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The Best VPNs to Get a Mexican IP Address

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The best VPNs for Mexico will assign you a Mexican IP addresses from abroad, allowing you to unblock geo-restricted Mexican websites and apps like Netflix Mexico, TV Azteca, Clarovideo, TUDN, and more.

In our tests of over 65 VPNs, we found that Mexican geo-restrictions are some of the toughest to beat in the world, and not many VPN services can bypass them.

Summary: The Best VPNs for Mexico

Our tests reveal that the best VPNs to connect into Mexico are:

  1. NordVPN: Best VPN for Mexico Overall
  2. Windscribe: Best VPN for Mexican TV
  3. Private Internet Access (PIA): VPN with Most Servers in Mexico

NordVPN is the best VPN for Mexico, with an impressive rating of 9.1/10. The VPN’s 20 servers in Mexico City easily unblock most geo-restricted Mexican streaming platforms, including Netflix Mexico and Tv Azteca.

The three Mexico VPNs we recommend operate dozens of VPN servers in Mexico, all of which deliver fast and stable connections from abroad. We found that they were the most effective VPN services for bypassing Mexican geo-restrictions.

What’s the Best Free VPN for Mexico?

PrivadoVPN Free is the best free VPN for Mexico. It’s the only trustworthy free VPN with a Mexican server. However, it’s limited by a 10GB monthly data cap, and it can’t unblock Mexican streaming services.

We didn’t find a single free Mexico VPN that was as effective as NordVPN, Windscribe, or PIA. Free VPNs rarely have servers in Mexico, and they’re almost always limited by data caps or can’t bypass Mexican geo-blocks.

PrivadoVPN does provide a safe and effective Mexican IP address for free. However, it’s significantly limited when it comes to streaming.

Comparison of the Best Mexico VPNs

The table below compares the best Mexico VPNs based on the number of Mexican servers they offer, their ability to unblock Mexico Netflix, international speeds, and more.

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The Best VPNs for Mexico (Full Analysis)

  1. 1. NordVPN: Best VPN for Mexico Overall

    20 fast servers in Mexico and seamless access to Mexican video content including Netflix.

    Ranked #1 out of 65 VPNs for Mexico
    NordVPN Mobile App ScreenshotVisit NordVPN

    • 20 Mexico servers on large global network
    • Unblocks geo-restricted Mexican sites including Netflix Mexico
    • Fast long-distance speeds
    • Private logging policy
    • Excellent iOS and Android apps
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    • Mexican servers in one city only
    • Renews at increased price
    • Keeps connection timestamps for 15 minutes
    • IP addresses limited to Mexico City
    • No interface for Linux

    Overall Mexico Rating: 9.1/10

    This rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Mexico VPN testing methodology.

    • 8.5/10
    • 9.0/10
    • 9.7/10
    • 9.9/10
    • 8.8/10

    NordVPN is the absolute best VPN for Mexico, with 20 high-speed servers located in Mexico City.

    Connecting to these servers in Mexico was very quick in our tests, and we were able to access most Mexican streaming platforms from abroad, including Netflix, with no buffering.

    While NordVPN is a paid VPN service, it’s affordably-priced at just $3.29 per month on a 2-year plan, although it does renew at a much higher subscription price.

    NordVPN's app for iOS

    Cheapest Price$3.29/mo over 2 years See all plans
    Mexico Server Locations1 (Mexico City)
    Mexican NetflixYes
    TV AztecaYes
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. linuxLinux
    4. chromeosChromeOS
    5. iosiOS
    6. androidAndroid

    20 Servers in Mexico City

    NordVPN has an extensive server network spanning 6,328 servers in 111 countries, with 20 servers located in Mexico City.

    Connecting to these servers was straightforward for us thanks to NordVPN’s intuitive and user-friendly apps, particularly on iOS and Android smartphones.

    Despite the VPN’s impressive server network in Mexico, it currently limits its Mexican IP addresses to Mexico City.

    Windscribe, on the other hand, has IP addresses in Guadalajara as well, providing users more flexibility when selecting locations within Mexico.

    NordVPN Mexico Servers

    You can connect to up to 20 servers in Mexico using NordVPN.

    Unblocking Mexican Video Content

    NordVPN unblocked several Mexican streaming services in our tests, including Netflix Mexico, TUDN, and TV Azteca.

    Frustratingly, like most VPNs we tested, it failed to unblock the popular Mexican platform Clarovideo.

    NordVPN Mexico Streaming

    We streamed the Mexican TV show ‘Survivor México’ from the US using NordVPN’s Mexico servers.

