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The Best Free & Premium VPNs for Kodi

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Simon Migliano is a recognized world expert in VPNs. He's tested hundreds of VPN services and his research has featured on the BBC, The New York Times and more.

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Many popular Kodi add-ons are either geo-blocked or host copyrighted works. By changing your IP address, a VPN for Kodi unblocks region-restricted video content and hides your identity from ISPs and copyright owners.

What Is the Best VPN for Kodi in 2024?

Based on our streaming and privacy tests, the best free and premium VPNs for Kodi are:

  1. IPVanish: Overall Best VPN for Kodi
  2. ExpressVPN: Best Kodi VPN for Beating Geo-blocks
  3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN for Kodi
  4. Proton VPN Free: Best Free VPN for Kodi
  5. Windscribe Free: Best Free VPN for Unblocking Kodi Add-ons

The overall best VPN for Kodi in 2024 is IPVanish, scoring 9.4/10 in our Kodi VPN tests. IPVanish’s fast streaming speeds, no-logs policy, and best-in-class Fire TV Stick app are ideal for using Kodi add-ons anonymously.

Comparison of the Best VPNs for Kodi

The table below compares the best Kodi VPN services we tested and reviewed based on speed, security, device support, price, and more.

The VPNs we recommend are quick, secure, and don’t log your streaming activity. They passed our IP leak tests, which we performed using Kodi 20 Nexus and Kodi (Matrix) 19.4.

You can use these VPNs on Android TV Kodi boxes, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and LibreELEC. Setting up and using them with Kodi is straightforward.

Top Kodi VPNs: Summary Test Ratings

Below is a table summarizing how the best VPNs for Kodi fared in our key testing categories:

VPNs with a data cap receive a reduction to their overall rating.

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VPN Services Tested65
Total Hours of Testing30,000+
Weekly Speed Tests3,000+

Analysis of the Best Free & Premium Kodi VPNs

  1. 1. IPVanish: Overall Best Kodi VPN

    The best VPN for Kodi, Fire TV and Android-based Kodi devices.

    Ranked #1 out of 65 VPNs for Kodi
    IPVanish VPN
     Rated 4.8 out of 5 
    175 reviews
    Visit IPVanish

    • Very fast streaming speeds
    • P2P traffic allowed on all servers
    • The best Fire TV Stick VPN application
    • Safe no-logs policy & no IP address leaks
    • Working VPN kill switch on desktop apps
    • APK file for sideloading on Android devices

    • VPN kill switch not enabled by default
    • Based in privacy-unfriendly US
    • PC app could be more user-friendly
    • Not effective at bypassing geo-restrictions
    • No Linux user interface for LibreELEC

    Overall Rating for Kodi: 9.5/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Kodi VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.89.8/10
    • 8.88.8/10
    • 9.89.8/10
    • 1010/10

    IPVanish is the very best VPN for Kodi, with great compatibility with all Android-based Kodi devices.

    The no-logs VPN service has an excellent VPN app for Fire TV Stick, and it also offers an APK file for Android devices without access to the Google Play store.

    IPVanish's VPN app for Fire TV

    Cheapest Price$3.25/mo over 2 years See all plans
    Download SpeediDownload SpeedBased on 100Mbps local test connection95Mbps
    Logging PolicyNo Logs
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. linuxLinux
    Data LeaksNo

    Fast streaming of IPTV and P2P-based streams

    IPVanish is consistently fast, especially within the USA. The service has a large list of no-log servers to choose from, all of which allow P2P-based traffic.

    In our streaming speed tests, we recorded average local download speeds of 95Mbps on a 100Mbps connection.

    This represents a speed drop of only 5%, which was more than fast enough for streaming Kodi in HD and 4K.

    IPVanish’s fast streaming speeds are partly a result of the WireGuard protocol, which it implemented not too long ago.

    No IP or DNS leaks on any platform

    From a security and privacy standpoint, IPVanish is one of the safest VPN services available.

