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FastestVPN Review

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Callum Tennent oversees how we test and review VPN services. He's a member of the IAPP, and his VPN advice has featured in Forbes and the Internet Society.

Fact-checked by Simon MiglianoAdditional Testing by David Hughes

Our Verdict

How is this calculated?

Our overall rating is reached by combining several subcategories. The subcategories are weighted as follows:

  • Logging & Jurisdiction: 30%
  • Speed & Reliability: 25%
  • Security & Extra Features: 20%
  • Streaming: 10%
  • Torrenting: 5%
  • Ease of Use: 5%
  • Support: 5%

See our full methodology in how we review VPNs.

FastestVPN is good for VPN newcomers and excellent for streaming. Thanks to its lifetime deal, it’s one of the best value for money VPNs around. However, it needs to improve in certain areas: it leaks DNS requests and IPv6 data on Windows, the user experience can be frustrating due to bugs, and there’s no WireGuard protocol. FastestVPN is a flawed but cheap option for reliable streaming.

Ranked #21 out of 65 VPNs

FastestVPN Category Ratings

  • 9.5/10
  • 4.0/10
  • 8.5/10
  • 8.9/10
  • 7.1/10
  • 4.0/10
  • 5.5/10
  • 6.0/10
  • 9.0/10
  • 9.9/10

FastestVPN Pros & Cons

  • Lifetime subscription bargain
  • Private logging policy
  • Excellent for global streaming
  • Fast live-chat support
  • Unrestricted torrenting

  • No WireGuard protocol
  • Windows app leaks DNS requests
  • No IPv6 support leads to leaks
  • Connection failures & bugs
  • Small server network
  • Router installation does not work

Why Trust Us?

We’re fully independent and have been reviewing VPNs since 2016. Our ratings are based on our own testing results and are unaffected by financial incentives. Learn who we are and how we test VPNs.

FastestVPN has two main strengths: streaming and privacy. It has an audited privacy policy and excels at unblocking streaming sites across the globe, including geo-blocked sports on DAZN, British TV on Channel 4 and BBC iPlayer, and content from 5 Netflix libraries, including the US one.

It is one of the best value VPNs on the market due to a special $20.00 lifetime subscription offer. FastestVPN comes with good live chat support and there are zero restrictions on torrenting.

But FastestVPN is limited by a small server network, some functionality issues, a short refund period, and the absence of the best-in-class WireGuard protocol. It has some way to go before it can challenge the very best VPNs.

FastestVPN Key Data

Data CapUnlimited
Download Speed95Mbps
Logging PolicyNo Logs
Data LeaksYes
JurisdictionCayman Islands (Privacy Haven)
IP Addresses550+
Countries with Servers35
US NetflixYes
Simultaneous Connections10
Works In ChinaNo
SupportLive Chat Support
Cheapest Price$20.00 over lifetime
Money-Back Guarantee15-day Money-Back Guarantee
Official WebsiteFastestVPN.com

Privacy & Logging Policy

FastestVPN's Privacy Policy Is Audited & Verified

How is this calculated?

We dissect the logging and privacy policies of every VPN. A VPN should never log:

  • Your real IP address
  • Connection timestamps
  • DNS requests

A base of operations outside of 14-Eyes or EU jurisdiction is preferable.

FastestVPN logs almost no data at all: just the email address you used to register and the last time you connected to a server. This is deleted once you deactivate your account. It’s based in the Cayman Islands, which is a privacy haven, and there’s no scandals or controversy surrounding the company. We love that it recently underwent a third-party audit of its logging policy, which has really improved our trust in it as a service.

Ranked #19 out of 65 VPNs for Privacy & Logging Policy

Here you can see a summary of everything FastestVPN logs:

Data TypeLogged by FastestVPN
Account InformationNo
Browsing ActivityNo
Date of Last ConnectionNo
Device InformationNo
DNS QueriesNo
Individual Bandwidth UsageNo
Individual Connection TimestampsNo
Number of Simultaneous ConnectionsNo
Originating IP AddressNo
VPN Server IPNo
VPN Server LocationNo

You can read FastestVPN’s full privacy policy on its website.