    Advanced yet Affordable VPN

    Not only is NordVPN an excellent VPN for getting a Mexican IP address, it’s also one of the most secure VPNs we’ve evaluated.

    Despite collecting excellent ratings across most testing categories, the VPN remains very affordable at $3.29 per month on a two-year plan. The VPN subscription does renew at much higher price after the first two years, though.

    While NordVPN is competitively priced, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s still more expensive than Private Internet Access.

    If you don’t plan on using the VPN longer-term, keep in mind that you can trial NordVPN for free for 30 days via its 100% refund guarantee.

  2. 2. Windscribe: Best VPN for Unblocking Mexican TV

    Excels at unblocking every major Mexican streaming service, including Clarovideo and Mexican Netflix.

    The Windscribe VPN app running on two mobiles; one displaying connection options, the other connected to a New York server.Visit Windscribe

    • The most effective VPN at unblocking Netflix Mexico
    • Access to Clarovideo, TV Azteca and TUDN
    • Servers in Guadalajara and Mexico City
    • Fast international download speeds
    • Unblocks 32 Netflix regions
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections

    • Most expensive VPN option for Mexico
    • Unspecified number of Mexican servers
    • Refund policy of only three days
    • Slower than NordVPN and PIA VPN
    • Smart DNS costs extra

    Overall Mexico Rating: 8.8/10

    This rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Mexico VPN testing methodology.

    • 7.5/10
    • 9.9/10
    • 9.3/10
    • 8.1/10
    • 8.9/10

    Windscribe is an excellent alternative to NordVPN, especially for streaming geo-restricted Mexican video content.

    The VPN provider’s Mexican servers have a flawless track record for unblocking Mexican streaming services, including Clarovideo.

    Having said that, Windscribe is more expensive than NordVPN at $5.75 per month on a yearly plan. It’s also slower connecting into Mexico from abroad.

    Windscribe VPN's app for iOS

    Cheapest Price$5.75/mo over 12 Months See all plans
    Mexico Server Locations2 (Guadalajara & Mexico City)
    Mexican NetflixYes
    TV AztecaYes
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. linuxLinux
    4. iosiOS
    5. androidAndroid

    Reliable VPN for Mexican Netflix

    Windscribe is one of the best Netflix VPNs in general, unblocking 32 global libraries.

    More importantly, it’s one of the very few VPNs we’ve tested able to access Netflix Mexico content from abroad.

    Windscribe is the only VPN on our list that unblocks Clarovideo, too. It also works with TUDN and TV Azteca, which means you can use it to enjoy Mexican content from anywhere.

    Windscribe Clarovideo Mexico Streaming

    Windscribe unblocks all major Mexican streaming sites, including Clarovideo.

    Mexico IP Addresses in Two Mexican Cities

    Mexico often receives less attention than other countries in terms of VPN server coverage.

    Typically, VPN services only offer IP addresses for Mexico City. Windscribe stands out by providing server locations in two Mexican cities: Mexico City and Guadalajara.

    While Windscribe doesn’t disclose how many Mexican servers it maintains, we didn’t experience server overload or congestion throughout our testing. This indicates an adequate server park in Mexico.

    This is reflected in Windscribe’s long-distance speeds, which remain fast enough and ensured smooth streaming during our tests.

    Having said that, Windscribe is not as fast as NordVPN or Private Internet Access connecting into Mexico.

    All in all, Windscribe is a very good alternative to NordVPN but it’s higher price point may put off more price-sensitive users.

  3. 3. Private Internet Access: Best for Mexico VPN Servers

    Offers over 130 VPN servers in Mexico, more than any other VPN service.

    Private Internet AccessVisit PIA VPN

    • Cheapest premium VPN for Mexico
    • Largest VPN server park in Mexico
    • Well-designed mobile applications
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections
    • High security standards and 100% no-logs policy

    • Unable to stream Netflix Mexico
    • IP addresses limited to Mexico City
    • Unable to unblock Clarovideo
    • Smart DNS doesn't work for Mexican video platforms

    Overall Mexico Rating: 8.5/10

    This rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Mexico VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.9/10
    • 5.5/10
    • 9.7/10
    • 9.3/10
    • 9.7/10

    The reason why we picked Private Internet Access (PIA) as our second-best VPN recommendation is that it has more Mexican servers than any other VPN, and it’s the cheapest VPN on this list at just $2.03 per month.