    The VPN service has a VPN kill switch that worked effectively in our tests. It prevented our IP address from being exposed when we forced the VPN connection to drop.

    Furthermore, we have never suffered from an IP address or DNS leak while using IPVanish. We have also never found any major faults in IPVanish’s apps on any platform.

    The VPN uses AES-256 encryption across all its software, and it owns all its servers, which is rare among even the best VPNs.

    Not good for bypassing geo-restrictions

    The main issue with using IPVanish for Kodi streaming is that it doesn’t unblock as many geo-restricted apps as its rivals.

    For instance, IPVanish struggles to unblock popular streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

    If you want your VPN to unblock most Kodi add-ons, then IPVanish is probably not for you. We recommend using ExpressVPN or NordVPN, instead.

    If you still want to give IPVanish a go, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it operates a helpful 24/7 live chat service.

    All in all, IPVanish is the best choice of VPN for Kodi. This is especially true if you want to use Kodi on your Fire TV Stick or Android-based Kodi box.

    You can see how well IPVanish works with Kodi in our demonstration video below:

    We used IPVanish with the Crackle Kodi add-on without issues.

  2. 2. ExpressVPN: Best Kodi VPN for Geo-Unblocking

    Fast VPN optimized for anonymous worldwide streaming.

    ExpressVPN's new app on mobile devices
     Rated 4.8 out of 5 
    1,889 reviews
    Visit ExpressVPN

    • Very fast streaming speeds
    • Bypasses aggressive geo-restrictions
    • No user logs & no IP address leaks
    • Fire TV Stick app includes a kill switch
    • Excellent 24/7 live chat support
    • Offers the best VPN app for routers

    • More expensive than many top VPNs
    • Firestick app doesn't have many settings
    • No split tunneling on macOS
    • No Linux GUI for LibreELEC

    Overall Rating for Kodi: 9.2/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Kodi VPN testing methodology.

    • 8.58.5/10
    • 9.29.2/10
    • 9.79.7/10
    • 1010/10

    ExpressVPN is a very fast and highly reliable VPN, ideal for private streaming. The VPN’s fast download speeds make it ideal for Kodi streaming.

    There are not many downsides to ExpressVPN, apart from the rather expensive month-to-month subscription plan. The Fire Stick TV application could also do with a design refresh and more advanced settings.

    ExpressVPN's app for Fire TV Stick

    Cheapest Price$6.67/mo over 15 Months See all plans
    Download SpeediDownload SpeedBased on 100Mbps local test connection97Mbps
    Logging PolicyNo Identifying Data
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. linuxLinux
    Data LeaksNo

    Great for bypassing streaming geo-restrictions

    ExpressVPN is our main recommendation when it comes to streaming with a VPN, even on Kodi.

    Several streaming platforms — like BBC iPlayer — have developed Kodi add-ons, which ExpressVPN unblocked in our latest tests.

    Using ExpressVPN with Kodi

    We accessed several geo-blocked Kodi add-ons with ExpressVPN.

    Put simply, it is one of the most effective VPN services at getting around video geo-restrictions.

    High security for anonymous P2P streaming

    P2P traffic is allowed on all of ExpressVPN’s servers, which is beneficial since some Kodi add-ons are P2P-based. These add-ons stream content sourced from sites that host torrent files.

    ExpressVPN protects your internet traffic through AES-256 encryption, RAM-based (diskless) servers, and privacy-first logging policy.

    When we torrented with ExpressVPN, we thoroughly tested the VPN’s kill switch and it worked infallibly.

    ExpressVPN is also based in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction — the British Virgin Islands. This protects against third-parties obtaining access to your online streaming data.

    Broad device compatibility

    Similarly to IPVanish, ExpressVPN works with all Kodi-compatible devices, including Android-based devices.

    Not only does the VPN come with a very efficient (although simple) Fire TV Stick app, but it also offers an official APK file for devices with no Google Play access.

