world expert in VPNs. He's tested hundreds of VPN services and his research has featured on the BBC, The New York Times and more.

Additional Research by Luke Williams

Our Verdict

To watch every Grand Prix for free, connect to a Belgium VPN server and stream the F1 on RTBF Auvio's free streaming website. The best VPN for RTBF Auvio is ExpressVPN as it streams F1 races at HD/4K speeds and offers a 30-day refund guarantee.

Watch F1 free

Summary: How to Watch Every Grand Prix for Free

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that can access geo-blocked F1 streaming sites: ExpressVPN performed best in our tests and offers a 30-day risk-free trial.
  2. Launch the VPN, connect to a Belgium VPN server and open RTBF Auvio: Auvio broadcasts every F1 race in Full HD for free, but is only accessible with a Belgian IP address.
  3. For English commentary, open BBC Radio 5 in a separate tab: Exclude it from the VPN tunnel using split tunneling.
  4. Live stream the race you want to watch: RTBF Auvio also shows all practice and qualifying sessions live, too.

For detailed device-specific instructions, skip to the dedicated section of this guide.

F1 races, including practice and qualifying sessions, are hidden behind paywalls in almost every country. Typically, you’ll have to spend around $44.00 per month to access every live race and replays.

These high subscription costs have pushed millions of viewers to use illegal streaming sites, such as and, which are malicious and may infect your device with malware.

For this reason, we thoroughly researched ways to safely watch F1 without Sky Sports, ESPN, or any other paid-for subscription. We found five free F1 streaming sites from four different countries that are completely legal to access.

While these free F1 streaming sites restrict access by checking if your IP address matches the right country, you can work around this using a virtual private network (VPN).

The best VPNs disguise your IP address and bypass websites’ geo-blocks. In our tests, only five VPNs consistently unblocked the best free F1 streaming platforms from abroad.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to safely and legally watch F1 races online for free using the best free F1 streaming websites.

We’ve also listed our top VPN choices for watching Formula 1 online for free.

How to Watch Formula 1 for Free Using a VPN

If Formula 1 isn’t broadcast on free-to-air channels in your country, the only legal way to stream it for free is through a VPN.

Our tests determined that the best free F1 streaming site is RTBF Auvio. It hosts Full HD live streams of every F1 race, including qualifiers and Grand Prix events.

However, RTBF Auvio is not available on Fire TV devices. For Firestick, we recommend ServusTV and ORF, which host 50% of races each. But there are several more free F1 streaming websites available.

Here’s a quick summary of the methods required to watch F1 for free on different devices:

Platform Best Free F1 Streaming Site Method Set-up Difficulty
Desktop (Windows & Mac) RTBF Auvio VPN App Easy
Mobile (iOS & Android) RTBF Auvio VPN App Easy
Android TV RTBF Auvio VPN App Easy
Fire TV ServusTV & ORF New Account Region & VPN App Medium
Apple TV & Roku RTBF Auvio VPN App & AirPlay Medium

We provide detailed step-by-step instructions in the following sections.

How to Watch F1 on Desktop or Laptop (Windows & Mac)

Accessing free F1 live streams is easier on a computer than any other device. Simply use a VPN to get a Belgium IP address and then open the RTBF Auvio website.

To watch the race with English commentary, use your VPN’s split tunneling feature and access BBC Radio 5 on a separate browser.

Here’s how to use a VPN to stream F1 for free on desktop or laptop:

  1. Sign up for a compatible VPN service and download the app: ExpressVPN worked best with free F1 websites in our tests.
  2. Connect to a Belgian VPN server: RTBF Auvio is unavailable without a Belgian IP address.
  3. Navigate to the RTBF Auvio website in your web browser: When prompted, allow your browser to translate the web page.
  4. Create an account: Click Log in at the top right corner of the page and enter your details. Input a random Belgian ZIP code, such as 1930, as this will not be verified.
  5. Start streaming the race: To watch live F1 races, click the Sport button and choose the race under the Live heading.
  6. For English commentary, set up split tunneling:
    1. Configure your VPN to exclude a different browser from the VPN connection. For example, if you’re using Chrome to watch the race on RTBF Auvio, exclude Edge from the VPN.
    2. Access the live feed of BBC Radio 5. The BBC actively block VPNs, so it’s better to use your regular ISP connection. Radio 5 is available globally, so you won’t need to change your geo-location.
    3. Sync up the audio commentary to the live coverage of the race.

