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Are Lifetime VPN Subscriptions Worth It?

Callum Tennent oversees how we test and review VPN services. He's a member of the IAPP, and his VPN advice has featured in Forbes and the Internet Society.

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Our Verdict

Lifetime VPN subscriptions involve paying a one-time fee for unlimited access to a premium VPN service. Lifetime VPN subscriptions can be worth it if the service is high-quality, but you risk paying a higher upfront cost for a VPN that does not meet your needs. Based on our testing, FastestVPN is the best genuine lifetime VPN subscription, at only $40.00 for unlimited access.

Lifetime VPN

Lifetime subscriptions can be a great investment. If you believe in the company’s values, enjoy using the product, and think you’ll use it the rest of your life, then a lifetime subscription at a discounted price is absolutely worth it.

However, Lifetime VPN subscriptions have a bad reputation for several reasons. Firstly, a lifetime subscription doesn’t always mean it will last your lifetime. It means it will last for as long as the service is available. In some cases it can be just three to five years depending on the VPN’s terms and conditions.

Some VPNs that offer a heavily discounted subscription can only do so because they’re making a profit in other ways, such as selling your data onto advertisers. A VPN might also encourage you to sign up to a cheap lifetime subscription but then shut down after a couple of years, leaving you without the subscription you purchased.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what a lifetime VPN subscription is and which lifetime VPNs are best based on our test results. You’ll also learn if there are any worthy alternatives to a lifetime subscription.

EXPERT ADVICE: Our tests found the best genuine lifetime VPN is FastestVPN. However, when it comes to speed, security, and streaming, the best VPNs don’t offer lifetime subscriptions. For long-term access to a top-rated VPN, we recommend trying ExpressVPN free for 30 days, which you can use for just $6.67 per month on its three-year subscription plan.

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VPNs with Lifetime Subscription Plans2
Test DevicesWindows, Android, macOS, iOS, Fire TV & Apple TV

What Is a Lifetime VPN Subscription?

A lifetime VPN subscription involves paying a one-time payment for unlimited access to a premium VPN service. This lets you use the VPN for as long as it exists, without ever having to pay additional renewal costs. However, the upfront cost is usually higher than a normal VPN subscription.

Lifetime subscriptions might sound like a good deal, but there can be drawbacks.

It’s actually very rare to find a secure, high-quality VPN service that offers a genuine lifelong subscription. Most VPNs struggle to offer fast speeds, excellent privacy protection, and the ability to unblock streaming services, and those that often do do not have lifetime subscription options.

FastestVPN's lifetime subscription is available on its website.

You can find FastestVPN’s lifetime subscription deal on its website.

Additionally, not all lifetime subscriptions actually last a lifetime. The length of a lifetime subscription can differ depending on the VPN, as each VPN decides on its own definition of “lifetime.” Typically, a lifetime subscription can last anything from three to five years.

It’s not impossible to find a genuine lifetime VPN with great features, though. Later in this guide, we’ve curated a list of the best lifetime VPN subscriptions, as well as the lifetime VPN subscriptions we recommend you avoid.

Are Lifetime VPN Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Lifetime subscriptions are definitely worth it if the VPN service is high-quality. It should offer consistently fast speeds, excellent customer support, strong security, and reliable streaming functionality.

In this case, a single payment would mean your browsing activity and online personal data is protected for your entire life — granted that the VPN service continues running.

If you subscribe to a lifetime VPN and actually use it for the rest of your life, the average monthly cost of the VPN service will also be much lower compared to a regular monthly VPN subscription.

However, just because a VPN is good now, it doesn’t mean it’ll be secure or effective in a few years. VPN technology is constantly changing, and the gap between good and bad services is always widening.

Before spending large amounts on a lifetime subscription, do your research and understand if the VPN you’ve chosen is likely to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated competition.

How Much Do Lifetime VPN Subscriptions Usually Cost?

As with all VPN subscriptions, the price of a lifetime VPN can vary wildly. FastestVPN, for example, offers an unlimited subscription for a one-time payment of just $40.00. In contrast, VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription can cost upwards of $99.99.

For context, the average price of a VPN service is around $4.00 per month on a 12 month or multi-year subscription. Monthly subscriptions are typically more expensive, averaging around $12.00 – though there are exceptions. Mullvad has an equal pricing policy where all of its plans are $5.50, for example.

