VPN Features & Troubleshooting Guides

VPN services don’t just hide your IP address and encrypt your web traffic – they often come with a huge array of additional features that you can use to customize your experience. From obfuscation to ad blocking, there are dozens of VPN features you’ll come across if you purchase a VPN subscription. But what do these VPN features actually do, and how do VPNs differ from other types of privacy software?

VPN Troubleshooting

Often, using a VPN is as easy as downloading an application and selecting a server to connect to. But how do you know if your VPN is actually working, and what do you do if it isn’t? In the guides below, you’ll find the most common reasons why your VPN might not be working, and instructions for how to fix it.

Ad Blocking

VPN services don’t block ads by default, but they do work to block adverts in certain circumstances. In rare cases, premium VPNs even offer ad-blocking software built-in. Find out if these ad-blockers really work and how to reliably block ads with a VPN in the guides below.

Compatibility & Devices

Setting up a VPN is easy on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, but it’s not always so simple. Learn how to use popular VPNs on your Apple TV, Chromecast, and more — and whether those VPNs are good choices — in this section.