You can see us using ExpressVPN to stream a geo-blocked F1 race in the video below:

How to Live Stream F1 on Mobile (Android, iPhone & iPad)

Normally, to access geo-blocked apps on mobile, your Apple or Google account must be linked to a country where the app is available.

However, our research found that you can access RTBF Auvio from a mobile web browser. You don’t need to download the app to use it.

Here’s how to watch free F1 races on iOS or Android:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that works with RTBF Auvio and connect to a Belgian VPN server: We recommend ExpressVPN because of its reliable performance.
  2. Open RTBF Auvio on your mobile device’s web browser: Create a new account if you haven’t already.
  3. Select the race from the home screen: Unlike on desktop, you won’t be able to simultaneously access English commentary as mobile devices only allow one audio stream at a time.
Streaming F1 for free on iOS via RTBF Auvio's website

RTBF Auvio can be accessed through your mobile device’s web browser.

How to Live Stream F1 on Android TV

In contrast to Fire TV, RTBF Auvio has an app for Android TV, which is accessible regardless of your app store account’s region

Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to access live F1 races on Android TV:

  1. Sign up for a VPN that works with RTBF Auvio and has an app for Android TV and Apple TV: ExpressVPN worked well for us and has an app for both platforms.
  2. Download the VPN app and RTBF Auvio to your streaming device: You won’t need to change your app store region.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a Belgian VPN server.
  4. Open the RTBF Auvio app and start streaming the race you want to watch.
Accessing F1 races on RTBF Auvio's Android TV app

RTBF Auvio’s Android TV app can be easily downloaded without the need for workarounds.

How to Stream F1 on Fire TV

Sadly, most free-to-air F1 broadcasters are not available on Fire TV. To access the apps on these devices, you’ll need to create an Austrian Amazon account and download ServusTV and ORF.

Here’s how to access geo-blocked free F1 races on Fire OS devices:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that works with both ServusTV and ORF: ExpressVPN worked best in our hands-on testing.
  2. Create a new Austrian-based Amazon account: It’s easier to do this using a computer or mobile device rather than having to use the TV remote.
  3. Log in to your new account on Fire TV: Settings > My Account > Deregister. Deregistering your device will take a few minutes. Then, enter your new account details when the set up screen appears.
  4. Download the ServusTV and ORF apps from the app store: They are named ‘ServusTV On’ and ‘ORF TVthek: Video on demand’ respectively.
  5. Connect to an Austria VPN server: This is necessary to access the geo-blocked apps.
  6. Open the app that’s broadcasting the race: Races alternate between ORF and ServusTV.
  7. Select the race from the app’s home screen: Unlike on a desktop, you won’t have the ability to access English commentary simultaneously.
ServusTV's app on Fire TV.

ServusTV & ORF TVthek are the only free services that broadcast live F1 races legally.

EXPERT TIP: Avoid streaming F1 races for free on Kodi. The platform lacks an official free F1 broadcaster, which means that all of the live streams available there are provided by illegal add-ons.

How to Watch F1 Races on Apple TV & Roku

The RTBF Auvio tvOS app isn’t available unless your App Store account is registered in Belgium.

However, we’ve found a workaround using AirPlay. As this doesn’t require the destination device to be connected to a VPN, it was also compatible with the Roku, LG, Samsung, and other AirPlay-compatible devices we tested it with.

    Here’s how you can AirPlay live F1 races to Apple TV and Roku:

  1. Sign up for a VPN that works with RTBF Auvio: We’ve had positive experiences with ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PIA.
  2. Download the VPN app onto your iOS device and sign in.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in Belgium: You won’t be able to access RTBF Auvio without an IP address from Belgium.
  4. Open Safari on your iOS device to navigate to RTBF Auvio’s website: This process is not compatible with browsers other than Safari.
  5. Register for a free RTBF Auvio account and select the race you want to watch.
  6. Configure AirPlay: Tap the AirPlay icon —depicted as a triangle surrounded by circles — at the top right of the screen. Then, select your Apple TV, Roku, or another AirPlay-compatible device from the list.
  7. The race will start showing on your TV: You can continue to use your iOS device as usual and your stream will continue uninterrupted.
RTBF Auvio streaming interface with an AirPlay menu open, showing F1 as the selected media. Devices listed include 'iPhone', 'Samsung 5 Series', and 'Top10VPN Apple TV'. The interface also includes the website '' at the bottom.