FastestVPN does a very good job of clarifying exactly what user information it collects and stores. The fact it recently commissioned and passed a logging audit from independent firm Altius IT goes a long way to improve trust, too.

Cayman Islands Jurisdiction

FastestVPN is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, which is a safe-haven for privacy.

There are no mandatory data retention laws like in the EU’s Data Retention Directive, and it has no association with anti-privacy intelligence-sharing alliances like the Five Eyes. It has also enacted its own Data Protection Law.

FastestVPN Ownership Is Not Very Transparent

FastestVPN could build trust with us, and other users, by publishing regular transparency reports, detailing any law enforcement requests it has received. This is quite common in the industry.

We’d also like more transparency about the company behind FastestVPN. There is almost no information provided. The website only informs readers that it was founded by “a team of dedicated IT specialists.”

This isn’t surprising from a privacy company, but we also like to know the corporate structure behind VPN services to make sure they’re trustworthy.

When we asked FastestVPN, we were told:

“We would like to tell you that we are located at the Grand Pavilion Commercial Center, West Bay Road, Cayman Islands. Our Marketing and Support teams are located in Dallas, Texas. The brand is owned by Fast Technologies Ltd.”

There is hardly any public information available about Fast Technologies Ltd. All we could find out is that it was founded by Pakistani businessman Azneem Bilwani in 2017. Bilwani was the chairman of the Intermarket Group, a manufacturing firm, until 2021.


Streams US Netflix, BBC iPlayer & More

How is this calculated?

Streaming is rated by the number of different services unlocked, how many regional libraries are viewable, and how consistently the VPN can access them.

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video are all tested on a weekly basis.

FastestVPN comes with a number of streaming-optimized servers that work to unblock 5 Netflix libraries, including US Netflix, and other streaming sites across the globe. This includes HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN Canada. It’s a highlight for US, Canada, UK, and India streaming. Only its Italy streaming server doesn’t work.

Ranked #7 out of 65 VPNs for Streaming

FastestVPN comes with a selection of streaming-optimized servers for a number of countries, including the US, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, and the UK. These are all easily accessed by typing ‘Streaming’ into the server search bar.

FastestVPN Streaming Servers

FastestVPN has a large selection of working streaming servers.

It doesn’t specify which streaming services these servers unblock, but we tested them and found that, except for Italy, all work with the listed country’s Netflix library, including reliable access to Netflix Japan – and much more.

Here’s a complete list of the streaming services that FastestVPN accesses:

You can use FastestVPN to sign up for HBO Max from outside the US and also stream Hulu.

FastestVPN also stands out as a streaming VPN for India. It has four India streaming servers that all work to access Netflix India and Hotstar from outside India.

UK streaming sites are easily accessed. FastestVPN streams Channel 4 (All 4) from the US, as well as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. You can also stream from the Disney+ Star hub from anywhere, which is a UK and Europe exclusive.

FastestVPN BBC iPlayer Streaming Test

FastestVPN unblocks all major UK streaming services.

Overall, FastestVPN is an excellent VPN for streaming. Italy’s streaming server isn’t working, and a Germany streaming server would go far, but all other servers work to unblock the most popular streaming sites across the globe.

EXPERT ADVICE: You have to use UDP and TCP protocols to access the FastestVPN streaming servers. These are available via Settings > General.


P2P-Friendly but Slow Torrent Speeds

How is this calculated?

We calculate the average download bitrate of every VPN using a bespoke torrenting setup.

Testing also factors in the percentage of servers which permit P2P, plus useful features like port forwarding.

FastestVPN does allow P2P torrenting activity across its server network and its logging policy is safe, but we experienced some of the slowest torrenting speeds we’ve ever seen when testing FastestVPN, getting just 0.7MiB/s. Slow speeds, an imperfect kill switch, and DNS leaks means you should avoid FastestVPN for file sharing. There’s also no port forwarding or SOCKS5 option.

Ranked #46 out of 65 VPNs for Torrenting

We don’t recommend FastestVPN for torrenting. Connecting to a local server to test its P2P speeds, we experienced an average bitrate of 0.7MiB/s. These torrent speeds are nowhere near good enough.

FastestVPN Torrenting Test

We tested FastestVPN on qBittorrent

We expect a good torrenting VPN to be closer to 10.0MiB/s, making P2P file sharing quick and easy.

