VPN Unlimited

April 2017 - Review, Packages & Deals

Our verdict

“Some speedy servers and strong privacy features on a budget”



  • Unblocking
  • Streaming
  • Sports


  • 50Mbps+ on some servers
  • Nice easy-to-use app
  • Great deal on lifetime subscription

Works with

  • HBO
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Kodi
  • Sling TV
  • Google-Gmail
  • Facebook

Top VPN Unlimited packages for April 2017

12 Months

$5.99 $2.50 per monthsave 58%
  • Connect to 70+ countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
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$499.99 $149.99 Lifetimesave 70%
  • Connect to 70+ countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
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1 Month

$5.99 per month
  • Connect to 70+ countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
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Recommended For

  • Unblocking

    Proprietary protocol using TCP port 443 a great tool for beating the censors

  • Streaming

    Tested and working on many services plus great speeds on European servers

  • Sports

    Fast and stable connections make VPN Unlimited great for sports fans

VPN Unlimited Overview

VPN Unlimited offers a solid, well-rounded VPN service with flexible and affordable pricing options. It offers an impressive 1200+ servers in 70 locations worldwide, including a good spread in the US with city and region-specific options. As its name suggests, VPN Unlimited offers unlimited bandwidth for all users across its range of packages.

Support for five devices comes as standard and VPN Unlimited gives its customers the options to upgrade to a 10 device allowance, which is among the most generous in the market.

Speeds can be inconsistent for more distant servers (and that includes US in our tests from the UK) but test results for EU servers were absolutely blistering and competitive with top-tier VPN services. Unlimited VPN offers some interesting extras, such as Personal IP and even the option to have your own entire Personal Server.

What we like
  • Browser extensions available for Chrome and Firefox
  • Deep discount on lifetime subscription
  • Extra protection via use of TCP 443 Port
What we like less
  • No manual selection of security protocols
  • Not currently working with all premium streaming
  • Based in US, which is not privacy-friendly


We love the proprietary KeepSolid Wise protocol that makes use of the TCP 443 port that’s used by secure web traffic (HTTPS) and the DNS leak blocker that routes all traffic through their first-party DNS servers. The app is OpenVPN-only and while we would prefer more choice, it’s the fastest, most secure protocol. Other protocols can be used with some manual set-up outside the app.

Less positive is that torrenting is only allowed on a handful of servers and that the company is based in the US, which is far from privacy-friendly. While VPN Unlimited does not log your browsing activity, it does keep a temporary record of your basic connection details, such as data usage volume and the IP address used to access their service.

Optional extras for the privacy minded include your own dedicated IP address or even a whole server for your own use. We also liked the Chrome and Firefox extensions for keeping browsing private that had comparable performance to the full app.

FeatureVPN UnlimitedExpressVPNNordVPN
Open VPN (Auto) TrueTrueFalse
Open VPN (UDP/TCP) FalseTrueTrue
PPTP TrueTrueTrue
SSTP FalseTrueTrue
L2TP/IPSec TrueTrueTrue
IKEv2 FalseFalseTrue
Proprietary Protocols TrueTrueFalse
Supports TCP Port 443 TrueTrueFalse
Supports Obfsproxy TrueFalseTrue
Supports Multihop TrueFalseTrue
Supports SSH Tunnel TrueFalseFalse
Supports SSL Tunnel TrueFalseTrue
Permits P2P TrueTrueTrue
Strongest encryption AES-256AES-256AES-256
First party DNS servers TrueTrueTrue
DNS Leak Blocking TrueTrueTrue
Killswitch FalseTrueTrue
Accepts Bitcoin TrueTrueTrue
Accepts Paypal TrueTrueTrue
Anonymous payment method TrueTrueTrue
Activity logging FalseFalseFalse
Connection logging TrueTrueFalse
Tor over VPN server FalseFalseTrue


When VPN Unlimited is fast, it’s very, very fast but we would trade some of that speed for a dash more consistency across its network. In our UK-based tests, the most popular European servers blew us away with some top tier results. The UK servers were a step down from that but worse, the US results were pretty mediocre. Worse, Australia, Brazil and Mexico were outright poor.

The US servers were patchy in their performance and while we don’t doubt they can cope with HD video, you might struggle to implement VPN Unlimited on a router and expect to stream US services on multiple devices simultaneously. The Euro servers on the other hand would absolutely handle such a heavy load.

Latency was a little sluggish, as was average time to connect, suggesting gamers may wish to look for snappier alternatives.

