China VPN FAQs

Why Is My VPN Slow in China?

Unlike the internet in other countries, there are very few exit or entry points to the Chinese internet. This means local connections are much faster than international ones.

If you’re in China and you’re connecting to websites or services outside of China, your internet speeds are likely to be much slower.

Most VPN services slow your internet speeds to some degree due to the data cost of encryption and how traffic is relayed via the VPN server. However, the fastest VPNs will only impact your speeds by about 5-10% if you connect to a nearby server.

The obfuscation technology necessary for VPNs to work in China will also slow your speeds slightly, making Chinese VPN connections a little slower than regular VPN connections outside of China.

You can get the best possible speeds by connecting to the closest possible VPN server. These are usually found in Hong Kong or Singapore. This isn’t always the case, though – you may need to experiment to find the fastest server for you.

Is Social Media Blocked in China?

Many of the sites blocked in China are social media websites. This means you also won’t be able to access these services from mobile apps without a VPN.

Blocked social media sites include:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Some social media sites aren’t blocked in China, though. You can still access:

  • LinkedIn
  • Weibo
  • Renren
  • YouKu

Github is also available in China, and has previously been used as a platform for dissent and sending messages to the wider internet.