If you were to sign up to ExpressVPN’s longest subscription tier, you would pay a total of £99.95 for 15 months for the best VPN available. This works out to $6.67 per month, with the ability to cancel any time. You could pay just $40.00 for unlimited access to FastestVPN, but your experience is unlikely to be as good.

The Problem with Lifetime VPN Services

Not all VPN services that offer lifetime subscription are actually worth the money, and even the best lifetime VPNs have disadvantages.

Here’s a detailed look at the potential drawbacks of lifetime VPN subscriptions:

Lack of Flexibility

A monthly or annual subscription gives you the flexibility to switch VPNs if the service deteriorates in quality. If you come across any problems, you can promptly cancel your subscription before it renews and find a more trustworthy service.

If you sign up to a lifetime VPN and face an unexpected issue, you can’t claim your money back.

In the worst case scenario, you might find that the VPN leaks your data, its speeds are consistently slow, or the company might close down altogether.

If you were on a flexible monthly or annual subscription, you could save the money you would’ve spent on a lifetime VPN and invest in another VPN that will continue to secure your data.

Questionable Company Structure or Ownership

Many VPNs that offer a lifetime subscription only do so because they’re struggling to attract customers without a heavily discounted price. This can indicate a subpar service or questionable business practices that make it less popular.

Lifetime VPNs with questionable or unknown company structure are unfortunately common. Remember that a VPN can have access to your IP address, browsing history, banking details, and private information.

If you’re looking for a lifetime VPN, it’s important to find a company that is trustworthy and transparent in its business practices and company structure.

Not All Lifetime VPN Subscriptions Last a Lifetime

Some VPN services advertise a lifetime subscription that doesn’t actually last forever. Instead, it could be a different long-term period – such as three or five years.

Before you purchase any subscription, review the VPN service’s terms and conditions. Check to see how long the subscription really lasts, and if there are any exceptions.

Untrustworthy Third-Party Resellers

If you search for a VPN subscription online, you might come across certain software resellers. The most popular is Stacksocial. Another example is CouponRim. These websites are online hubs where you can browse for software deals, including lifetime VPN subscriptions.

Though these are convenient and provide popular software at a discount, you can sometimes get unlucky with a service. The licence key might fail to send, or you might accidentally purchase from a scammer posing to provide a service.

If you can’t find positive reviews on the reseller website, you should be wary of the risk of being scammed or there being a system failure before purchasing.

The Best Lifetime VPN Services in 2024

Only a handful of high-quality VPNs actually offer a lifetime subscription. Here, we’ve made a list of the best lifetime VPN subscription services and long-term VPN subscriptions that are safe, fast, and user-friendly.

Our tests and methodology could only find two VPNs with full lifetime subscriptions that are actually worth purchasing. However, we’ve also included three VPNs below that offer cheap three-year subscriptions.

There are other genuine lifetime VPNs available, but we can’t in good conscience recommend them, as some have serious security flaws and others have worrying business practices.

Here’s a table comparing the best lifetime VPNs and long-term VPNs:

1. FastestVPN: The Best Genuine Lifetime VPN Subscription

The best full lifetime VPN, available for just $40.00. Includes 24/7 live chat support, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, and the ability to unblock US Netflix & BBC iPlayer.

Pros Cons
Cheapest genuine lifetime subscription from a trusted VPN service Only has servers in 51 countries
Privacy-friendly Cayman Islands jurisdiction Slight delay when connecting
Unblocks US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, & more Logs your email address but not other identifying data
15 simultaneous logins
Very fast speeds on local and nearby connections
Split tunneling feature
24/7 live chat customer support

At just $40.00 for permanent lifetime access, FastestVPN’s lifetime deal is the cheapest genuine lifetime VPN subscription available. It used to be a one-time payment of $20.00, but FastestVPN doubled the price in 2023.

Nonetheless, FastetVPN is reasonably fast, secure, and works with multiple streaming services, which also makes it the best genuine lifetime VPN overall.

Screenshot of our lifetime VPN subscription with FastestVPN, showing it has no expiry date and 15 devices

We purchased a lifetime FastestVPN subscription for $40.00 from its official website for testing.

The absolute cheapest lifetime FastestVPN subscription is $18.97 for two devices on StackSocial. But we advise strong caution when buying a subscription on StackSocial, as it’s a third-party reseller with different terms and conditions.

