Why Is My VPN Connected But Still Not Working?

If your VPN is connected but your traffic isn’t encrypted and your IP address hasn’t changed, the VPN isn’t working. Check to see if you are using split tunneling, and disable it if so. Make sure you’re not using a ‘trusted networks’ feature either, which turns the VPN off when you’re using a network you’ve told it is safe.

If your VPN still doesn’t work, it may be blocked by a firewall on your network or antivirus software on your device.

Can a Slow Internet Connection Stop My VPN Working?

It’s possible for a slow internet connection to interfere with your VPN. The VPN software on your device sends a message to the VPN server every few seconds to keep the tunnel open. If it doesn’t get a reply in 120 seconds, your VPN will disconnect.

120 seconds is a long time, though, so it would be unusual in most places. Outages in internet infrastructure that cause a delay of this length could make your VPN tunnel close.