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People checking phones
Happy? Anxious? There’s An Ad For You

Data science can decode people with greater precision than ever. But can we trust algorithms to target ads fairly?

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes16 Jan 2019  ·  4 mins read
Abstract data and encryption
Quantum Computing Will Break Our Most Advanced Encryption

The implications are looming for how data can be hacked - and how it can be secured.

Dave Sloggett
By Dave Sloggett15 Jan 2019  ·  4 mins read
Consent - one option to agree
The Cookie Crumbles: How We’re Manipulated into Giving Consent

Many sites employ design and wording tactics to push users towards consenting to share their data.

Jennifer Baker
By Jennifer Baker9 Jan 2019  ·  10 mins read
Social Apps
Was 2018 a Turning Point for Privacy?

From Facebook scandals to major corporate breaches, 2018 may have been a watershed year for digital privacy.

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes21 Dec 2018  ·  6 mins read
Google Home Mini
“Hey Google, What Do You Do With My Data?”

Smart speakers are surging in popularity. How do they protect the data streaming from people’s homes?

Kate O'Flaherty
By Kate O'Flaherty19 Dec 2018  ·  10 mins read
Social and email apps on a smartphone
Read Those App Permissions - It Won’t Save Your Privacy

The latest revelation of mobile apps that scrape too much data shows privacy can’t be achieved simply through good digital habits.

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes13 Dec 2018  ·  4 mins read
Facebook Portal
Privacy Review: Facebook Portal

Facebook’s always-listening smart screen doesn't do enough to justify the potential privacy risk

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes5 Dec 2018  ·  10 mins read
Dead End sign: How to access the data of the deceased?
What Happens to Facebook, Apple and Google Accounts After Death?

There aren’t many laws for how social media and email data should be handled after someone dies. We need more.

Natasha Stokes
By Natasha Stokes28 Nov 2018  ·  10 mins read