We got F1 live streams to show on our Apple TV and Roku using AirPlay.

The Best Free F1 Streaming Websites

We’ve used and analyzed over 50 F1 streaming sites from over 30 countries. Only five matched our criteria of being free-to-air, legal, and offering live streams in HD.

However, all of these services are geo-blocked, meaning you can only access them from certain countries. Using a VPN, you can change your IP address and access these platforms from anywhere in the world.

In the table below, you can compare seven popular Formula 1 content platforms:

Streaming Site Do We Recommend? IP Address Location Commentary Language Race Coverage Price Legal Status
RTBF Auvio Yes Belgium French 24 races 100% Free Legal
ServusTV Yes Austria German 12 races 100% Free Legal
ORF Yes Austria German 12 races 100% Free Legal
M4 Sport Yes Hungary Hungarian 24 races 100% Free Legal
F1TV Pro Yes USA English 24 races $10.00 per month Legal
NOW No UK English 24 races $45.00 per month Legal
Illegal Websites No Anywhere English 24 races 100% Free Illegal

1. RTBF Auvio

The best free F1 streaming site, with every race available in Full HD.

Pros Cons
Broadcasts every F1 race Not available on Fire TV
1080p streaming quality No English commentary option
Doesn’t require any payment details Requires account registration
Intuitive interface
Compatible with many VPN services

RTBF Auvio Quick Summary:

Commentary Language: French
Type of Free Access: 100% Free
Stream Type: Live Stream
IP Address Required: Belgium
Official Website:

Watching F1 for free on RTBF Auvio

RTBF Auvio broadcasts every F1 race, including Grand Prix events, in HD.

RTBF Auvio is the best choice for streaming Formula 1 for free. It shows every F1 race in Full HD, including practice rounds, qualifying races, and the Grand Prix. However, you’ll need an IP address from Belgium in order to access it.

It has a more attractive and user-friendly interface than even the paid-for platforms we tested, like NOW and F1TV Pro. It’s also run and operated by the public broadcaster in Belgium, meaning it’s a totally legitimate and legal service to use.

It’s great for watching other sports too — we used it to live stream MotoGP races for free, for example.

However, unlike ServusTV and ORF, RTBF Auvio doesn’t have a Fire TV app. We weren’t able to download it on our Firestick, though we used it on our Apple TV, Roku, and LG TV via AirPlay.

2. ServusTV

The best choice for streaming free F1 races on Fire TV.

Pros Cons
Available on all platforms & devices Only has 50% of races
No sign up required Commentary is in German
Modern & intuitive interface
Desktop video player supports AirPlay

ServusTV Quick Summary:

Commentary Language: German
Type of Free Access: 100% Free
Stream Type: Live Stream
IP Address Required: Austria
Official Website:

Watching F1 for free on ServusTV

ServusTV is well-designed but only has 50% of races.

ServusTV is a free-to-air service owned by Red Bull. Disappointingly, it only broadcasts half of all F1 races, with ORF showing the other half. You will have to use the services in conjunction to watch every race and both require an Austrian IP address.

Unlike every other 100% free F1 platform, ServusTV is compatible with every streaming device, including Firestick and Apple TV. We discovered that you can even AirPlay content to LG TVs or Apple TV from the desktop video player, which is a feature unique to ServusTV.

The tile interface website and apps are well-designed and feel like a premium service. You can easily find any live F1 race from the home screen and start streaming immediately.

3. ORF TVthek

Basic streaming service that’s compatible with many devices.

Pros Cons
Apps for Fire TV & Android TV Doesn’t support 1080p resolution
Doesn’t require any personal details Outdated and confusing design
Only broadcasting half of races
Not available in English

ORF TVthek Quick Summary:

Commentary Language: German
Type of Free Access: 100% Free
Stream Type: Live Stream
IP Address Required: Austria
Official Website:

Watching F1 for free on ORF TVthek

ORF TVthek has apps for streaming devices but isn’t user-friendly.

ORF TVthek is a reputable free-to-air streaming website in Austria. It has the rights to the other half of F1 races that ServusTV doesn’t broadcast.

ORF’s website and apps haven’t been updated for a long time, making them difficult to navigate and missing some modern features. For instance, it doesn’t broadcast in 1080p resolution, nor does it provide a shortcut to F1 races from its home screen.

