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On this page you’ll find our VPN comparison tool. With just a few clicks you can use it to compare 14 VPNs we’ve reviewed on Top10VPN.com to see which VPN is best when it comes to their most important attributes, head-to-head.

There’s so much to consider when buying a VPN that you could spend forever going into all of the little details, so our experts have pulled out the key factors that you need to know before buying.

You can add up to five VPNs to the tool at once to see differences between speeds, logging policies, servers, Netflix streaming, and more. And don’t forget, if you want more information you can click through to the full professional review from right within the tool.

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$6.67/mo over 15 Months$3.30/mo over 27 Months$2.25/mo over 3 years$3.75/mo over 12 months$2.08/mo over 26 months
Anonymous Server Usage DataNo LogsAnonymous Server Usage DataNo LogsNo Logs
British Virgin Islands (Privacy Haven)Panama (Privacy Haven)Romania (EU Member)US (Five-Eyes Member)US (Five-Eyes Member)
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