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January 2017 Review, Packages & Deals
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Founded: 2013
VPN Countries: 50+
Money Back Guarantee: 7 days

Top Packages and Offers

1 Year
$2.08 per month
  • Connect to 50+ countries
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
$129.99 Lifetime
  • One-off fee for lifetime subscription
  • Connect to 50+ countries
  • 7-day money back guarantee
1 Month
$4.99 per month
  • Connect to 50+ countries
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee

Prices may change frequently and despite our best efforts it is possible that some may be out of date.
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VPN Unlimited offers a solid, well-rounded VPN service with flexible and affordable pricing options. It offers an impressive 300+ servers in more than 50 locations worldwide, including a good spread in the US with city and region-specific options. As its name suggests, VPN Unlimited offers unlimited bandwidth for all users across its range of packages.

Support for five devices comes as standard and VPN Unlimited gives its customers the options to upgrade to a 10 device allowance, which is among the most generous in the market.

Speeds can be inconsistent for more distant servers (and that includes US in our tests from the UK) but test results for UK and EU servers were absolutely blistering and approaching best-in-class.

Unlimited VPN offers some interesting extras, such as Personal IP and even the option to have your own entire Personal Server.



What We Like

  Browser extensions available for Chrome and Firefox

  Deep discount on lifetime subscription

  Extra protection via use of TCP 443 Port


What We Like Less

  No manual selection of security protocols

  Not currently working with all premium streaming services

  Based in US, which is not privacy-friendly




Speed is a crucial factor of how good a VPN is and to keep our users informed on how fast VPN Unlimited is across countries, we regularly carry out speed tests.

Latest Average Speeds (in Mbps)


Download 12.81  | Upload 8.75


Download 8.22 | Upload 2.73


Download N/A | Upload N/A


Download 67.86 | Upload 29.43


Download 42.17 | Upload 28.42


Download 29.30 | Upload 8.27


Download 61.72 | Upload 44.94


Download 24.42 | Upload 24.86

The above speed tests were carried out using a fibre optic connection from London, UK. Speeds were measured by the Ookla speed test tool throughout the day, several days a week.


Unlimited VPN offers its “KeepSolid Wise” setting that permits use of the TCP 443 Port for increased protection and also DNS Leak protection, which are both very positive for privacy. Potentially less appealing is bandwidth monitoring (available in your dashboard) and company incorporation in the US, which makes it subject to that nation’s strict data laws. VPN Unlimited also lacks the useful killswitch feature that severs your internet connection should the VPN connection drop in order to protect your privacy.

P2P is partially permitted, on a handful of specific servers but given the above should certainly only be done at a user’s own risk.


Over 300 servers in more than 50 locations. US, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico and many more are all covered. The service also works in China, albeit with a limited number of servers available.




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