That said, unlike RTBF Auvio and M4 Sport, ORF TVthek has apps for Fire TV and Android TV. Using it alongside ServusTV is the only way to stream every F1 race for free on these devices.

4. M4 Sport

Broadcasts every F1 race through a poorly designed website.

Pros Cons
Shows every F1 race Only available on desktop and mobile
Allows you to manually select video resolution Complex UI
Hungarian commentary

M4 Sport Quick Summary:

Commentary Language: Hungarian
Type of Free Access: 100% Free
Stream Type: Live Stream
IP Address Required: Hungary
Official Website:

Watching F1 for free on M4 Sport

M4 Sport is a unattractive F1 streaming site that hosts all 24 races.

M4 Sport is the official streaming platform of Hungary’s public TV service. It’s trustworthy and the only other option to watch every race 100% for free if you don’t want to use RTBF Auvio.

However, M4 Sport is the most confusing free F1 streaming site we tested. The website and apps are cluttered, with video feeds mixed with news, on-demand videos, and podcast links. It took over five times longer to find and stream a F1 race on M4 Sport than on any other platform.

More positively, M4 Sport is the only completely free service in this list that allows you to manually choose video resolution. We prefer this as you can force the stream to show in Full HD resolution, rather than rely on it updating the resolution automatically.

5. F1TV Pro

Premium F1 streaming service with a seven-day free trial.

Pros Cons
Best-in-class commentary and analysis Only free for 7 days
English commentary Free trial is only available intermittently
Apps available for every platform Doesn’t support 4K Ultra HD
Comparatively cheap paid subscriptions Requires a US payment method

F1TV Pro Quick Summary:

Commentary Language: English
Type of Free Access: Seven-Day Free Trial
Stream Type: Live Stream
IP Address Required: USA
Official Website:

Watching F1 for free on F1TV Pro

F1TV Pro can be accessed without paying via its free trial.

F1TV Pro is an excellent paid-for streaming service that enables you to live stream all F1 races and access on-demand analysis. It’s not available in the UK and some other countries, so you’ll need a VPN to access it.

F1TV Pro is the only F1 streaming website we recommend that has English commentary and punditry. It even allows you to manually choose your commentary feed, allowing you to switch to Sky’s feed of Croft and Brundle.

However, F1TV is held back as it’s not a 100% free service. To access it without paying, you’ll have to take advantage of its seven-day free trial. Even then, this free trial is only available during random times of the year.

F1 Streaming Sites to Avoid

Our research found that many popular free Formula 1 streaming sites broadcast unlicensed races, making them illegal. Additionally, some contained malware, which could put your device at risk.

Moreover, all of the premium services we tested charged excessive subscription fees. For these reasons, we strongly recommend using a VPN to access a legally-compliant free or reasonably-priced alternative streaming service.

In this section, we’ll explain in detail why you should avoid two of the most popular alternative F1 streaming sites.


Why you should avoid it:

  • Races are hosted illegally
  • Regular video buffering
  • Potential cybersecurity risks
  • Contains numerous on-page ads

Dubz Network and F1 Live Stream are associated websites that host unlicensed F1 races for free. Streaming content from these websites is illegal and you should not do it under any circumstances.

F1 live stream Dubz Network

Despite its popularity, accessing Dubz Network is illegal and should be avoided.

We analyzed these websites using VirusTotal’s scanner and found that they contained malicious files, making them a potential source of malware. View the results from our tests in the screenshot below:

Scanning / Dubz Network for viruses

Free F1 streaming sites often contain malware.

The user experience of Dubz Network and F1 Live Stream is also worse than any other website we used. The excessive number of on-page ads makes it difficult to view the website’s content.

Additionally, these platforms struggle to keep up with demand during peak viewing. Though we were able to stream the analysis before the race without an issue, the video would stop and buffer whenever the race started.

NOW (Sky Sports)

Why you should avoid it:

  • Far more expensive than better alternatives
  • Doesn’t support full HD

NOW is a premium UK-based online streaming service from Sky Sports. It’s legal to use and has the rights for every F1 race, including practice and qualifying, with English commentary and analysis.

NOW has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access F1 content. The dedicated Sky Sports F1 live channel can be easily found in the sports tab. Unlike many free services, it also has apps for all streaming devices, including Fire TV and Apple TV.

F1 on NOW

NOW is expensive when compared to F1TV Pro & other F1 streaming sites.