    Like many VPN services, including IPVanish, NordVPN and Windscribe, ExpressVPN doesn’t have a Linux GUI app for LibreELEC.

    If you run Kodi on LibreELEC, you can set up ExpressVPN on your router by using its best-in-class router app. It’s an actual VPN application, which is a rarity in the VPN industry.

  3. 3. NordVPN: Fastest VPN for Kodi

    The fastest VPN for Kodi over short and long distances.

    NordVPN Mobile App Screenshot
     Rated 4.7 out of 5 
    246 reviews
    Visit NordVPN

    • NordLynx protocol is fast and safe
    • Private logging policy & no IP address leaks
    • Highly functional kill switch
    • Well-designed app for Fire TV & Android TV
    • 24/7 live chat support
    • P2P traffic allied on many servers

    • No Linux user interface for LibreELEC
    • No official APK file
    • No VPN router application
    • Doesn't accept PayPal
    • Renews at a much higher subscription price

    Overall Rating for Kodi: 9.0/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Kodi VPN testing methodology.

    • 8.58.5/10
    • 8.88.8/10
    • 9.79.7/10
    • 99.0/10

    NordVPN is the fastest VPN we’ve tested with Kodi. NordVPN is also cheaper than IPVanish and ExpressVPN on sign-up, with very little difference in performance.

    NordVPN's app for Fire TV

    Cheapest Price$3.29/mo over 2 years See all plans
    Download SpeediDownload SpeedBased on 100Mbps local test connection95Mbps
    Logging PolicyNo Identifying Data
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. linuxLinux
    Data LeaksNo

    Fast speeds for HD Kodi streams

    NordVPN’s speeds are very impressive, especially when you connect to a nearby server. The VPN uses the WireGuard protocol, which it has rebranded to NordLynx.

    NordLynx has been improving ever since it was launched, and currently it’s average an exceptional 2% speed loss connecting to nearby servers.

    In our recent long-distance speeds, the VPN has started outperforming ExpressVPN, which has historically been the fastest service internationally.

    Connecting to far away servers, NordVPN’s speeds only dropped by 17% on average. On the other hand, ExpressVPN’s slowed down by 20%.

    Secure encryption & DoubleVPN

    The privacy and security standards of NordVPN are equally remarkable.

    The VPN software encrypts internet connections with the yet-to-be-cracked AES-256 cipher, and protects your identity through its RAM-based servers and functioning VPN kill switch.

    Using NordVPN with Kodi

    NordVPN encrypts Kodi traffic for a cheaper price than alternatives.

    In all of our security tests over the years, we’ve never detected any IP or DNS leaks using NordVPN.

    With NordVPN you can also take advantage of its Double VPN setting, which channels your VPN traffic through an extra secure server for added security.

    P2P traffic is blocked on some servers

    The main drawback to NordVPN is that not all servers support P2P traffic, unlike ExpressVPN and IPVanish do.

    It’s not a major problem, since 85% of servers are P2P-compatible, however it could cause a slow down in traffic at busy times.

    Also, NordVPN’s device compatibility isn’t as rich as ExpressVPN’s and IPVanish’s.

    The VPN doesn’t provide an APK file for Android devices that don’t support native applications.

    Just like IPVanish and ExpressVPN, NordVPN doesn’t offer a Linux user interface for LibreELEC users. Sadly, NordVPN doesn’t have a VPN router application, either.

  4. 4. Proton VPN Free: Best Free Kodi VPN

    The best safe free Kodi VPN with an unlimited data policy.

    Screenshot of Proton VPN's mobile app
     Rated 5 out of 5 
    3 reviews
    Visit Proton VPN

    • No data usage limits
    • Linux GUI app for LibreELEC
    • Strong encryption & private logging policy
    • Fast speeds on nearby servers
    • Kill switch & IP leak protection
    • Fully-featured app for Android TV

    • Doesn't work with geo-blocked add-ons
    • Just three server locations
    • Blocks some P2P traffic
    • One connection per account
    • No live chat customer support

    Overall Rating for Kodi: 7.8/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Kodi VPN testing methodology.

