What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Netflix?

The cheapest way to get a Netflix account is to use a VPN service. If you sign up to Netflix while connected to a VPN server in Ukraine, you can get a Basic Netflix account for the equivalent of just $5.44 – almost $1.50 cheaper than it costs in the US, and with no ads.

Which Country Has the Cheapest Netflix?

The cheapest country for Netflix Pakistan, where a Premium subscription costs a little under $4.00 per month. However, if you do not have a bank card and phone number registered within one of those countries, the cheapest region you can use is Ukraine. Here, a premium subscription costs roughly $10.90 per month.

Can You Get Netflix for Free?

Kenya is the only nation with a free tier of Netflix, but there is no way to obtain it outside of the country (even with a VPN). To get free Kenyan Netflix, you need a Google Account that’s based in Kenya.

Using a VPN to sign up to Netflix is completely legal. It is also not against the Netflix terms of service to use a VPN while watching Netflix. The only exceptions to this rule are countries where using a VPN itself is illegal.

How Can You Access More Netflix Content with a VPN?

Using a VPN can potentially get you access to Netflix libraries from all around the world, with movies and TV shows previously unavailable to you. By changing your IP address, you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows previously unavailable to you.

Not every VPN works for this, though, as different VPNs unblock different libraries and some don’t work with any.

We’ve tested over 65 VPNs – you can see which VPNs are the best for Netflix from our findings.