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The Best Free & Premium VPNs for Windows

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The best VPN applications for Windows 10 and 11 hide your IP address location, encrypt your internet traffic, and easily unblock geo-restricted web content.

Here’s a summary of the best free and premium VPNs for Windows in 2022:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Windows
  2. NordVPN – Fastest VPN for Windows
  3. PIA VPN – Best Windows VPN for Torrenting
  4. Surfshark – Best Cheap VPN for Windows
  5. Proton VPN – Best Free VPN for Windows

Comparison of the Best VPNs for Windows

Use the table below to compare the top VPN Windows clients based on compatibility, logging policy, price, and more:

These VPNs are easy to set up on Windows devices, and work extremely well on desktops, laptops and even the Microsoft Surface.

Why Trust Top10VPN.com?

We’ve spent thousands of hours testing and reviewing VPNs for Windows using our unbiased Windows VPN review process to recommend the most suitable VPN software.

Here is an overview of our main Windows VPN testing statistics:

  • Windows VPN clients tested: 71
  • Test devices: Lenovo T480 & Lenovo T480s
  • Windows versions tested: 11, 10, 8 & 7
  • Total hours of testing: 30,000+
  • Weekly speed tests: 3,000+
  • IP & DNS leak tests performed: 9,500+

Best Windows VPNs: Summary Test Ratings

The table below compares the top Windows VPN applications in the most important testing categories:

The Best Free & Premium VPNs for Windows

  1. 1. ExpressVPN: Best VPN for Windows

    The best, fully-featured and highly secure VPN for Windows 10 and 11.

    Ranked #1 out of 71 VPNs for Windows
    ExpressVPN's new app on mobile devices
    (1,787 user reviews)
    Visit ExpressVPN


    • Fully-featured Windows VPN app
    • Excellent long- and short-distance speeds
    • Unblocks 10 Netflix regions
    • No IP leaks and strong encryption
    • 3,000 Windows-compatible servers in 94 countries
    • 24/7 live customer support and 30-day refund guarantee


    • The most expensive option on this list
    • No port-forwarding for P2P users

    Overall Windows Rating: 9.5/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our Windows VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.69.6/10
    • 9.79.7/10
    • 9.69.6/10
    • 9.29.2/10
    • 9.69.6/10
    • 8.78.7/10

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Windows. It’s an excellent all-round VPN on all platforms, and its Windows app is the best version of itself.

    The VPN delivers fast download speeds and offers useful features without sacrificing your security or privacy in the process. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

    Cheapest Price$6.67/mo over 15 Months See all plans
    Compatible Windows VersionsWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. linuxLinux
    3. macosMac OS
    4. chromeosChrome OS
    5. androidAndroid
    6. iosiOS
    US NetflixYes
    IP Addresses3,000+
    Data LeaksNo
    Logging PolicyAnonymous Server Usage Data
    JurisdictionBritish Virgin Islands (Privacy Haven)
    Support24/7 Live Chat

    A clean Windows application with great features

    A part of what makes ExpressVPN a great choice for Windows is its simple, clean application.

    It doesn’t have as many extra features as some other VPNs, but it has all the important ones.

    The ExpressVPN Windows application

    Connecting to ExpressVPN servers on Windows is very easy.

    The VPN includes a VPN kill switch and split tunneling, as well as IPv6 leak protection and ExpressVPN-owned DNS servers for increased security.

    A safe, secure, and private Window VPN

    ExpressVPN will keep your internet activity on your Windows device private and secure.

    The service’s logging policy has not only been independently audited, but has also been confirmed during a server seizure in Turkey.

    While you can use VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2, ExpressVPN’s own secure protocol, Lightway, is currently the fastest for the Windows 10 and 11 client.

    A Window VPN optimized for streaming and torrenting

    ExpressVPN is also one of the best services for unrestricted streaming with Windows 10 and 11.

    Netflix subscribers can stream 10 content libraries using the VPN service.