Screenshot of FastestVPN unblocking The First Lady on Hulu.

We streamed The First Lady on Hulu using FastestVPN in the UK.

This VPN is a great choice for streaming. It unblocks an impressive list of streaming services, including US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, and more.

Despite it not being actually the fastest VPN, it’s still extremely fast on local and nearby connections. Connected to a local server in the US, we recorded minimal speed loss of 5%. FastestVPN’s average international speeds are also stable – around 14% speed loss. However, you might not experience the same if your internet speed without a VPN is below 50Mbps.

FastestVPN’s 24/7 live chat agents are quick to respond, well-informed, and they don’t follow a script. We recommend reaching out to their customer service if you have any questions about the VPN’s lifetime subscription before signing up. It’s also best to go through them if you want to request a refund.

2. VPN Unlimited: Genuine Lifetime Subscription for $99.99

A genuine lifetime VPN with a large network of servers in 50 countries. It works with US Netflix, but it does log some connection data temporarily.

Pros Cons
Genuine lifetime subscription that will last as long as the VPN operates US privacy-unfriendly jurisdiction
500 servers across 50 countries Logs data temporarily
Unblocks US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, & Disney+ Slower than FastestVPN and PrivateVPN
Keepsolid Wise obfuscation protocol, OpenVPN, and AES-256 encryption

VPN Unlimited is the only other genuine lifetime VPN that we can comfortably recommend. It offers a lifetime VPN subscription deal for a one-time fee of $99.99. It’s also the only VPN in this list that has a free trial. It’s seven days when you sign up through mobile and you can login to this account on other devices after signing up.

Screenshot of VPN Unlimited's pricing plans on its official website.

VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription is located alongside the standard payment plans.

We also found VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription is sometimes on StackSocial for an even bigger discount of $39.99.

However, this discount is only available for a limited amount of time and purchases of VPN Unlimited on StackSocial have a shorter refund period – 15 days instead of 30 when you purchase on VPN Unlimited’s official website.

Screenshot of VPN Unlimited's lifetime subscription on StackSocial.

StackSocial, a third-party software reseller, has two offers on VPN Unlimited’s lifetime subscription.

It’s more expensive than FastestVPN’s lifetime subscription, and it’s arguably a worse VPN in most areas including privacy, speed, and streaming abilities.

On the other hand, VPN Unlimited has servers in more countries than FastestVPN – 50 in total – and it’s a lot better at bypassing censorship in China and Turkey. It has a dedicated obfuscation protocol for circumventing firewalls.

VPN Unlimited unblocking US Netflix screenshot

In our streaming tests, VPN Unlimited was able to unblock US Netflix.

VPN Unlimited is a reliable VPN for streaming. With its optimized servers, it consistently unblocks Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and US Netflix. That’s definitely enough movies and shows to last a lifetime.

If you’re seriously considering purchasing a lifetime subscription with VPN Unlimited, then it’s important to be mindful of its flaws.

Firstly, the company behind VPN Unlimited is based in New York, which means the VPN service is subject to intrusive US data privacy laws. The US government is known for demanding technology companies to hand over data on its users.

Additionally, VPN Unlimited collects some personal data during the length of your VPN session. This data is immediately deleted when you disconnect from a server, but we would like to see VPN Unlimited completely stop collecting any identifiable data during each session.

3. PrivateVPN: Best Value Long-Term Subscription

The best value long-term VPN subscription, available for $2.00 per month on a three-year subscription.

Pros Cons
Unblocks 10 Netflix libraries, Disney+, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer Based in Sweden, a 14 Eyes Jurisdiction
Verified no-logs policy and no IP address leaks Only 200 servers in 62 countries
Firestick app unblocks streaming services No Smart DNS feature for streaming
Good success rate bypassing the Great Firewall of China (82%) Live chat is not 24/7
OpenVPN protocol and AES-256 encryption No WireGuard protocol or browser extensions

PrivateVPN doesn’t offer a lifetime subscription. However, it’s one of the best cheap VPNs available, offering great value with a long-term three-year subscription. It’s highly-secure, zero-logs, and works to unblock 10 Netflix libraries, amongst other streaming services.

Screenshot of PrivateVPN's pricing on its website.

PrivateVPN currently has three subscription plans on offer.