However, we don’t recommend NOW as F1TV Pro is a far better option if you don’t need a 100% free service. Now costs the equivalent of $44.00 per month, which is over four times as expensive as F1TV Pro.

Even with its lower price, F1TV Pro offers higher streaming quality, broadcasting in 1080p resolution compared to NOW’s 720p. It also provides the same level of English commentary and analysis.

The Best VPNs for Streaming F1 for Free

Every legal free F1 streaming site is geo-blocked, meaning you need an IP address from a particular country to access it. With a VPN, you can spoof your location to access it from anywhere.

Not every VPN works, though. As VPN services allow users to bypass licensing agreements, many free streaming services attempt to detect and block VPNs.

After testing 65 VPN services, here are the best VPNs for streaming the F1 for free:

  1. ExpressVPN: Best overall VPN for streaming F1. Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Proton VPN Free: 100% free VPN that works with F1TV Pro.

You can use both of these services for free, either by taking advantage of a refund offer or a completely free subscription plan.

We ranked the best VPNs for F1 based on the following testing criteria:

  • Bypasses geo-blocks on free F1 streaming websites, particularly RTBF Auvio as it’s our top choice for streaming races without paying.
  • Free-to-use, either through a free subscription or a money-back guarantee.
  • Fast download speeds to stream live F1 races in full HD quality.
  • Compatibility with all popular devices, including iPhone and Firestick.
  • User-friendly VPN software, to make it easy to access Formula 1 events.

The Best VPNs for Live Streaming Formula 1 Compared

Use the table below to directly compare the two best VPNs for streaming F1 for free:

ExpressVPN Proton VPN Free
No. of Free F1 Sites Unblocked 5 1
Type of Free Access 30-day money-back guarantee 100% free
Data Cap Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
International Speed (out of 100Mbps) 85Mbps 85Mbps
Simultaneous connections 8 3
Router App Yes No
Customer Support 24/7 live chat Email support

1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN Free Trial for F1

Accesses every free F1 streaming site with fast global download speeds.

Pros Cons
Works with all F1 streaming websites Only free for 30 days
30-day free trial using its money-back guarantee Requires payment information
Fast connection speeds for streaming in HD Smart DNS service is incompatible with F1 content platforms
Router app for Chromecast & Roku
24/7 live chat

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for accessing F1 live streams. The VPN successfully circumvented geo-blocks on every F1 streaming service we tested, including RTBF Auvio and ServusTV.

Although ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service, you can use it for free for 30 days by using its money-back guarantee. Simply select a subscription plan on its website and request a refund within the 30-day period.

Here are the ExpressVPN servers that work with F1 streaming services:

  • RTBF Auvio: Belgium
  • ServusTV: Austria
  • ORF TVthek: Austria
  • M4 Sport: Hungary
  • F1TV Pro: USA – Seattle

Reliably Streams All Free F1 Content Platforms

In our tests, ExpressVPN was one of only five VPNs capable of accessing every free F1 streaming site. However, it ranks higher than its competitors because it could access these services 100% of the time.

Using ExpressVPN to access free F1 live streams.

ExpressVPN works with every free F1 streaming site.

Other VPNs, like PIA and IPVanish, only worked intermittently. We even experienced a few instances where we missed an entire race as these services struggled to resolve the issue.

You can see the full results of our Formula 1 VPN research in the table below:

VPN Service ServusTV (Austria) ORF Eins (Austria) RTBF Auvio (Belgium) F1TV Pro (US) M4 Sport (Hungary)
Atlas VPN Free
Private Internet Access
Proton VPN
ProtonVPN Free
PrivadoVPN Free
Windscribe Free

Using ExpressVPN, live F1 streams always loaded in the highest resolution without any delay or buffering.

While connected to far-away ExpressVPN servers on a 100Mbps connection, we recorded an impressive average download speed of 85Mbps. Given that no free F1 streaming sites support 4K (UHD) live streams, you’ll need a minimum download speed of only 10Mbps to access the content in the maximum resolution.

Intuitive Apps Available for Every Device

ExpressVPN is the only F1 VPN that offers apps for every possible platform, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Fire TV. The router app also extends compatibility to devices that don’t support dedicated VPN apps, allowing us to bypass geo-blocked Formula 1 races on Roku and Chromecast.

ExpressVPN's router app interface

Unlike other F1 VPNs, ExpressVPN includes a dedicated app for routers.