A torrenting VPN should also offer port forwarding and SOCKS5, which are favorite tools of seasoned torrenters. FastestVPN doesn’t have any of these.

We also have security concerns around FastestVPN’s kill switch and leaks. Our kill switch tests show that it doesn’t always block your real IP address, meaning that an internet disconnection could reveal your true location.

Furthermore, we recorded DNS request leaks and IPv6 leaks using FastestVPN on Windows – which is very serious. Definitely do not use FastestVPN to torrent on Windows devices.

It’s a shame as FastestVPN lets you torrent on all of its servers, and its logging policy is more than private enough.


Fast Local & International Speeds

How is this calculated?

Speed ratings are calculated using upload speeds, download speeds, and ping (latency).

We test average speeds regularly using a dedicated 100Mbps connection in London, UK. Local download speed is considered the most important factor.

FastestVPN is nowhere near as fast as its name suggests, but it does deliver strong speeds across its server network. It’s more reliable for local connections, but international speeds are good, too. FastestVPN is only let down by long-distance US connections, which have high download speed loss, low upload speeds, and high ping.

Ranked #30 out of 65 VPNs for Speed

Each VPN goes through our scientific speed testing process. FastestVPN has a lot of protocols available, but we always tested using WireGuard as we found it to consistently be the fastest.

FastestVPN is more than fast enough for all your internet needs but it’s some way off challenging the fastest VPNs on the market.

We found that our speeds consistently dropped the farther and farther away from our real location the FastestVPN server we connected to was. For example an average download speed on a Canada server of 96Mbps is very impressive, but 80Mbps when connecting to the UK is considerably worse.

All of FastestVPN’s download speeds more than meet our threshold for what we consider a fast VPN, though – it’s FastestVPN’s upload speeds that really disappoint. It consistently produced very poor upload speeds around the world on any server other than the one closest to us.

This might not have a huge impact on your daily usage, but if you game online, make a lot of video calls, or regularly torrent, you may find it affects you.

Server Locations

Small Server Network, but Physical

How is this calculated?

The global spread and coverage of the VPN server network is the most important factor here.

We also consider the number of city-level servers, plus how many IP addresses are maintained.

This rating does not directly contribute to the Overall Rating, but instead makes up a portion of the Security & Features rating.

FastestVPN’s website claims to have over 40 countries on its server list, but we only counted 35 in the app. This isn’t a large number of countries, and there’s only 550 individual servers. It’s also heavily Western-centric – there are no locations in Africa and only one each in South America and the Middle East. We’d like to see city-level choices expanded, too. However, the major countries are covered, and the server infrastructure is sound.

Ranked #36 out of 65 VPNs for Server Locations

Globe with a blue flag
35 Countries
Image of a city landscape
50 Cities
Image of a pink marker
550+ IP Addresses

FastestVPN has just 35 countries to connect to. This is quite a low number compared to many other VPN services. ExpressVPN, for example, has 106 countries.

There are also only 550 individual servers – much smaller than competitors, whose servers often number in the thousands.

The problem with having so few servers is that server overload (when too many people are using the same server) becomes more likely, meaning greater chance of speed loss as well as annoying CAPTCHAS as you browse the web. The more popular FastestVPN gets the worse this will become.

Most server locations are situated in the West, too, meaning if you’re in other parts of the world you will struggle to find optimal connection speeds.

Users in Africa, South America, and the Middle East should choose another VPN with a more expansive server network, like Private Internet Access. FastestVPN used to have an Egypt server, but it was removed.

The best served nation is the US, which has 11 city-level choices across 11 US states.

The servers available also depend on your protocol choice, as you can see in the video below:

The FastestVPN protocol you choose affects which servers are available.

Physical Server Network

All of FastestVPN’s servers are physical, bare-metal servers, meaning the servers are actually located in the geographical region listed.

In contrast, virtual servers only provide IP addresses from the country without actually being located in that country.

This helps to explain why FastestVPN has so few individual servers, as physical servers are more expensive to establish and operate. The benefit is that these servers are considered to be more secure and more stable.

The exception is FastestVPN’s India servers, which are all virtual in order to avoid India’s new VPN data law that requires VPN services to store user data. We approve of this move.

