Yes, torrenting itself is legal. However, torrenting is a way to share files, and any laws that apply to sharing material in general also apply to torrenting. For example, sharing copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many countries and these laws still apply if you are torrenting.

Because torrenting is peer to peer (P2P), when you download a torrent you are also sharing that torrent with other users (peers) in the torrent swarm. From a legal perspective this means that torrenting isn’t just downloading, but also distributing.

What Is IP Binding?

If you try to torrent from another IP address it will block your connection.

It works similarly to a VPN kill switch, although it requires more setup.

If you enable IP Binding and your VPN or proxy disconnects, the torrent client will block the connection from your true IP address. This stops the torrent and prevents your IP address from being exposed to the swarm.

In qBittorrent this feature is called IP Filtering and is found under Options > Connection.