    ExpressVPN also unblocks popular content platforms like HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

    If you use your Windows desktop or laptop for torrenting, then a trustworthy VPN is a must. With ExpressVPN you can torrent safely on all 3,000 servers, with no speed or data caps.

    The only P2P-related drawback is the lack of port forwarding, although our VPN speed tests show exceptional torrenting speeds regardless.

    Very fast speeds thanks to Lightway protocol

    In addition to being just as secure as other established protocols, Lightway is the fastest available for ExpressVPN.

    Here's a clip of us testing ExpressVPN's speeds on a local connection using a Windows 10 virtual machine. The protocol was set to Automatic, and we were connected to our dedicated 100Mbps test line.

    ExpressVPN has always been one of the very quickest VPNs on the market, and with Lightway it’s only gotten faster.

    We test ExpressVPN’s speeds weekly to make sure it’s as fast as it claims to be – and it hasn’t let us down so far. We were able to stream in HD, game online without any lag, and torrent files quickly.

  2. 2. NordVPN: Fastest VPN for Windows

    A very fast, secure and affordable Windows VPN.

    NordVPN Mobile App Screenshot
    (246 user reviews)
    Visit NordVPN


    • Private logging policy and secure servers
    • High-speed global VPN server network
    • Useful Windows features, including a kill switch
    • Unblocks streaming sites, plus thousands of P2P servers
    • More affordable than ExpressVPN


    • You can’t sign up with PayPal
    • No Microsoft Edge browser extension
    • A NordVPN server was breached in 2018

    Overall Windows Rating: 9.4/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our Windows VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.49.4/10
    • 9.89.8/10
    • 9.59.5/10
    • 9.59.5/10
    • 9.59.5/10
    • 8.18.1/10

    If you want to subscribe to ExpressVPN but can’t afford it, then NordVPN is the ideal alternative.

    It’s one of the most popular VPNs available, giving you access to a wide range of high-speed VPN servers.

    NordVPN also has many useful privacy and security settings to keep you private and secure online.

    Cheapest Price$3.29/mo over 2 years See all plans
    Compatible Windows VersionsWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. linuxLinux
    3. macosMac OS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. iosiOS
    US NetflixYes
    IP Addresses5,613+
    Data LeaksNo
    Logging PolicyNo Logs
    JurisdictionPanama (Privacy Haven)
    Support24/7 Live Chat

    Impressive high-speed server network

    With 5,613 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN’s huge network is one the most extensive available.

    Home screen of the NordVPN app on Windows

    The home screen of the NordVPN app on Windows.

    Most NordVPN servers allow for unlimited torrenting and P2P traffic.

    There are only two protocols to choose from on Windows: OpenVPN or NordLynx. OpenVPN, a long-time favorite of ours, and NordLynx, NordVPN’s improved WireGuard protocol.

    OpenVPN also lets you use obfuscated servers, which are effective at beating aggressive web censorship.

    Audited no-logs policy and a Panama jurisdiction

    NordVPN has been audited by an external security firm. Everything stated in its logging policy has been verified to be true.

    In other words, NordVPN doesn’t log anything you do online while using its service.

    Also, NordVPN is based in Panama, which has no connection or obligation to surveillance setups like the Five Eyes alliance, or the NSA.

    The only black mark on NordVPN’s record is in 2018, when it suffered a server breach. While they’re never a good thing, the company reacted well to the incident.

    As a result of the breach, the VPN’s servers are now more secure than ever, after a major infrastructure overhaul.

    Works well with BBC iPlayer and Netflix

    If you stream a lot of video content on your laptop or desktop, then NordVPN is a VPN to seriously consider.

    While NordVPN isn’t as good a streaming VPN as ExpressVPN, it does unblock 11 different Netflix regions.

    Through our streaming tests, we also found NordVPN to be the best VPN at unblocking BBC iPlayer on all its UK servers.

    Furthermore, it’s also the most effective VPN at bypassing Hulu VPN blocks.