    • 77.0/10
    • 9.59.5/10
    • 9.49.4/10
    • 00.0/10

    Proton VPN is the best free VPN for Kodi. Unlike all other secure free VPNs, you can use it to watch as much Kodi content as you want.

    Although streaming speeds are slow in some locations, and there is no live customer support, Proton VPN is the best choice if you don’t want to pay for a Kodi VPN.

    Proton VPN Free's app for Fire TV

    Cheapest PriceFree
    Download SpeediDownload SpeedBased on 100Mbps local test connection98Mbps
    Logging PolicyNo Identifying Data
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. linuxLinux
    Data LeaksNo

    No data usage cap & fast download speeds

    The free version of Proton VPN lets you use an unlimited amount of data. The other top free Kodi VPNs that we tested, like Hide.me and Windscribe, limit usage to 10GB of data a month, at most.

    Proton VPN is also faster than other free VPNs. On nearby connections, it only lost 5% speed versus Windscribe’s 46%.

    The problem is Proton VPN’s free servers are in just three countries: the US, Netherlands, and Japan. If you’re not close to one of these locations, you’ll likely experience much slower speeds.

    Robust encryption & no user logs retained

    Proton VPN Free beats even most premium VPNs on privacy and security features.

    The VPN uses AES-256 encryption, WireGuard, and blocks IPv6 leaks. Its Secure Core technology provides higher encryption, and it also has a TOR via VPN server tool.

    Moreover, the VPN’s logging policy is very privacy-oriented. It doesn’t track or store any personally-identifiable internet data. The only data point Proton VPN logs is when you last logged in, for account security.

    Doesn't unblock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons

    Like with all free VPNs, Proton VPN comes with a number limitations that undermine its performance versus premium VPNs.

    Not only does the free VPN only cover three server locations, it can’t bypass geo-restrictions in these countries, either.

    Using Proton VPN with Kodi

    Proton VPN Free doesn’t work with most geo-blocked Kodi add-ons.

    We tried unblocking several US-only Kodi add-ons using Proton VPN Free without success.

    Furthermore, the VPN doesn’t officially allow any P2P traffic on its free servers.

    Based on our tests, this no-P2P policy isn’t strictly enforced, since Proton VPN did work with some P2P-based streams. It won’t always work, though.

  5. 5. Windscribe Free: Best Free Kodi VPN for Geo-Unblocking

    The only free Kodi VPN that works with Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

    The Windscribe VPN app running on two mobiles; one displaying connection options, the other connected to a New York server.
     Rated 5 out of 5 
    3 reviews
    Visit Windscribe

    • Works with 32 Netflix regions & BBC iPlayer
    • VPN kill switch & IP/DNS leak protection
    • Apps for Fire TV & Android TV
    • Doesn’t log any user data
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections

    • 10GB monthly data cap
    • No longer works with US Netflix
    • Slow streaming speeds
    • Only provides email customer support
    • Based in Canada (Five Eyes)
    • No Linux GUI

    Overall Rating for Kodi: 6.7/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our Kodi VPN testing methodology.

    • 7.57.5/10
    • 8.98.9/10
    • 8.88.8/10
    • 88.0/10

    Windscribe is a good alternative free VPN for Kodi. Unlike Proton VPN, Windscribe is effective at bypassing geo-blocks, like those imposed by Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

    However, the free VPN comes with a restrictive 10GB monthly data limit. Furthermore, its streaming speeds are much slower than Proton VPN’s.

    Windscribe Free's VPN app for Fire TV

    Cheapest PriceFree
    Download SpeediDownload SpeedBased on 100Mbps local test connection90Mbps
    Logging PolicyNo Identifying Data
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. macosmacOS
    3. iosiOS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. linuxLinux
    Data LeaksNo

    Good free VPN for Netflix & BBC iPlayer add-ons

    Windscribe is our top-rated free VPN for streaming. It unblocks many popular official Kodi add-ons like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Crackle.