For a three-year subscription plan, PrivateVPN costs approximately $72.00 in total. It might not offer a genuine lifetime subscription, but the low price and quality of the service certainly rivals competing VPN services that do.

Our VPN streaming tests have consistently found PrivateVPN to be one of the best VPNs for streaming. We found that it unblocks every major streaming service. Crucially, it also unblocks 10 Netflix libraries, including the US and UK.

PrivateVPN working with US Netflix.

PrivateVPN reliably works to stream US Netflix in the UK.

You can also watch the following streaming services using PrivateVPN:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Disney+
  • Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • Sky Go

Unlike a majority of lifetime VPNs, which have shady data collection practices, PrivateVPN’s no-logs claims have actually been verified in a real-life situation. The VPN service has been pressured by law enforcement to hand over user data. However, each time PrivateVPN has been unable to do so.

With a 71% success rate, it’s also great at bypassing the Great Firewall of China. It offers OpenVPN and industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

PrivateVPN does have some drawbacks, though. Despite its ability to unblock streaming services, it doesn’t offer Smart DNS. Additionally, the service doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat support, a browser extension, or access to the WireGuard protocol.

Overall, PrivateVPN’s three-year VPN subscription is fantastic value for money. For that price, you get every streaming service unblocked, VPN obfuscation technology advanced enough to bypass the Great Firewall of China, and incredibly fast download speeds. Using its refund guarantee, you can also try PrivateVPN for free if you want to test it out before committing to a long-term subscription plan.

PrivateVPN’s kill switch will not protect your IP address if you directly switch servers. For instance, if you connect to a server in the UK and then immediately click on a server in the US.

Instead, you have to first disconnect from the server and then choose the next server. If this is a concern, we recommend checking out an alternative long-term VPN subscription that has a reliable kill switch.

Can I Get a Lifetime VPN Subscription for Free?

There are currently no VPN services that offer free lifetime access to their premium version. To use a VPN for free, you’ll have to use a 100% free VPN or a premium VPN’s free trial.

The majority of 100% free VPN services are poor quality. You can use them forever without paying, but they’re often slow, have weak security, and can even be dangerous. Many free services rely on advertising to support their network, and some even sell user data to advertising companies.

Not all free VPNs are bad, though. Based on our research, the very best free VPNs are still safe to use, and they can even unblock streaming services or be used for online gaming in some cases.

Using Windscribe Free on Minecraft

We used Windscribe Free to game on Minecraft and experienced no lag.

Even the top free VPNs have restrictions, though. You’ll typically be limited by a monthly data cap, basic security features, or restricted access to servers and protocols. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to get free lifetime access to a VPN – if you don’t mind only using a certain amount of data each month.

The only way to use a premium VPN for free is to sign up to a premium VPN free trial. This will not give you lifetime access, but it’s a great way to test a service before purchasing a subscription.

Do Premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN Have a Lifetime Subscription?

All premium VPN services – including NordVPN and ExpressVPN – have now discontinued their lifetime subscriptions.

NordVPN saying they don't offer a lifetime subscription on Twitter.

NordVPN clarified on Twitter that it doesn’t offer a lifetime subscription.

Top-tier VPN services are a cut above the rest – they can unblock dozens of streaming services, bypass censorship in restrictive countries, and consistently secure your data, all with reliably fast speeds.

It takes a lot of financial investment to achieve this level of performance. As a result, these VPNs have to rely on monthly or annual subscriptions in order to keep offering a premium service and continually improve their services.

The Best Alternatives to Lifetime VPN Services

Based on our tests, the best alternative to a lifetime VPN subscription is a long-term subscription to a safe, affordable VPN service.

PrivateVPN’s three-year subscription is one of the best alternatives to a lifetime VPN. It costs just $2.00 per month, and the length of the subscription gives you a chance to switch after three years if the quality of the VPN decreases or if it shuts down.

Methodology: How We Test the Best Lifetime VPNs

To find out which VPN has the best lifetime subscription, we identified every VPN service that offers a genuine lifetime subscription and applied the testing criteria detailed below.

There are many other VPN services that offer lifetime subscriptions, but they did not qualify for recommendation as they did not meet our security and quality requirements.

Value for Money

We compared the pricing for a lifetime subscription to find out which would be the best value for money. In this case, FastestVPN came out on top with a lifetime subscription for a one-time payment of $40.00.

