Which VPN Works in Turkey?

Our latest tests confirm that Astrill VPN, PrivateVPN, and Windscribe Free all work reliably in Turkey.

They all have obfuscation technology, AES-256 encryption, fast speeds, and private logging policies.

Windscribe Free is the best choice for unblocking Turkish Netflix, but Astrill VPN and PrivateVPN excel at bypassing other website blocks.

Which Free VPN Has a Server in Turkey?

There are only two trustworthy free VPNs with servers in Turkey: Windscribe Free and TunnelBear Free.

Out of these two, Windscribe Free is the better choice. It has more effective obfuscation technology that works in Turkey, and has a higher monthly data cap of 10GB, as opposed to TunnelBear’s disappointing 500MB.

Is It Safe to Post Online in Turkey?

There are often legal punishments for controversial social media posts in Turkey.

This doesn’t mean you can’t post holiday pictures on Instagram, but if you want to organize politically, then online anonymity is crucial.

A VPN will keep your activity hidden from your ISP, but this won’t matter if you are posting on a Twitter account under your own name.

If you want to be completely anonymous online, you need to use Tor or a good VPN and avoid anything that might expose your identity.

Can I Use Tor in Turkey?

Tor was banned in Turkey in 2016. The Turkish government is able to identify traffic routed through the Tor network and block it. However, it is still possible to use Tor in Turkey. You will need to make use of something called a “bridge.”

A bridge allows you to connect to the Tor network without your ISP or government knowing what you are doing. This will only work if your government or ISP does not know the server you are connecting to is a bridge into the Tor network.

Tor is an alternative to a VPN if you need complete anonymity online. However, it comes with serious risks: your identity will be hidden, but your activity will be exposed on the Tor network.

Generally, we recommend using a VPN if your main aim is to circumvent censorship.