Is Surfshark Better than ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is better than Surfshark overall. In our tests, ExpressVPN outperformed Surfshark in almost every category — though the two services are close at times.

However, there are still some reasons to choose Surfshark instead of ExpressVPN. Surfshark is much cheaper, costing $2.21 compared to ExpressVPN’s $6.67.

Secondly, Surfshark allows an unlimited number simultaneous VPN connections, whereas ExpressVPN is limited to just five. If you want to secure more than five devices, Surfshark is better.

Outside of these specific instances, ExpressVPN performs better in all of our tests.

Can Surfshark Be Trusted?

Surfshark can be trusted for the simple fact that its privacy policy has been audited and verified as private.

Furthermore, the company behind Surfshark is transparent and scandal-free. It has no links to Chinese ownership or other shady business practices. Other VPNs have experienced data breaches and hacks, but Surfshark’s reputation remains impeccable.