    Despite its affordability and excellent privacy and security standards, PIA let us down by disappointing streaming results. Despite offering numerous Mexican IP addresses, accessing Mexican streaming sites using PIA remains a challenge.

    the Private Internet Access iOS app

    Cheapest Price$2.03/mo over 28 months See all plans
    Mexico Server Locations1 (Mexico City)
    Mexican NetflixNo
    TV AztecaYes
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. linuxLinux
    4. iosiOS
    5. androidAndroid

    Over 130 Mexico Servers

    PIA excels when it comes to Mexico servers. It has over 130 individual servers spread across Mexico City, which is over four times more than NordVPN, the second-best VPN for Mexican servers.

    However, much like NordVPN, its server locations are limited to Mexico City.

    Our data also reveals that PIA averages international speeds of 86Mbps, which is on par with NordVPN.

    PIA therefore delivers competitive international speeds, ideal for users looking to connect into Mexico from other countries such as the United States and Spain.

    PIA Mexico Servers

    PIA’s apps are simple and its Mexico servers are easy to find.

    Even Cheaper than NordVPN

    Another unique proposition of Private Internet Access versus NordVPN is the service’s subscription price.

    In fact, PIA is the cheapest top-rated VPN available on the market.

    Its best pricing plan costs $2.03 per month over 26 months, which is considerably cheaper than both NordVPN and Windscribe.

    Fails to Unblock Most Mexico Streaming Sites

    Sadly, PIA isn’t as good for Mexico as NordVPN or Windscribe due to its limited success unblocking Mexican streaming services.

    Specifically, it struggles to unblock Netflix Mexico and Clarovideo. Although it can access TV Azteca and TUDN, their geo-blocks are comparatively easier to beat in our experience.

    Netflix Mexico Blocking PIA VPN

    Netflix Mexico detected and blocked PIA VPN connections.

The Best Free VPN for Mexico

  1. 1. PrivadoVPN Free: Best Free Mexico VPN

    One of the very few VPNs with a secure free server in Mexico.

    Ranked #1 Free VPN for Mexico
    PrivadoVPNVisit PrivadoVPN

    • Secure and privacy-friendly free VPN
    • No payment details required
    • Ideal to get a free Mexico IP address
    • Good speeds connecting into Mexico
    • Unblocks TUDN
    • 10 simultaneous connections

    • 10GB per month data cap
    • Unable to unblock many Mexican streaming sites
    • Data has to renewed each month via online account
    • No web browser extensions
    • Fire TV Stick app suffers from regular crashes

    Overall Mexico Rating: 4.4/10

    This rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Mexico VPN testing methodology.

    • 5.0/10
    • 2.5/10
    • 9.3/10
    • 6.9/10
    • 6.4/10

    Our tests confirm PrivadoVPN Free is the best free VPN for Mexico.

    Surprisingly, it’s one of just two trustworthy free VPN services with a server in Mexico. If you want to get a Mexican IP address for free, PrivadoVPN is currently the best option.

    While PrivadoVPN Free is an excellent free VPN for streaming in general, unfortunately it’s poor at bypassing streaming geo-restrictions in Mexico.

    Contributing to its rating of 4.3/10 is also the fact limits monthly usage to 10GB.

    PrivadoVPN Free's app for iOS

    Data Cap10GB
    Mexico Server Locations1 (Mexico City)
    Mexican NetflixNo
    TV AztecaNo
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid

    Provides Working Free Mexico IP Addresses

    PrivadoVPN is one of the only free VPNs with a Mexico server. The only other alternative is TunnelBear Free, which we don’t recommend due to its 500MB monthly data.

    PrivadoVPN also imposes a monthly data limit, but it’s 10GB and therefore enables longer access to Mexican websites from abroad.

    Frustratingly, your monthly allowance will have to be manually renewed via your online account page each month.

    PrivadoVPN Free Mexico Server

    PrivadoVPN Free requires you to set up an account to access its free Mexican server.

    Fast International Speeds

    Impressively, PrivadoVPN’s speeds rival those of Windscribe, despite being a free service.

    Based on our data, we calculated a rating of 9.3/10 for speed, with an average international speed of 92Mbps.

    We often see free VPN speeds lag behind those of paid VPN services. With PrivadoVPN, we’ve been observing excellent speeds on its free servers for many months, which sets it apart from most other free VPNs.

    Lacklustre Streaming Performance in Mexico

    While PrivadoVPN Free excels at streaming global content, it seriously struggles with Mexican streaming platforms.

    The VPN disappointed when we attempted to unblock TV Azteca, Netflix Mexico, or Clarovideo. TUDN was the only Mexican streaming service that successfully worked with PrivadoVPN.