This is because it’s the cheapest lifetime subscription, and it’s got the best specs — with a robust no-logs policy, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, great security features, and fast speeds.

Logging Policy and Jurisdiction

After this, we looked at each VPN service’s logging policy and jurisdiction. As with many VPNs that offer lifetime subscriptions or free licenses, they can be based in countries with invasive privacy laws, allowing the collection of personal data to generate profit or submit to government agencies when requested.

However, just because a VPN is based in a privacy-unfriendly country, doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t use it as a watertight logging policy can counter a bad jurisdiction.

A VPN service would be unable to provide any data that had been deleted or not stored in the first place.


Next we turned to practical aspects of the VPNs that would influence whether you would actually enjoy using the VPN for the rest of your life.

It’s important for a VPN to be able to maintain fast average speeds, so you’re not waiting for ages for a page to load. It’s frustrating when a VPN is so slow that it causes buffering when streaming or watching live content.

We take into consideration how many servers each VPNs has, whether they are spread out across the globe, and then how fast average speeds are.

Security and Features

Lastly, industry-standard protocols, like OpenVPN and WireGuard, are essential for a long-term VPN.

We analyzed whether each VPN had enough security features and whether each VPN invested in continuing research and development to keep up with the ever-changing cybersecurity standards across a lifetime.

Which Lifetime VPN Subscriptions Should I Avoid?

The majority of VPNs that offer lifetime subscriptions have questionable company practices or weak security, and most are simply not worth your money.

Here are some examples of lifetime VPN subscriptions that you should avoid:

1. VPNSecure: Privacy-Unfriendly Australian Jurisdiction

VPNSecure offers a cheap, genuine lifetime subscription for $39.99. We found it has OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption, as well as fast speeds. But ultimately, it has one main drawback that makes it impossible for us to recommend for a lifetime subscription.

Screenshot of VPN Secure's address in Australia.

We found VPNSecure’s Australian jurisdiction in its terms and conditions.

It’s based in Australia, one of the worst jurisdictions in the world for data privacy. Technology companies in the region are subject to data laws that make it mandatory to store data on their users.

In February 2019 VPNSecure emailed users notifying them it would be moving the company to Hong Kong. Since then, there has been no change on the website indicating whether the change actually took place. This level of opacity with a VPN’s corporate structure makes it untrustworthy.

2. Ivacy VPN: Troubling Jurisdiction & Company History

We don’t recommend Ivacy VPN as a trustworthy privacy tool. On its website, the longest subscription you’ll find is a five-year subscription for $1.00 per month. It also has a lifetime subscription for $39.99.

However, it’s only available through StackSocial, a third-party website that hosts software deals.

Screenshot of Ivacy's company logo and address on the official website.

Ivacy’s Singapore jurisdiction is shown on its website.

Gaditek, the company that owns Ivacy, has been caught offering a VPN reviewer a lifetime VPN subscription in exchange for a good review. It’s also been found creating fake social media accounts, which it used to post fake positive reviews of its products.

The VPN is also based in Singapore, a partner in an international intelligence-sharing alliance called SIGINT Seniors Pacific. Furthermore, the VPN itself is slow in comparison to its competitors and doesn’t offer WireGuard or a kill switch on iOS and macOS. This isn’t a VPN we recommend using for a lifetime.

3. SetupVPN: Logs Too Much Data

SetupVPN is one of the least secure free lifetime VPNs we’ve seen. We analyzed its privacy policy and found it simply logs far too much of your data in exchange for a subpar “free lifetime” service.

Screenshot of SetupVPN's logging policy available on its website.

Setup VPN logs a lot of data compared to its competitors.

The VPN logs your real IP address, browser type, connection timestamps, and the websites you visit while connected. It’s also unclear how long it stores this information for, which means American law enforcement could easily seize your data.

We couldn’t find any information on who is behind Setup VPN. The company listed on the website, SetupVPN LLC, is not on the official US company register and has no trace on LinkedIn. We strongly encourage users to avoid this VPN at all costs.

4. Offers Free Lifetime Subscriptions to Influencers

We can’t recommend because of its shady business practices. On its official website, can be seen to be giving out free lifetime VPN subscriptions to “bloggers and influential social persons.” website also falsely claims the VPN was featured in Wired, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Forbes, The Guardian, and the BBC. We weren’t able to find any mention or reviews of on these websites.