However, FastestVPN was unwilling to tell us whether it owns all of its servers or rents them, as this is considered “confidential.” Based on this, we’ll assume they’re rented, as many VPNs are loud and proud about owning their infrastructure.

Security & Technical Features

Secure on macOS, but Leaks on Windows

How is this calculated?

Top-rated VPNs offer OpenVPN or WireGuard protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a functional kill switch. We also consider additional security features and the global spread of VPN servers.

FastestVPN gets the necessities of VPN security right and it is safe from leaks – but only on macOS. On Windows, FastestVPN leaks sensitive data, including your DNS requests. Thankfully, AES-256 encryption is employed and OpenVPN protocol is available. However, WireGuard protocol is not, and the kill switch feature needs to be improved.

Ranked #42 out of 65 VPNs for Security & Technical Features

ProtocolsAvailable in FastestVPN
EncryptionAvailable in FastestVPN
SecurityAvailable in FastestVPN
Diskless ServersNo
DNS Leak BlockingNo
First-party DNSYes
IPv6 Leak BlockingYes
Supports TCP Port 443No
VPN Kill SwitchYes
WebRTC Leak BlockingNo
Advanced FeaturesAvailable in FastestVPN
Ad BlockerYes
Dedicated IPNo
Double VPNNo
Split TunnelingYes
Static IPNo
Tor over VPN ServerNo
Tracker BlockerNo

FastestVPN is secure and comes with the essentials for internet security, but it’s not as advanced as VPNs like NordVPN or Windscribe. There is nothing as sophisticated as double VPN, RAM-only servers, or a GPS spoofer.

Split tunneling is available on all devices except macOS, but FastestVPN needs to abandon outdated protocols like LT2P and equip itself with the updated WireGuard protocol.

At the moment, you can select IKEv2, IPSec, OpenVPN (TCP & UDP), and LT2P protocols across FastestVPN apps. We recommend using OpenVPN or IKEv2 – which are the safest (and fastest).

FastestVPN Protocols

FastestVPN comes with a number of protocols but lacks WireGuard.

Does FastestVPN encrypt your traffic?

The first thing we wanted to test was whether FastestVPN actually encrypts your traffic effectively. We ran it through Wireshark, a packet-sniffing tool.

As you can see in the screenshot below, when connected to FastestVPN our internet traffic became indecipherable, meaning it has been successfully encrypted.

FastestVPN Wireshark Test

FastestVPN encrypts your internet traffic.

FastestVPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered to be the very best. We expect nothing less from a quality VPN.

FastestVPN’s kill switch failed our tests

We tested FastestVPN’s kill switch using our unique kill switch test tool. We recorded our test so that you can see how FastestVPN fails to block your real IP being exposed. See it below:

FastestVPN failed our kill switch tests on macOS.

Using FastestVPN on macOS or Windows, your IP address will be exposed whenever you change your VPN server or when reconnecting to the internet after a random disconnection. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The kill switch works slightly better on Windows if you also select ‘Automatically Reconnect’ alongside the kill switch option, but it’s still not watertight.

EXPERT ADVICE: The kill switch is only automatic on macOS. You need to switch it on when it comes to other devices. Furthermore, the kill switch is not supported on the IKEv2 protocol on Android.

Leaks, virus & malware checks

We put FastestVPN through a series of tests to ensure there are no leaks, malware, or intrusive trackers. We were disappointed with the results.

After testing it with our leak test tool, we can report that FastestVPN does not leak IP, DNS, WebRTC, or Geolocation data on macOS, but it does on Windows.

Specifically, DNS requests leak when using FastestVPN on Windows. DNS leaks are a big deal because it means that your ISP can still see what websites you’re visiting, making the VPN a lot less private. For this reason, we suggest that you don’t use FastestVPN on Windows.

IPv6 leaks on Windows

FastestVPN still does not support IPv6 connections. On macOS, FastestVPN outright blocks connections to ensure there are no data leaks.

FastestVPN IPv6 Connection Blocks

FastestVPN blocks IPv6 connections on macOS but not on Windows.

This is a safe approach, but the best approach is to develop support for new IPv6 connections.