    Having said that, PrivadoVPN Free can unblock other Spanish-language content and is a good free VPN for Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.

How to Get a Mexican IP Address

To get a Mexican IP address from the United States, or any other country, you’ll need a VPN that runs servers in Mexico.

Once you’ve signed up to a VPN service with servers in Mexico, follow these simple steps to get a Mexico IP address:

  1. Install the VPN application on your device.
  2. Launch the application and sign in to your account.
  3. Once signed in, open the app’s server selection menu and select the server labeled ‘Mexico.’
  4. Click on the ‘Connect’ button to establish a secure connection to the Mexican server.
  5. Once connected, you will have been assigned a Mexican IP address. Confirm this by using our IP Address checker tool.

You can see how simple the process is in the short video below. In just a matter of seconds, we changed our IP address location from the United States to Mexico:

We used NordVPN to get a Mexican IP address in under 30 seconds.

Which VPNs Have Servers in Mexico?

So far in this guide, we’ve listed and reviewed the very best VPNs for connecting into Mexico from abroad.

However, there are dozens more VPN services with Mexican servers that didn’t make the cut.

The VPNs that missed out are simply not good enough to recommend, but you may still find it useful to see a list of every VPN service that currently operates servers in Mexico:

  • Astrill VPN
  • Atlas VPN
  • Avast SecureLine
  • AVG Secure VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Bitdefender VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • ExpressVPN
  • FastestVPN
  • Hide.me
  • HideMyAss
  • Hotspot Shield
  • IPVanish
  • Kaspersky VPN
  • McAfee Safe Connect
  • NordVPN
  • Norton Secure VPN
  • PrivadoVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • PrivateVPN
  • Proton VPN
  • StrongVPN
  • Surfshark
  • TorGuard
  • TunnelBear
  • VPN Unlimited
  • VPN.ac
  • VPNArea
  • VyprVPN
  • Windscribe VPN
  • X-VPN
  • ZoogVPN

As for VPNs that don’t have servers in Mexico, these include AirVPN, Ivacy, IVPN, Mozilla VPN, Mullvad, Perfect Privacy, and PureVPN.

Mexico VPNs We Don't Recommend

Unfortunately, not all VPNs are equally suitable for Mexico, even if they cost money.

Through our extensive evaluation of 65 VPN services, there are many VPNs not suitable for connecting into Mexico.

Here’s a list of some VPNs, including notable ones, that do not meet our standards for use in Mexico:


What we don’t like: ExpressVPN is our #1 VPN overall, but we caution against using it for Mexico as it doesn’t access Mexican Netflix reliably. Considering its high cost, there are cheaper alternatives worth using, instead.


What we don’t like: Although Hide.me is fast and comes with a Mexican server, it doesn’t unblock Mexican Netflix or Clarovideo.


What we don’t like: Mullvad is one of the most privacy-focused VPNs out there, but it doesn’t have any Mexico servers, so you cannot use it to get a Mexican IP address and access the Mexican web.


What we don’t like: PrivateVPN is a great VPN for Netflix generally, able to unblock 10 international libraries. However, it doesn’t unblock Mexico Netflix and we experienced frustrating connection fluctuations while accessing Mexican streaming sites.

TunnelBear Free

What we don’t like: TunnelBear Free is a free VPN with Mexican servers. However, its data cap of 500MB per month is so restrictive that we don’t consider it a worthwhile option.

NEED HELP? If you have questions about VPNs for Mexico, email us at hello@top10vpn.com and we’ll provide relevant insights and recommendations.

How We Test VPNs for Mexico

To recommend the right VPNs for connecting into Mexico, we follow a strict, Mexico-specific testing process, which involved evaluating 65 VPN applications.

The table below summarizes how our Mexico VPN recommendations performed in our key testing categories. These categories collectively contribute to each VPN’s overall rating for Mexico.

Read below a detailed explanation of how we calculate each VPN service’s Mexico rating:

1. Mexico Server Locations: 30%

Minimum Requirement: A server location in Mexico.

We Recommend: Multiple servers in Mexico, ideally located in a variety of cities.

Having access to Mexican IP addresses through dedicated Mexico servers is essential. Our ratings prioritize the ability to connect to the Mexican internet regardless of your location.

VPNs are useful if you’re already in Mexico, too, so we also look for a large global server network.

In our assessment, VPN providers that offer a wide range of Mexican servers in multiple locations receive higher ratings. The availability of numerous servers minimizes the risk of congestion and ensures a smoother browsing experience.

