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How to Get a 7-day NordVPN Free Trial

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Our Verdict

You can get a NordVPN 100% free trial by installing the Android app from the Google Play Store, which automatically enrolls you in its seven-day free trial. You can then use your free account on all your other devices. To use NordVPN risk-free for 30 days, take advantage of the service's money-back guarantee.

Get NordVPN for free

Sadly, it’s not possible to get a NordVPN account completely free forever. However, NordVPN does offer a seven-day 100% free trial to all new Android subscribers.

Quick Guide: How to Get a NordVPN 7-day Free Trial on Android

  1. Download and install the NordVPN Android application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the NordVPN app and tap ‘Sign Up.’
  3. Accept the on-screen seven-day free trial offer.
  4. You can now use NordVPN for free for seven days. With the same login details you can also use the free trial on all other devices.
  5. Remember to cancel the trial within seven days from the ‘Subscriptions’ section of the Google Play Store app.

To use NordVPN for free and for longer, the company offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee on PC, Mac, iPhone and all other devices.

During the first 30 days of service, you’ll enjoy free access to one of the best VPNs on the market, without data caps, reduced speeds, or limited functionalities.

Using the 30-day refund guarantee is simple and risk-free. We’ve verified several times that the company honors the guarantee, so you can trial NordVPN with peace of mind.

Remember, using the seven-day free trial in combination with the 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to use NordVPN for free for up to 37 days.

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How to Get a 7-day NordVPN Free Trial

NordVPN’s 100% free trial is only available if you sign up on an Android device and via the Google Play Store.

Once the VPN is set up, you can use your account on any platform for seven days.

Also, NordVPN allows six simultaneous connections, so you can use the VPN for free on all your other devices.

While you won’t be asked to submit payment details to sign up for the trial, the payment method stored on your Google Play account will be used to charge you once the seven-day trial period has lapsed.

Android Free Trial Setup Guide

  1. Download the NordVPN Android app onto your smartphone or tablet. You can find it listed in the Play Store.

  2. Once installed, open the NordVPN app and tap ‘Sign up’. Enter your email address and payment details when prompted to create an account.

  3. Once your account has been created, you will see an automatic offer for a 7 day free trial. Tap ‘Try for $0.00’ or ‘Start your free week.’

  4. You will now have full access to NordVPN for 7 days before being charged.

  5. To avoid being charged for a NordVPN subscription at the end of your free trial, head to your Google Account and select ‘Payments and subscriptions.’ Tap where you find NordVPN listed.

  6. Tap where it says ‘Cancel subscription’ at the bottom of the window and then confirm that you wish to cancel your NordVPN subscription. After you cancel you will still be allowed to use NordVPN for the rest of the trial period and you will not be charged when it expires.

EXPERT ADVICE: To avoid accidental charges, cancel your NordVPN free trial straight after signing up. You will still have access to it for the remainder of the trial period.

How to Get a 30-day NordVPN Free Trial

NordVPN doesn’t offer a completely free 30-day trial, but its risk-free money-back guarantee is as close as it gets to it.

To get the most out of NordVPN’s refund guarantee, and use the VPN for free for 30 days, follow the instructions below.

This method works on both PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, as well as other devices.

Windows (and macOS) Free Trial Setup Guide

  1. Go to the NordVPN website and press the Get NordVPN button. This will take you to the subscription page.NordVPN money-back guarantee
  2. Select a subscription plan, create an account, and enter your payment details. To reduce the upfront cost, sign up to the 1-month plan. Remember to ask for a refund before the end of the 30 days. NordVPN pricing plans
  3. Once you have a NordVPN account, go to the download page of the NordVPN website. This page shows the apps available for various devices. Click Download for the relevant platform and follow the installation prompts.NordVPN download Windows
  4. Open the NordVPN app and log in with your new account details. Connect to a server location of your choice, or click Quick Connect for the fastest speeds.The NordVPN app on Windows.
  5. For the next 30 days you can use NordVPN without restrictions. Remember to request a refund within 30 days of signing up.

    Streaming American Netflix with NordVPN

EXPERT ADVICE: If you want a VPN trial with no payment details required whatsoever, follow the steps in our guide on how to get CyberGhost VPN completely free for 24 hours.

How to Cancel NordVPN & Get a Full Refund

To cancel your NordVPN 30-day free trial and receive a full refund, follow the steps below.

  1. Contact NordVPN’s live chat customer support, by clicking the chat bubble from the bottom-right corner of NordVPN’s support page.NordVPN's customer support options.
  2. Tell the NordVPN chatbot that you would like a refund and state the payment method you used when signing up. You will then be transferred to a NordVPN Customer Support Manager.How to request a refund from NordVPN.
  3. The chat agent will ask a series of questions regarding your cancellation. Once answered, you will be given confirmation that your NordVPN free trial has been canceled. You will receive your refund within 5-10 business days.Conversation with NordVPN's support, after requesting a refund

NordVPN Free Trial vs Money-Back Guarantee

Taking advantage of either the genuine free trial, or the money-back guarantee, allows you to use NordVPN for free, but there are important differences between the two.

The difference between a VPN free trial and a money-back guarantee:

Money-Back Guarantee
You have to pay for a NordVPN subscription upfront, but you’re then guaranteed a refund if you cancel within 30 days.

You will receive your refund up to 10 business days after requesting it.

Free Trial
NordVPN’s pure free trial is only available when signing up on Android, and lasts for just seven days.

Although it requires a valid payment method (stored in your Google Play Store account), NordVPN’s free trial doesn’t take any payment until the trial period is over.

Remember to end the trial ahead of time, so that you won’t be charged any money.

Generally speaking, we recommend you use NordVPN’s money-back guarantee, and not its free trial.