Screenshot of's parent company website.

There’s not much information about how S4M Tech “shows your Ads on all websites on the Internet,” or what its ads have looked like in the past. is owned by S4M Tech Inc, a company based in privacy-unfriendly Delaware, US. Its official website provides little information about who is behind the company or the corporate structure.

Worryingly, though, S4M Tech seems to offer location-based push notification advertisements under a different company called AskLocala.

Are There Any Lifetime VPN Subscription Deals?

Some VPNs will offer seasonal deals on annual, multi-year, and lifetime subscriptions. It’s best to keep checking a VPN’s website if you’re looking for a cheaper deal.

Below are some ideas on how to find deals on safe lifetime VPN subscriptions:

Fundraising Events

A small number of VPN services host physical and virtual fundraising events, which can involve prizes.

For example, Proton VPN runs a yearly December Lifetime Account Charity Raffle. If you win, you’ll get an exclusive lifetime account for ProtonVPN, ProtonMail, Proton Drive, and Proton Calendar.

Twitter conversation between Proton VPN and a customer asking if it offers a lifetime paid plan.

Proton VPN has an active and knowledgeable customer support team on Twitter.

Previously, Proton VPN had held auctions for the lifetime accounts. However, following a bid war that led to the price going up to $10,000, the VPN realized it was “putting them out of the reach of most users.” So it opted to change the event to a raffle, where the tickets to win now sell for $10.00 each.

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is a major online shopping event held on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. On this day, lots of online stores and service providers, including VPNs, will launch promotions with heavily discounted products.

You might be able to find a lifetime VPN subscription on Cyber Monday, but it’s rare to find a VPN that will offer a lifetime subscription if it doesn’t offer it normally.

Screenshot of CyberGhost's website on Cyber Monday

CyberGhost had a sale on Cyber Monday, 2021, but it didn’t offer a lifetime subscription.

You won’t be able to access these discounts on any other day though – unless the provider extends the period – so we recommend checking in on VPN websites regularly in November to catch the deals when they come.

Email Campaign Offers

If you don’t mind advertising in your email inbox, we also recommend signing up for VPN newsletters to get regular updates on discount offers. Many VPNs use this method to get previous customers to sign up again for their services.


Can You Get a Premium VPN for Free?

Almost all premium VPNs only offer a paid subscription for monthly or annual access to the service. However, you can get a free trial for a premium VPN that doesn’t require your payment details.

You can also try out a premium VPN for free using a money-back guarantee. For example, you can get ExpressVPN for free for 30 days with zero risk, then get a refund via its 24/7 customer support.

Every premium VPN has its own money-back guarantee terms and conditions, though, so make sure to read them carefully before signing up.

Can I Get a Refund On a Lifetime VPN Subscription?

Every VPN has its own refund policy. This means some VPNs might have a 30-day period where you can claim your money back and get a refund, while others might only be seven days.

Conversation with FastestVPN's customer service agent about their refund policy.

FastestVPN has 24/7 live chat customer support where you can request a refund.

For example, FastestVPN only offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on its lifetime subscription.

We recommend getting in touch with a customer service agent at least three days before this date if you want to request a refund, though, as it might take some time for the VPN to process the request.

Your refund terms may also depend on where you purchased the subscription. If you buy the subscription from a third-party reseller, such as Stacksocial or Kinguin, you’ll be subject to different money-back guarantee terms and conditions.

This is the same across free trials as well. For instance, if you get a free trial for NordVPN from the app store, you’ll be subject to the app store’s refund terms.

Can You Use a Lifetime VPN on Any Device?

If the VPN service has a restriction that you can only use a lifetime subscription on a certain device then it will be specified in its terms and conditions. You can find this on the provider’s website or get in touch with their customer support team to have someone clarify.

The top two VPNs with genuine lifetime subscription we’ve recommended have different device limits. FastestVPN’s lifetime subscription can be used on any fifteen devices simultaneously. In contrast, VPN Unlimited can only be used on five devices at the same time.

Alternatively, if you purchase a lifetime subscription from StackSocial, you might be able to choose the number of devices you want a lifetime subscription on.

If covering multiple devices at once is important to you then you might be better off with one of the best VPNs for simultaneous connections.