    Many additional privacy and security settings

    NordVPN gives Windows users access to its full suite of features.

    There’s two different kill switches: the standard one, which cuts out your internet if the VPN connection drops, and one which just disconnects certain apps – like your torrenting client.

    CyberSec is a built-in ad and malicious site blocker.

    ‘Invisibility on LAN’ is an interesting feature for Windows users. If you’re connected to a shared network, like at school, work, or in public, it hides your computer from the network.

    There’s also an ‘Auto-connect on Wi-Fi’ feature that turns on NordVPN whenever you connect to a WiFi hotspot.

  3. 3. PIA VPN: Best Windows VPN for Torrenting

    Fast an secure VPN optimized for anonymous torrents and P2P traffic.

    Private Internet Access
    (29 user reviews)
    Visit PIA VPN


    • Secure encryption for all Windows devices
    • A verified flawless no-logs policy
    • The best VPN for anonymous torrenting
    • Fast download speeds across its large server network
    • Fully-featured app for Windows
    • Much-improved for unblocking streaming sites


    • Windows program may be too complicated for beginners
    • Smart DNS doesn't work for streaming
    • US jurisdiction is a bad choice

    Overall Windows Rating: 9.2/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our Windows VPN testing methodology.

    • 8.88.8/10
    • 9.39.3/10
    • 9.99.9/10
    • 9.39.3/10
    • 99.0/10
    • 9.69.6/10

    Private Internet Access is an excellent VPN for Windows users, particularly if you’re good with computers and want a complex and customizable VPN.

    It’s also the best VPN for keeping your torrenting secure and anonymous while you download or seed files on your desktop or laptop.

    It does only support Windows 8.1, 10, and 11, though, so go with another option if you use Windows 7.

    Cheapest Price$2.19/mo over 26 months See all plans
    Compatible Windows VersionsWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. linuxLinux
    3. macosMac OS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. iosiOS
    US NetflixYes
    IP Addresses17,087+
    Data LeaksNo
    Logging PolicyNo Logs
    JurisdictionUS (Five Eyes Member)
    Support24/7 Live Chat

    A perfect logging policy, despite its bad jurisdiction

    First and foremost, you can trust PIA to keep your browsing data private.

    The service’s logging policy is one of our favorites, and applies to all users – whether you’re on Windows or any other OS.

    PIA VPN logs zero personally-identifiable data. It barely even logs anonymous data, as the only thing it collects is extremely top-level aggregated usage figures.

    This no-logs policy offsets its terrible choice of jurisdiction. PIA is based in the US, one of the main members of the Five Eyes intelligence sharing alliance.

    The US government can, in theory, pressure VPN services into handing over user data. However, PIA doesn’t collect any user data, which has been proven in court cases.

    A perfect VPN for torrenters

    PIA’s excellent speeds, secure logging policy, and advanced features make it the best VPN for torrenting on Windows.

    We recorded an average download bitrate of 9.6MiB/s using PIA, versus 10.0MiB/s when not using a VPN – barely any difference at all.

    The service also has an effective VPN kill switch, and free port forwarding to make your torrent client even faster.

    PIA's Windows app is advanced - maybe too advanced for some

    Private Internet Access’s Windows program is full of advanced security features.

    You can pick between the secure OpenVPN or the even faster WireGuard protocols, use custom DNS (including PIA’s privately-owned DNS servers), and use split tunneling to channel specific programs outside of the VPN tunnel.

    It also has PIA Mace – a surprisingly effective VPN ad and tracker blocker.

    However, the PIA Windows app isn’t as smooth or intuitive as ExpressVPN’s. In fact, the VPN may be too advanced for users new to VPN services.

    PIA home screen on Windows when connected to a server

    PIA’s Windows home screen is simple, but it’s Options menu is complex.

  4. 4. Surfshark: Best Cheap VPN for Windows

    Surfshark represents excellent value at $2.49 per month.