2. Mexico Streaming: 30%

Minimum Requirement: Unblocks TV Azteca and TUDN.

We Recommend: All of the above, as well as Netflix Mexico and Clarovideo.

The ability of a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Mexican content from abroad is a key aspect of a good Mexico VPN. In our testing, we assessed each VPN’s ability to unblock popular Mexican streaming services including TV Azteca, Clarovideo, and TUDN from the US.

It’s worth noting that Mexican geo-blocks pose significant challenges, and out of the 65 VPNs we tested, only three worked with Mexican Netflix. Similarly, only two VPNs successfully unblocked Clarovideo.

You can see the full results of our Mexico streaming tests in the table below. It shows which VPN services work to unblock popular Mexican streaming services:

EXPERT ADVICE: You don’t need a VPN to access Telemundo Deportes. Just head to the URL and you can stream its video content from anywhere.

3. Speed: 20%

Minimum Requirement: An average international download speed greater than 60Mbps, and ping lower than 100ms.

We Recommend: An average international download download speed above 80Mbps, and ping lower than 50ms.

Ensuring minimal speed loss compared to your regular internet connection is crucial when selecting a VPN. This allows for a seamless and uninterrupted online experience while using the VPN.

A reliable VPN for Mexico will allow you to browse, stream, and download content while connected to a Mexican VPN server without slowing your internet speed by more than 10%.

To cater to users connecting to Mexico from diverse locations, including the US, Canada, Spain, and Peru, we use an average international download figure derived from our own VPN speed data collection.

This long-term data provides accurate, real-life insight into a VPN’s international speed performance over time.

4. Security & Technical Features: 10%

Minimum Requirement: Secure open-sourced protocols, like OpenVPN and WireGuard, and AES-256 (or equivalent) encryption.

We Recommend: All of the above, as well as IP leak protection and a reliable VPN kill switch.

It’s critical that you always use a secure VPN even when you simply want to get an IP address belonging to a different country.

If all your internet activity is flowing through the VPN connection (tunnel), then using an insecure VPN may lead to sensitive data leaking to third-parties, especially on open/shared Internet networks. This includes the websites and apps you access, and files you share.

To better encrypt and anonymize your web activity, the Mexico VPNs we’ve selected use AES-256 or ChaCha20 encryption and highly secure VPN protocols like OpenVPN and WireGuard.

This enhanced level of encryption allows you to establish a secure connection between your device(s) and the VPN server you’re connecting to, in this case one in Mexico.

5. Privacy & Logging Policy: 10%

Minimum Requirement: Privacy-friendly logging policy, supported by court cases or independent audits.

We Recommend: No-logs policy confirmed by real-world events, trustworthy ownership, and RAM-based (diskless) servers.

Similarly to improving internet security, a VPN must keep your activity on the web private. Privacy is a key factor we consider when evaluating VPNs, regardless of why you want to use a VPN.

We use very strict criteria when assessing a VPNs logging policy and privacy credentials.

We hold a VPN service to very high standards by examining its privacy policy, jurisdiction, company history, and any evidence that supports its privacy claims. These include real-world incidents, for example server seizures, court cases, and independent audits.

Data Cap Reduction: Up to 50%

While free VPN services can be enough for some users, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations their data caps impose on VPN users.

To account for these limitations, we apply penalties to free VPNs that enforce data caps, with stricter penalties reserved for the most restrictive data caps. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 10GB per month: -20% to the overall rating
  • 500MB per day: -25% to the overall rating
  • 5GB per month: -30% to the overall rating
  • 1GB per month: -35% to the overall rating
  • 200MB per day: -40% to the overall rating
  • 500MB per month: -50% to the overall rating

With only 10GB of data available per month, we’ve docked 20% off PrivadoVPN Free’s overall score.

Mexico VPN FAQs

Which VPN Has the Most Servers in Mexico?

According to our research, Private Internet Access has the most servers in Mexico, with over 130 Mexican servers in Mexico City. CyberGhost comes in second with 50 Mexican servers, and NordVPN follows in third with 20 servers in Mexico.

The only free VPNs that have servers in Mexico are PrivadoVPN Free and TunnelBear Free.

It is important to note that many VPNs don’t disclose the exact number of Mexican servers they operate, and that the server count fluctuates based on network optimization.

What's the Best VPN for Mexican Netflix?

The best VPN for watching Netflix Mexico from abroad is currently Windscribe, followed closely by NordVPN.

Most other VPNs can’t bypass Netflix Mexico’s geo-restrictions, including services like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Hide.me.

There are currently no free VPNs that can access Mexican Netflix.