    In our many years of testing, Windscribe has been the only safe free VPN to consistently unblock these content platforms.

    Using Windscribe with Kodi

    Windscribe Free can unblock BBC iPlayer’s Kodi add-on.

    Sadly, Windscribe has stopped working with the American Netflix library. Currently, it works with 6 Netflix regions, including the UK, France, and Germany.

    Unlike Proton VPN, Windscribe Free also allows P2P traffic on its 10 free server locations. This lets you unblock geo-restricted add-ons in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, and Romania.

    Easy-to-use apps for Fire TV and Android TV

    Windscribe has native apps for Fire TV and Android TV. You can easily set up and use the VPN on all popular Kodi boxes.

    These apps are some of the best for TV we’ve used, with interfaces optimized for larger screens. Because of this, Windscribe tops our free Firestick and free Android VPN rankings.

    Like all the other VPNs in this guide, apart from Proton VPN, Windscribe doesn’t offer a user interface for Linux users, though. LibreELEC users should therefore opt for Proton VPN.

    10GB data cap is too restrictive

    Windscribe imposes a 10GB data usage cap on free users. This is to encourage upgrades to its premium subscription.

    10GB of data lets you stream roughly four hours of HD video content. This is simply not enough if you regularly use Kodi, but is okay for occasional use.

    Therefore, unless you want to bypass streaming geo-restrictions, Proton VPN is most likely a better choice of VPN for Kodi.

Popular VPNs to Avoid Using with Kodi

Because of the risks associated with certain Kodi add-ons, we strongly advise using the most private and secure VPNs.

We thoroughly tested 65 VPNs with Kodi, and below is a summary of the test ratings for five very popular services you shouldn’t use.

These risky VPNs below are very popular on Firestick, the most common device used with Kodi. They either log too much internet data, or they suffer from worrying security and privacy flaws.

Hotspot Shield

Overall Rating: 7.7/107.7

Logging Policy: 3.2/103.2

Speed & Reliability: 10.0/1010.0

Streaming: 9.4/109.4


Overall Rating: 6.9/106.9

Logging Policy: 6.5/106.5

Speed & Reliability: 7.2/107.2

Streaming: 5.0/105.0

VPN Unlimited

Overall Rating: 7.1/107.1

Logging Policy: 3.8/103.8

Speed & Reliability: 8.1/108.1

Streaming: 9.0/109.0

VPN Proxy Master

Overall Rating: 4.1/104.1

Logging Policy: 3.0/103.0

Speed & Reliability: 8.8/108.8

Streaming: 3.0/103.0

Hola VPN

Overall Rating: 4.1/104.1

Logging Policy: 0.1/100.1

Speed & Reliability: 8.5/108.5

Streaming: 6.5/106.5

Why You Need a VPN for Kodi

Here are the two main reasons to use a VPN with Kodi:

1. Hide Your Kodi Activity from Your ISP

Sadly, many Kodi add-ons host copyrighted works. Streaming content from these sources is illegal. The problem is that it’s often hard to tell which add-ons contain files that are not copyrighted, and which ones don’t.

If you accidentally use an illegal Kodi add-on without a VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) can see what you’ve streamed and when. If compelled by law enforcement, your ISP is obliged to pass on this information.

You could be issued a fine, be prevented from accessing Kodi on your network, or even end up in serious legal trouble.

A VPN service prevents this. A VPN encrypts your traffic, changes your IP, and obfuscates your Kodi activity from any third party. As a result, your ISP won’t be able to monitor what you watch on Kodi.

how a virtual private network (VPN) works

VPN software connects your device to a remote server through an encrypted tunnel.

2. Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Some legal streaming services, like BBC iPlayer and Crackle, provide Kodi add-ons. This lets you watch all your content in the same place.

However, these many streaming add-ons geo-restrict their content to specific countries. Without a VPN, you won’t be able to access many or even all the content they offer.