FeatureVPN UnlimitedExpressVPNNordVPN
Max download speed 55.38 (FRA)61.14 (UK)46.57 (US)
Max upload speed 30.19 (DE)36.64 (FRA)36.14 (US)
Ping time 13ms5ms5ms
Unlimited bandwidth TrueTrueTrue
Average time to connect 12s8s13s
Reliability score
Tested and working with HBO, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, Sling TV, Google-Gmail, FacebookNetflix, BBC iPlayer, Gaming, Torrenting, Facebook, Twitter, Google-Gmail, KodiNetflix, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Torrenting, Twitter, Google-Gmail, Youtube, Kodi

Speed breakdown

SERVER LOCATIONDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)

How do we test these VPN speeds?

  • We continuously test the performance of all our featured VPN providers to ensure you have all the latest information you need to choose.
  • We use the Ookla Speedtest tool on our fibre-optic line in central London, via our own paid-for VPN accounts to ensure the fairest results.
  • Our normal download speed is around 40Mbps, upload 18Mbps and ping 3ms and results are from London to the most popular global locations.
  • Our tests are intended to give you an idea of the range of connection speeds. The closer the server and faster your connection, the faster your speeds.


VPN Unlimited offers the most choice in North America and Europe. We love seeing US city-level server choices at this price point and there’s a good east/west coast spread with options in southern states too. Canada has options also. You can also choose from over 30 European locations.

The rest of the world is less well-served, although it was good to see three servers in India plus a Turkish server. South America offers Brazil and Chile only.

FeatureVPN UnlimitedExpressVPNNordVPN
Server locations 7014557
Servers 1200+1,000+790
IP addresses 1200+20,000+2,000
Dynamic server switching TrueFalseTrue

Server locations

Most popular locations

  • USA

    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • Chicago
    • St Louis
    • Las Vegas
    • New York
    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • Salt Lake City
    • Manassas
    • Seattle
  • Austria

  • Australia

  • Brazil

  • Bulgaria

  • Canada

    • Quebec
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver
  • Chile

  • Croatia

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong

  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • India

    • Pune
    • Delhi
    • Bangalore
  • Ireland

  • Isle of Man

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Russia

    • Moscow
    • St Petersburg
    • Tomsk
  • Singapore

  • Slovenia

  • South Africa

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Thailand

  • Turkey

  • UK

    • Coventry
    • Hampshire
  • Ukraine

See all supported locations…


What we like
  • Search function works well
  • Server load is visible
  • Fresh and modern feel
What we like less
  • Unpolished in places
  • No protocol selection
  • Some redundant elements

Across its mobile and desktop apps, VPN Unlimited is an above-average looker without being a stunner. Similarly with ease-of-use, you won’t have any trouble getting the hang of the software but it slightly lacks the intuitiveness of the very best apps. We’re nitpicking because you can certainly do a lot worse than the very solid VPN Unlimited.

The search function works well, fortunately as we found the scrolling twitchy. Advanced settings, such as the use of TCP 443 port and DNS leak blocking, are well laid out but buried in sub-menu on the Account screen. We found the Information section (mainly social media buttons) largely redundant, along with the (nice-looking) map screen. Some streamlining and a smaller window and VPN Unlimited would be very nice indeed.

Is VPN Unlimited compatible with my device?

FeatureVPN UnlimitedExpressVPNNordVPN
Windows TrueTrueTrue
Mac TrueTrueTrue
Linux TrueTrueManual
iOS TrueTrueTrue
Windows Phone TrueManual Manual
Blackberry TrueTrueFalse
Router Manual TrueManual
Kindle FalseTrueFalse
Games consoles FalseManual False


VPN Unlimited makes up for their lack of live chat with a very snappy response time to their web form. We were very impressed with their quick turnaround times. The quality of response was mixed and felt like a combination of individual response and copy/paste from the website. However we appreciated that the response stayed on topic and didn’t bamboozle with masses of irrelevant FAQ fluff.

The online resources were comprehensive and well-organised, which made up for a lack of search functionality. Beyond a fantastic selection of set-up manuals, there was good material on more general subjects like online security, bypassing censorship and data privacy, which we loved.


FeatureVPN UnlimitedExpressVPNNordVPN
Support quality 8.1109.2
Email response time 6mins12hrs 19mins46hrs
24/7 support TrueTrueTrue
Live chat FalseTrueTrue
Knowledge base TrueTrueTrue
Video tutorials TrueTrueTrue


What we like
  • Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Best packages are highly affordable
  • Stunning speeds on best servers
What we like less
  • Torrenting allowed on few servers
  • Lack of VPN protocol options
  • No live chat support

our rating

“Some speedy servers and strong privacy features on a budget”

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