The only downside is that ExpressVPN’s Smart DNS tool doesn’t work with any free F1 streaming platform. You will need to use the router app for Apple TV and Smart TV, rather than just updating your DNS address.

Still, this is still a vastly better experience than every other VPN we tested. To watch races on our TV with other VPNs, like NordVPN and CyberGhost, we had to either establish a virtual router from our laptop or manually configure them on a router. Both these alternatives are complex and demand technical expertise beyond that of an average user.

ExpressVPN is also extremely easy to use on every device. To get an IP address that can access an F1 streaming site, all you need to do is select the country and hit the large ‘on’ button from the app’s home screen. Its interface is consistent across devices, making it straightforward and consistent to use on any device.

2. Proton VPN Free: Best 100% Free VPN for F1

Unblocks F1TV Pro with unlimited bandwidth and no payment details required.

Pros Cons
Completely free Only works with F1TV Pro
No monthly data cap No router app or Smart DNS feature
Fast download speeds using WireGuard One simultaneous connection
Strong privacy & security features No live chat support

Proton VPN Free is the only free VPN with unlimited bandwidth that works with an F1 streaming website. Using it, we could access F1TV Pro in Full HD by connecting to its free US server location.

Here are the Proton VPN Free servers that work with F1 streaming services:

  • F1TV Pro: United States US-FREE#156055

Free, but Only Works with One Free F1 Streaming Site

Unlike ExpressVPN and other premium VPN services, Proton VPN doesn’t require payment details and offers entirely free access.

However, it is limited to only one F1 streaming site – F1TV Pro. Hence, you will still need to enter payment details to access F1TV’s seven-day free trial. This option compares poorly to instead taking advantage of ExpressVPN’s 30-day free trial.

Using Proton VPN Free to access free F1 live streams.

Proton VPN can access F1TV Pro and doesn’t impose a monthly data cap.

Compared to other free VPNs that also support F1TV Pro, such as Windscribe and PrivadoVPN, Proton VPN stands out for its unlimited data usage. The other free VPNs provide only 10GB of free monthly data, meaning we could only watch around four hours of races each month.

Secure & User-Friendly Apps for Fire TV & Other Popular Platforms

To watch F1TV Pro on your TV, you can use Proton VPN Free’s app for Firestick or Android TV. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing quick connections to a US server.

Screenshot of Proton VPN's app for Android TV and Fire TV Stick

ProtonVPN’s TV app is attractive and easy-to-use.

However, Proton VPN doesn’t offer a Smart DNS feature, nor does it have a dedicated app for routers. You can manually configure it on certain routers, but this process was difficult and took multiple attempts during our hands-on testing.

More positively, all of Proton VPN’s apps are open-sourced, allowing anyone to view and verify the source code. All apps also support WireGuard and encrypt traffic using ChaCha20.

This sets Proton VPN apart from every other free VPN that doesn’t impose data limits, all of which are insecure, log user data, and contain ads. In fact, Proton VPN’s security rating of 9.0 is higher than any other free VPN we tested.

Other Popular VPNs that We Tested

To identify the best VPNs for streaming geo-blocked F1 races, we performed hands-on testing with 65 VPNs and five free F1 streaming sites. ExpressVPN and Proton VPN Free were the only VPNs that met or exceeded our F1 VPN testing criteria.

In the table below, see a selection of other popular VPNs that we analyzed, alongside the reasons they fell short in our evaluations:

VPN Service
Reason for Exclusion
  • Doesn’t work with ServusTV, ORF Eins, RTBF Auvio
  • No router app
  • Smart DNS doesn’t work with F1 streaming sites
  • Slow speeds connecting to Mexico
  • No router app
  • No Smart DNS feature
  • Unintuitive app design
  • Doesn’t work with RTBF Auvio
  • No router app
  • Smart DNS doesn’t work with F1 streaming sites
PrivadoVPN Free
  • Doesn’t work with any 100% free F1 streaming site
  • No browser extensions
  • No router app
  • No Smart DNS feature
  • No live chat customer support
Private Internet Access
  • No router app
  • Smart DNS doesn’t work with F1 streaming sites
  • Doesn’t work with F1TV Pro
  • No router app
  • Smart DNS doesn’t work with F1 streaming sites
Windscribe Free
  • Doesn’t work with any 100% free F1 streaming site
  • 10GB monthly data cap
  • No live chat customer support