However, it’s a completely different story on the Windows app. It doesn’t have the same automatic blocking of IPv6 connections and our leak test tool revealed that FastestVPN does leak IPv6 on Windows. This is a huge security flaw.

Poor Ad & Tracker Blocker

FastestVPN claims to have an ad and tracker blocker automatically enabled on all of its apps.

We put FastestVPN’s ad blocker to the test by using an ad block test. The result was disappointing: only 56% of ads and trackers were blocked, making it one of the worst we’ve tested.

The best VPN ad blockers manage to prevent over 90% of ads and trackers.

We also tested FastestVPN’s tracker blocker ability using a tool provided by the EFF. The result was disappointing. It said that FastestVPN does not effectively block trackers.

FastestVPN Tracker Test

FastestVPN was disappointing at blocking both ads and trackers.

Overall, FastestVPN needs to focus on boosting its security offering: fixing DNS leaks, building IPv6 and WireGuard support, as well as a system-wide kill switch that doesn’t leak. That’s before advanced features like multi-hop servers, diskless servers, rotating IP addresses, and much more. FastestVPN has a long way to go.

Bypassing Web Censorship

Unable to Access Blocked Websites in China

How is this calculated?

Our remote-access server in Shanghai, China routinely tests if a VPN can beat restrictions and access a free, open internet. Obfuscation technologies and nearby servers are also a contributing factor.

This rating does not directly contribute to the Overall Rating, but instead makes up a portion of the Security & Features rating.

FastestVPN doesn’t have any obfuscation technology and our tests confirm that it doesn’t work in China. It may work in a country with softer restrictions, like Russia, but there are better options available.

Ranked #40 out of 65 VPNs for Bypassing Web Censorship

We tested FastestVPN on our own Shanghai server to see if it can access sites blocked by The Great Firewall. Unfortunately it cannot.

We were unable to login to FastestVPN when connected in China. All of FastestVPN’s apps have been blocked.

However, after we used another VPN that works reliably in China, our login worked and we were able to access blocked sites like Instagram and Facebook using FastestVPN.

The requirement to use another VPN before means that we cannot recommend FastestVPN for censorship.

It might perform better in a country with less robust censorship, like Turkey, but the Western-centric nature of its server network means that FastestVPN can’t help much in regions where the internet is often blocked and censored.

Device & OS Compatibility

Available on Popular Platforms

How is this rated?

A quality VPN should maintain functional, fully-featured applications and extensions for as many platforms and devices as possible.

This does not directly contribute to the Overall Rating, but instead makes up a portion of the Ease of Use rating.

FastestVPN is available to install as a custom app on popular desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It claims to have apps for Fire TV and Android TV, but they have to be installed manually. We also struggled to install FastestVPN on router, despite following the provided instructions. This means we couldn’t use FastestVPN on Smart TVs, games consoles, Apple TV, Roku, and more.


FastestVPN is compatible with the major platforms. This includes:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  6. Router

While it is possible to use FastestVPN on Linux devices, this is only after some manual configuration, which can be a little tricky for beginners. The best Linux VPNs come with a dedicated GUI Linux app.

FastestVPN lists a wide variety of devices and platforms it’s compatible with.

Router Installation Does Not Work

When we attempted to install FastestVPN on our LINKSYS WRT 32100 ACN test router, we found the installation process very difficult and, in the end, it failed to establish a VPN connection.

Unable to install FastestVPN on router, we couldn’t use it on games consoles and other devices without a dedicated app, including Smart TVs, Apple TV, and Roku. This reduces FastestVPN’s compatibility drastically.

Fire TV App Only Works with UDP & TCP Protocol

FastestVPN claims to have a custom, user-friendly Firestick VPN app, but it doesn’t appear anywhere in the Fire TV app store.

FastestVPN is not available on the Fire TV store and has to be manually installed.

Instead, it only has a guide for installing FastestVPN manually. We followed these instructions and managed to set it up, but this takes some time and, when we tested it, discovered that the VPN connect button does not work when using IKEv2.

For the Fire TV Stick app to work, you need to select UDP or TCP. To do this, go to Settings > Select Protocol.

You can see us using the app in the video below:

You can use FastestVPN's Fire TV app to unblock Netflix.