    Surfshark app
    (129 user reviews)
    Visit Surfshark


    • The cheapest high-quality VPN
    • Simple, easy-to-use Windows app
    • No simultaneous device limit
    • Streams 10 Netflix regions
    • Fast Wireguard protocol speeds
    • Strong logging policy


    • Logging policy isn’t audited
    • Edge extension is only a proxy

    Overall Windows Rating: 9.2/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our Windows VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.29.2/10
    • 9.89.8/10
    • 9.79.7/10
    • 8.68.6/10
    • 9.29.2/10
    • 8.58.5/10

    Surfshark is a Windows VPN that does a lot of things right, and a very affordable price.

    For just $2.49 per month on a two-year plan, you get a simple, fast VPN to protect your Windows device.

    Cheapest Price$2.49/mo over 24 months See all plans
    Compatible Windows VersionsWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. linuxLinux
    3. macosMac OS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. iosiOS
    US NetflixYes
    IP Addresses3,200+
    Data LeaksNo
    Logging PolicyAnonymous Server Usage Data
    JurisdictionNetherlands (EU Member)
    Support24/7 Live Chat

    The cheapest option with no compromise on quality

    There’s no denying Surfshark’s most appealing feature: its price is exceptional for a VPN of this quality.

    There are no service limitations or inadequacies, either – Surfshark is well worthy of its spot on this page.

    What’s more, just like IPVanish, you can use Surfshark on an unlimited number of devices at the same time.

    Very good for streaming and torrenting

    In our recent streaming tests, Surfshark unblocked 10 regions, including American Netflix.

    We also streamed other services like BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max.

    Similarly to ExpressVPN, Surfshark provides unlimited private torrenting on all its 3,200+ servers.

    Beginner-friendly app with advanced features

    Surfshark is at its best when used on a Windows computer. Its design couldn’t be much simpler, and even complete VPN newbies can use it without issue.

    While it’s very easy to use, the Windows client is nevertheless equipped with advanced features for more advanced users to enjoy.

    The Surfshark VPN client for Windows

    The Surfshark VPN client for Windows.

    For example, MultiHop bounces your connection off an additional relay server for added anonymity.

    If you’re planning on using Surfshark’s Edge extension, remember it’s only a proxy. While it may unblock geo-restricted websites, your ISP will still see your online activity.

    Fast, secure servers located around the world

    Despite the low asking price, Surfshark gives you full access to a network of 3,200+ servers in 95 countries.

    We recorded excellent download speeds on all servers we tested, which don’t track or store any user web logs.

    Surfshark’s logging policy hasn’t been verified by an external auditors, yet, however you can trust the software not to leak or log any of your internet data.

  5. 5. Proton VPN: Best Free VPN for Windows

    An excellent free VPN with no data caps, ideal to secure public WiFi connections.

    Screenshot of Proton VPN's mobile app
    (2 user reviews)
    Visit Proton VPN


    • 100% free with no card details required
    • The only trusted free VPN with unlimited data
    • No-logs, trustworthy ownership and great jurisdiction
    • Fast speeds for a free VPN


    • Servers in only three countries
    • No torrenting or Netflix access
    • Missing extra features from the paid version

    Overall Windows Rating: 7.4/10

    This overall rating is calculated based on the following subcategory ratings. To learn more, read our Windows VPN testing methodology.

    • 9.89.8/10
    • 99.0/10
    • 9.89.8/10
    • 7.27.2/10
    • 11.0/10
    • 00.0/10

    The free software version of Proton VPN is the best for Windows. It doesn’t have the features of premium VPNs, but its main pull is its unlimited data policy.

