Does VPN Passthrough Affect Gaming?

No, VPN passthrough does not directly impact gaming performance. It only helps establish a VPN connection when necessary. High latency and slow performance while gaming are likely due to connecting to a distant VPN server location.

What Is a NAT Passthrough?

NAT passthrough is another term for VPN passthrough. Older VPN protocols lack information for NAT to properly route packets, causing connections to be blocked. VPN passthrough allows these protocols to bypass NAT, hence the name “NAT passthrough.”

What Is IP Passthrough Mode?

Most ISP-provided routers combine modem, router, and wireless access point functionality. IP passthrough mode disables the router and wireless capabilities, allowing you to use separate router equipment on the network if desired. It should only be enabled if you plan to use a different router.

What Happens If I Disable VPN Passthrough?

Disabling VPN passthrough on your router will prevent establishing VPN connections using IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols. Some router firewall ports will be blocked, improving network security. However, you’ll still be able to use modern VPN services that don’t require passthrough.