10 Simultaneous VPN Connections

FastestVPN allows you to run 10 simultaneous VPN connections across as many devices as you want.

It’s an unlimited allowance as FastestVPN does not log the number of devices associated with your account.

This is a very generous allowance that enables you to protect every device you own.

Browser Extensions

FastestVPN has browser extensions available to install on:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox

These extensions have streaming-servers for Netflix, Hotstar, PureFlix, and Prime Video US. There’s also some settings, like Block WebRTC and an ad blocker.

However, the browser extension streaming servers do not actually work to unblock the listed sites.

FastestVPN’s browser extensions come with additional features – but they don’t work.

Furthermore, the extension ad blockers performed worse than the desktop ones, blocking only 22% of ads and trackers in our tests.

The FastestVPN browser extensions are quite limited and are not free like the ones offered by Windscribe, CyberGhost, and TunnelBear.

However, if you’re a FastestVPN subscriber they do offer a solution to quick and private web browsing. Just remember: extensions are not VPNs and do not encrypt your traffic.

FastestVPN’s browser add-ons are HTTPS proxies, which mean that they encrypt browser traffic but leave all traffic outside the web browser unprotected. It shouldn’t be a replacement for the full VPN desktop app, which protects all other apps like torrenting clients and email as well.

Ease of Use

Dated Apps, but Perfectly Simple

How is this calculated?

This rating mainly consists of the intuitiveness of setup and everyday use.

Device or platform compatibility and customization options are also a factor.

FastestVPN is still very easy to use but it needs to update its apps and fix bugs that make the user experience frustrating. We experienced failed connection attempts and extremely slow connection times. Language options would go a long way to help with accessibility, too.

Ranked #48 out of 65 VPNs for Ease of Use

FastestVPN’s apps could do with both updates and fixes. At this point, the interface and design is lagging behind other more user-friendly offerings now available on the VPN market.

During our tests, we also experienced technical issues and bugs that made the user experience much worse than it had to be. For example, some servers simply didn’t connect and loading times were sometimes unacceptably slow.

At the same time, FastestVPN is so absent of additional features that it remains a foolproof VPN, incredibly simple to use. There’s not a lot to it: a home screen with a connect button, a server list, and a cog symbol to take you to settings.

While there aren’t many features that come with FastestVPN, you can compare them across platforms using the table below:

FastestVPN on Desktop: macOS & Windows

FastestVPN on macOS only offers the option to change your server and your protocol. There are no other features to speak of. The kill switch is enabled automatically.

FastestVPN's apps for Windows and macOS

This makes it super simple to use, but not necessarily for the better. You can have an advanced VPN that is still easy to use. For example, Surfshark strikes a good balance between usability and technical depth.

The Windows app is slightly more advanced as it includes split tunneling and some ease of use features, like Auto-Connect After Launch and Launch at Startup.

However, setting up FastestVPN on Windows is confusing and you have to manually install the TAP adapter. We found that it crashes a lot, too.

FastestVPN on Mobile: iOS & Android

FastestVPN on iOS is minimal and uncomplicated. It consists of the main home screen with the central connect button, the server list, and a slight settings page that allows you to change your protocol or use Smart Tunneling.

FastestVPN's apps for Android and iOS

Smart Tunneling is the name for split tunneling on FastestVPN iOS, a handy tool if you want to route certain internet traffic outside of the VPN tunnel.

FastestVPN on Android is equally simple and has split tunneling, too, but the kill switch needs to be manually set up. You do this via the Android device settings.

Both of the FastestVPN mobile apps are incredibly simple.

Customer Support

Helpful Live Chat

How is this calculated?

This rating is based on our assessment of each VPN’s:

  • Email support
  • Live chat support
  • Online resources

Not every VPN offers all of these, and they often vary in quality and response time.

FastestVPN has live chat support operated by human beings, not bots. We like the human touch, and responses are quick, polite, and helpful. However, it's not 24/7 as it claims. The website resources aren’t quite as extensive or technical as we’d like, either, but there are plenty of tutorials to assist in easy setup.

