Does a VPN Stop Bandwidth Throttling?

Bandwidth throttling is the deliberate restriction of the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted over a set amount of time. For example, your internet service provider may throttle your bandwidth by capping it at 5Mbps.

This means your connection speeds can never exceed 5Mbps regardless of your online activity, the strength of your signal, or the amount of users on your network.

Connecting to a VPN does not stop bandwidth throttling as your ISP can still throttle the connection from your device to the VPN server.

If your internet connection is subject to bandwidth throttling then all your activity would be limited, including your connection to the VPN server.

Can You Bypass ISP Speed Limits?

If your ISP imposes speed limits on your internet connection, you can only bypass them by upgrading to a data plan with a more generous bandwidth limit or switching to a new ISP.

Speed limits are fixed to your connection and cannot be avoided, even with a VPN.

Why Is My Internet Throttling So Much?

If you’re experiencing unusually high amounts of throttling, it might be because your network is currently undergoing a period of high congestion.

Your ISP will throttle your connection when there’s an abundance of users online to ensure an even distribution of bandwidth.

Your internet might be throttled more often than not if you regularly consume large amounts of bandwidth. Torrenting, streaming HD videos, and playing online video games can all result in ISP throttling.

Do VPNs Throttle Your Speed?

VPNs very rarely throttle your connection speeds, but it is possible. During our testing, we found that Snap VPN throttled our download speed to below 1Mbps after just a few minutes of using the VPN. However, this is rare and not representative of most VPN services.

A VPN will always affect your connection speeds, though. Your traffic has to travel further, which means it almost always takes slightly longer. The further away you are from the VPN server, the slower your connection speeds become. The fastest VPN services will mitigate this as much as possible by offering servers in a variety of locations and using efficient VPN protocols.