A VPN lets you change your IP address by connecting to a proxy server in another country. For example, we accessed the BBC iPlayer Kodi add-on by connecting to ExpressVPN’s UK server.

Hiding our Kodi activity from our ISP using ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN works to bypass geo-blocks on legitimate Kodi add-ons.

How We Test VPNs for Kodi

Every VPN we review for Kodi is subject to the same rigorous scientific testing process. We do this to ensure fair and unbiased rankings.

When we test VPNs for Kodi, we look for the following characteristics:

  • Compatible with streaming devices, including Fire TV Stick
  • Reliably fast speeds
  • No user logs or IP leaks
  • Lots of P2P-compatible servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no throttling

Below is a more detailed breakdown of our testing and rating methodology:

1. Kodi Device Compatibility: 30%

Minimum Requirement: Can be installed on Amazon Fire TV.
We Recommend: User-friendly app that’s compatible with Fire TV, Android TV, and LibreELEC.

The VPN you choose must be compatible with the device you stream Kodi on. It’s also key that you can easily use your VPN with Kodi.

We download and test Kodi on several Kodi compatible devices and platforms including:

  • FireTV Stick
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android TV
  • Android
  • Linux (LibreELEC)

Kodi is most popular on Fire TV Stick and Android-based Kodi boxes. Whether or not a VPN has a good app for these is a key aspect of this rating criteria.

We expect to see these apps designed for easy use. Finding and connecting to servers using a remote needs to be straightforward, and advanced security settings need to be understandable and quick to enable.

2. Privacy & Logging Policy: 30%

Minimum Requirement: A minimal logging policy and a record of following it.
We Recommend: Zero-logs policy with no record of breaking it.

We read each VPN’s privacy policy from start to finish. Then, we research the VPN company’s history. We do this to check whether, and how, the service stores your usage and account data.

The best VPNs operate a no-logs policy. This means they don’t keep any records of your activity, not even anonymous timestamps or metadata.

We also research torrenting policies, to make sure providers have no record of forwarding DMCA requests to users.

3. Speed: 30%

Minimum Requirement: 60Mbps local download speed & 3MiB/s P2P speed.
We Recommend: 80Mbps local download speed & 7MiB/s P2P speed.

If you plan to use Kodi to stream or torrent, then speed is a really important part of finding the best VPN. A fast VPN is vital for buffer-free streaming.

Local download speed is the most relevant to streaming, so we use it as a benchmark to judge performance on Kodi.

We regularly measure the local download speeds of all VPNs on a standard 100Mbps connection.

Unlike many other speed ratings, this ranking criteria also factors in P2P speed, as some popular Kodi add-ons require a P2P connection.

4. P2P Servers: 10%

Minimum Requirement: At least one P2P server in every region.
We Recommend: P2P servers in every country.

If you want to torrent or use certain add-ons with Kodi, you’ll need to connect to a server that allows P2P traffic.

Some VPNs allow P2P traffic on every server in the network, but most restrict you to dedicated servers.

For the best speeds, you need a VPN with multiple P2P servers in your country or region.

Data Cap Penalty: Up to 50% Reduction

Almost all free VPNs come with a data cap. Like with most limitations on free VPNs, this is imposed to encourage users to upgrade to a premium subscription.

Data allowance for free Kodi VPNs is particularly important, though, as streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth. For instance, a standard 10GB data allowance only allows you to watch a few hours of content each month.

If you use up your data cap, the rest of your Kodi activity will be outside of the VPN tunnel. Consequently, your ISP can monitor the streams and torrents you access on Kodi.

We apply a penalty to the VPN’s final overall rating for Kodi based on its data cap:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: No deduction to the overall rating
  • 10GB per month: -20% to the overall rating
  • 500MB per day: -25% to the overall rating
  • 5GB per month: -30% to the overall rating
  • 1GB per month: -35% to the overall rating
  • 200MB per day: -40% to the overall rating
  • 500MB per month: -50% to the overall rating