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Global Study: Delete Facebook Web Search Behavior

We tracked and analyzed Google web searches to delete Facebook in 255 locations across 17 countries over 12 months.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano18 Apr 2018 · 12 mins read
China VPN Ban Finally Here: What Does it Mean?

We take a look at at the situation in China now that the government has stopped turning a blind eye to VPN use and banned it.

Ben Dickson
Ben Dickson29 Mar 2018 · 7 mins read
Watch Out! Alexa’s Coming for your Emotions

Amazon wants home assistant Alexa to recognize your emotions to help you. We have concerns how this data will be used.

Ben Dickson
Ben Dickson28 Mar 2018 · 4 mins read
Dark Web Market Price Index (US Edition)

The US edition of our research into the illegal trade of stolen personal data and hacked log-ins, including dating profiles, streaming services, online stores and even Airbnb.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano28 Feb 2018 · 6 mins read
US Internet Privacy Rollback Explained

Changes in the law mean ISPs can now share and sell customer data. Find out why it happened, what it means for US internet users, and how you can protect your privacy online.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano27 Jan 2018 · 17 mins read
Why Facebook Messenger Kids Is A Bad Idea

Facebook touts its new Messenger Kids app as a safe way for kids to chat. Dig deeper and a more disturbing picture emerges.

Ben Dickson
Ben Dickson17 Jan 2018 · 4 mins read
Disclosing Data in the Digital Age

We studied what most internet users are comfortable sharing and how that compares to the true extent of data intrusions.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano15 Jan 2018 · 13 mins read
Rogues Gallery: Privacy-Unfriendly App Features

Some of the worst examples of intrusive features, which may make you reconsider which apps you keep installed.

Paul Newham
Paul Newham04 Jan 2018 · 5 mins read
Apple is Giving Away Your Sensitive Facial Data

Privacy concerns about Face ID have intensified now that it's emerged that app makers can store your facial data.

Ben Dickson
Ben Dickson20 Dec 2017 · 4 mins read
Top10VPN Smart Toys Privacy & Security Report

We have uncovered some disturbing vulnerabilities in popular smart toys that mean hackers can spy on your kids.

Simon Migliano
Simon Migliano07 Dec 2017 · 7 mins read