Ranked #7 out of 65 VPNs for Customer Support

Customer SupportAvailable in FastestVPN
24/7 Email SupportNo
24/7 Live Chat SupportNo
Email Support via Online FormNo
Live Chat SupportYes
Online ResourcesYes
Tutorial VideosNo

FastestVPN has live chat support via its contact page. When using it, you are quickly connected with a human being (not a bot) and our experience with the support agents has always been positive; they respond quickly and politely.

However, a couple of times they have responded with an answer to a question we never asked. For example, when we simply asked about the number of servers FastestVPN has, it only told us that its Russia servers are under maintenance.

The website resources can be useful for complex manual setups but it’s generally lacking in technical depth. The FAQ page is basic and limited.

For more complex questions, it’s best to use the FastestVPN support email: support@fastestvpn.com.

Response times are fast, but by no means instant; we sent an email at 4:04pm and got a response at 5:39pm – just over 90 mins. Mullvad only took 13 minutes to reply to our email.

Overall, the support is sufficient enough to answer both simple and complex questions.

Price & Value

Cheap Lifetime Offer Is the Best Deal on the Market

How is this calculated?

Price & Value for Money receives a rating, but is not factored into our Overall Rating. We believe the reader should decide what is or isn’t a reasonable price.

A good rating here isn’t just based on how cheap the VPN is, but for the value it offers overall.

FastestVPN is one of the best value for money VPN services out there. It only costs $1.11 per month on its three-year deal. Even better than that, it has a special lifetime subscription offer for just $20.00. It’s not a perfect VPN, but it's difficult to say no to such a low price tag.

Ranked #1 out of 65 VPNs for Price & Value

FastestVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs you can get.

There are currently four pricing plans:

  1. Monthly


    Billed $10.00 every month
  2. 12 Month(s)


    Billed $29.95 every year
  3. 3 Year(s)


    Billed $39.95 every three years
    Save 75%
  4. Lifetime


    Billed $20.00 once
    Save 95%

$10.00 per month is a standard price for a short term VPN subscription.

The real savings are made with longer-term plans. The yearly plan grants 75% off the normal monthly cost, bringing it down to $2.49 per month (paid in one lump yearly sum).

This is already a cheap VPN, but you can get even cheaper by going for the three-year deal of $1.11 per month – paid as $39.95 every three years.

Best of all is FastestVPN’s lifetime offer of just $20.00 — paid once. We bought this plan and can attest that it is legit.

With such a small amount of money at stake, FastestVPN’s lifetime deal represents astonishing value, even if it’s more likely that you’ll outlast FastestVPN. There’s no reason to choose any of the shorter and more expensive plans, making FastestVPN easily the best lifetime VPN.

You can also pay $6.00 for each new multi-login you’d like to add. But each plan comes with 10 by default, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to buy more.

Payment & Refund Options

You can pay for FastestVPN in a number of ways, including:

  1. American Express
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Bitcoin Cash
  4. Mastercard
  5. PayPal
  6. UnionPay
  7. Visa

Alongside the standard credit and debit card options is PayPal and a number of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is the most privacy-friendly payment method available. If you want the most private option — cash – you can use a VPN like Mullvad.

There is no free trial option available and FastestVPN operates a stingy 15-day money-back guarantee period. The industry-standard is 30 days, and some go as far as 60 days, like Norton Secure VPN.

If you apply for the refund within the 15 day period it can take a further 15 days before you get your money back.

The Bottom Line

Great Value, but Needs Improvement

FastestVPN has lots of room for improvement. It needs to improve its ad and tracker blocker, invest in WireGuard and advanced security tools like double hop, expand its server network, update its apps, and fix bugs.

We want to see FastestVPN made more reliable and less buggy before we can wholeheartedly recommend it. At the same time, it has all the foundations of a great VPN: a no logs privacy policy, incredible value for money, and genuinely impressive streaming capabilities.

With some work, FastestVPN could be a top service. Right now, we recommend it to anyone who wants to use a VPN to stream on a budget. For other use cases, like torrenting or bypassing censorship, there are many better options.

Alternatives to FastestVPN




It's hard to beat FastestVPN’s low cost, but the absolute best value for money VPN is PrivateVPN. It’s a bit more expensive but much better as a VPN service overall. Read PrivateVPN review




NordVPN beats FastestVPN for speed and security and it’s reasonably priced. If quality is your chief concern, think about NordVPN instead. Read NordVPN review