Which VPN Has the Most Servers in Russia?

CyberGhost is the VPN with the most servers in Russia, with 60 virtual servers in Moscow. ProtonVPN has 16 physical VPN servers in St. Petersburg.

What Is the Best VPN Protocol to Use in Russia?

Generally speaking, OpenVPN and WireGuard are the best for balancing speed and security. They’re open-source VPN protocols that have been verified for safety time and time again. However, these protocols do not obfuscate your internet traffic by default.

If you’re based in Russia or traveling to Russia and wish to circumvent website blocks, we recommend using a VPN with strong Stealth protocols, like Astrill VPN or Windscribe Free.

These stealth protocols are often built using OpenVPN as their foundation, and will prevent packet analyzers from identifying your VPN traffic.

How Can I Stay Anonymous Online in Russia?

If you’re an internet user in Russia, the country’s laws on internet freedom can be frightening.

If you’re looking to stay safe and anonymous online, here are a few best practices you should follow:

  1. Use a pseudonym. No level of encryption or digital hygiene can hide who you are if you post under your real name. Pick a fake one that can’t be linked back to you.
  2. Use a VPN. A VPN will keep your browsing activity and location private by encrypting your internet traffic, routing it through a secure tunnel, and masking your true IP address.
  3. Use the Tor Browser. Tor works by encrypting your online communications and relaying your traffic through randomized nodes. Tor is slow, but if you’re unable to access a VPN, then it is an alternative choice for anonymous browsing in Russia.
  4. Use common sense. Don’t geotag your content, discuss events from your personal life, or keep a local record of your written content. Stay away from social media websites, and be careful about what you post.

What's the Best VPN for Netflix in Russia?

In March 2022, Netflix suspended its service in Russia. However, this suspension is easily bypassed with a VPN like PrivateVPN, which gives you access to 10 Netflix libraries, including the US, UK, and Japan Netflix libraries — even if you’re accessing them from Russia.