Although you will have to pay the $11.99 subscription fee upfront, you can use NordVPN for up to 30 days, compared with just seven days for the free trial.

NordVPN’s money-back guarantee doesn’t come with any limits, either. You can stream, torrent, and use as much data as you want.

Simply remember to request your refund before the 30 days are up, otherwise you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

Why We Recommend NordVPN's Free Trial

After reviewing 65 VPNs, we ranked NordVPN second-best VPN overall.

A few highlights include fast connection speeds around the world, a privacy-first logging policy, and exceptional security features.

Moreover, NordVPN can unblock 17 Netflix regions as well as many other streaming platforms.

Testing NordVPN with US Netflix on macOS

NordVPN works reliably with US Netflix.

You can enjoy all these benefits with the VPN’s seven-day free trial and with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons to using NordVPN’s free trial:

  • Unlimited access for up to 30 days
  • No data cap or bandwidth throttling
  • Works with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and more
  • Torrenting permitted on 85% of servers
  • One of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested
  • Payment details required to activate free trial
  • Android smartphone or tablet required for 100% free trial
  • PayPal payment not accepted
  • Less reliable for Netflix on Fire TV devices
  • Unable to bypass web blocks in highly-censored countries

NordVPN’s applications are user-friendly and available for many different devices, so you shouldn’t have any problems setting up and using the VPN software.

NordVPN’s intuitive apps also make it one of the best VPNs for Android.

NordVPN's apps for Windows and macOS

The software is also strengthened with industry-leading security features including ChaCha20 encryption, an effective VPN kill switch, and DNS leak protection.

Moreover, NordVPN’s WireGuard-based protocol, called NordLynx, has been delivering exceptional speeds since its introduction.

In our latest series of speed tests, our internet connection dropped only 5% connecting to a nearby server.

Even more impressively, international connection speeds only dropped 14% on average.

Finally, NordVPN unblocks most popular streaming platforms, including US Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max.

How Does NordVPN Compare to Other Free Trial VPNs?

Currently, NordVPN’s free trial ranks fourth in our VPN free trials rankings, sitting just below ExpressVPN.

As of writing, CyberGhost VPN offers the best free trial, followed by Surfshark’s free trial.

The table below lists alternative VPNs that offer free VPN trial periods as well as risk-free money-back guarantees:

NordVPN Free Trial FAQs

Is a NordVPN Free Trial Safe?

Yes. By taking advantage of the NordVPN free trial and money-back guarantee, you’ll be using the exact same product as paying subscribers.

You’ll therefore benefit from NordVPN’s world-class security offering. The service doesn’t log identifying user data, it successfully encrypts web traffic using ChaCha20, and it has never leaked our IP address in our tests.

Can I Get NordVPN Free Trial without a Credit Card?

Yes, you can get a NordVPN 7-day free trial without submitting credit card details.

Since the 100% free trial is only available via Android, whatever payment method is set up on your Google Play Store account will be used if you don’t cancel your trial in time.

Google Play Store accepts a variety of payment methods other than credit cards, such as PayPal and Google Play Balance.

NordVPN previously offered a three-day free trial that didn’t require any payment method whatsoever, but this option was discontinued years ago due to “widespread abuse.”

A NordVPN representative told us the company ended the free trial as too many users were signing up for the free trial multiple times using fake email accounts. This was overloading the VPN’s server network and worsening the experience for paying subscribers.

Why Can’t I Get a 7-day NordVPN Free Trial on iOS?

NordVPN used to run a 7-day free trial on iOS devices, however it decided to end it in late 2021 with no reasons given.

At the moment, the only way to get a free trial on iOS is to use the money-back guarantee workaround.

Can I Get a NordVPN Free Trial More Than Once?

You can trial NordVPN more than once, but to do so you’ll need to create a new account.

To get a new seven-day free trial, you’ll have to use a new Google Play Store account.

To get a new 30-day free trial, you’ll have to create a new NordVPN account using a different email address.

How Much Does NordVPN Cost?

NordVPN is an excellent VPN worth paying for, and many users decided to continue their subscription once the trial period ends.

NordVPN comes with three subscription plans, allowing you to pay monthly, yearly, or every two years.

The monthly plan costs $11.99 and the yearly plan works out at $4.99 per month. The two-year plan comes with a 60% discount and costs just $3.29 per month.

The large discounts available on the longer-term plans make them a much better deal than paying monthly. The drawback is that you have to pay the total VPN subscription cost upfront, which is common practice.

What Payment Methods Does NordVPN Accept?

NordVPN accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Direct debit
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Alipay
  • UnionPay

When signing up on mobile, you can use your usual payment method on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Disappointingly, NordVPN doesn’t let you pay using PayPal. The VPN provider claims this is to reduce security risks, but we don’t find that claim very convincing. We’d like to see NordVPN reintroduce PayPal payments.

Can I Use NordVPN for Free Forever?

Unfortunately there is no way to sign up and use NordVPN for free forever. However, in exceptional circumstances you can use the VPN at no cost for more than 30 days.

The company offers six months of free service to people “in extreme cases of censorship or online privacy violations.” This only applies to journalists, activists and politicians, though.

If you’re located in a country with aggressive online censorship, notify NordVPN by filling in the form on its emergency VPN assistance page.

Should I Just Use a Free VPN Instead?

Some of our readers ask us if it’s maybe better to use a free VPN instead of a VPN free trial. The answer is: it depends on what you want to do with your VPN.

Firstly, the vast majority of free VPNs are potentially unsafe.

Secondly, while there are a handful of safe free VPN, they all come with significant shortcomings. These include very restrictive data allowances, limited server locations, or poor unblocking capabilities.

If you plan on using a VPN for a short period of time, we recommend sticking to NordVPN’s free trial to enjoy unrestricted VPN use.