    Cheapest Price$6.63/mo over 24 Months See all plans
    Compatible Windows VersionsWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Compatible with
    1. windowsWindows
    2. linuxLinux
    3. macosMac OS
    4. androidAndroid
    5. iosiOS
    US NetflixYes
    IP Addresses1,778
    Data LeaksNo
    Logging PolicyAnonymous Server Usage Data
    JurisdictionSwitzerland (Privacy Haven)
    SupportEmail & Online Resources Only

    Unlimited data, but no Netflix or torrenting

    Of all the safe and trustworthy free VPNs we’ve tested, only Proton VPN Free places no restriction on how much you use it every month.

    Once the VPN is installed on your Windows computer, you can connect to a server and leave it running for as long as you like.

    Sadly, there will be times when you’ll have to turn it off: when streaming or torrenting. Like so many free VPNs, Proton VPN saves its best (streaming and P2P) servers for paying customers.

    This means that Proton VPN Free won’t unblock Netflix or any other popular streaming platform.

    Torrenting also won’t work – we tried, but our P2P client couldn’t even retrieve the magnet file metadata.

    The free Proton VPN Windows Client

    The free Proton VPN Windows client.

    Doesn't store any user logs

    The hardest part of picking a free VPN is trying to find out if you can trust the company behind it or not.

    There’s no doubt surrounding Proton VPN, though. Since the launch of Proton VPN in 2017, Proton Technologies has proven itself as a privacy-first company you can safely entrust with your data.

    Its no-logs policy was verified in real-life, when it revealed nothing but blank servers in a Swiss court case in 2019.

    Switzerland also serves as its base of operations, which is an acceptable choice of jurisdiction thanks to the absence of invasive privacy laws.

    Does the basics, but limited versus paid apps

    Using a free VPN inevitably carries some trade-offs.

    In addition to lacking streaming access and torrenting, Proton VPN Free lacks the extra features present in the paid version.

    For example, Secure Core servers and the Netshield malware and ad blocker are all unavailable to free users.

    At least you still get access to split tunneling, IPv6 leak protection, custom DNS servers, and the all-important kill switch.

    The other big drawback is the lack of servers. There are only 12 free ones located in three countries: the US, Netherlands, and Japan.

    Our tests returned good speeds, especially for a free VPN. But, if you don’t live near one of the servers locations above you will likely experience slow speeds.

How We Test VPNs for Windows

When recommending Windows VPNs, we focus specifically on attributes and features that are most relevant to Windows users.

For Windows VPNs we specifically consider:

  • How easy-to-use the Windows app is, plus its range of extra features.
  • If secure AES-256 encryption and a strong VPN protocol are in use.
  • If any personal data is retained and if the logging policy is anonymous.
  • How large the impact to download and upload speeds is.
  • Can it consistently access streaming libraries, particularly US Netflix.
  • If secure and anonymous torrenting is permitted across all servers.

In this section, we’ll go into more detail on how we test all of those categories, and how they affect the overall rating for Windows:

1. Windows App: 30%

Minimum Requirement: Easy to navigate, with essential features like the VPN kill switch.
We Recommend: The above, plus clear labelling, helpful shortcuts, and in-app FAQs.

As a Windows user, you’re lucky – Microsoft’s PC operating system is the number one priority for most VPN services when designing an app.

Ordinarily, Windows VPNs will be the best-designed version of the app, with the best range of features.

Of course, that’s not always the case, which is why we mark harshly here. A kill switch is the bare minimum. Ideally there will also be split tunneling, customizable server lists, auto-connect, and even port forwarding.

We also greatly favor VPN apps which clearly explain the features present, ideally with good labeling and in-app FAQs. Users with absolutely no experience of VPNs should be able to use it with confidence.

2. Encryption & Security: 17.5%

Minimum Requirement: AES-256 encryption combined with the OpenVPN protocol.
We Recommend: The above, plus a choice of protocols and private DNS servers.

A secure, reliable connection is always one of the most important factors for a VPN, but it’s especially important on your desktop or laptop.

OpenVPN is a reliable, open-source protocol that has been popular for years. WireGuard is a new protocol which is being used more often – it’s extremely fast, while also maintaining the same security standards as OpenVPN. We test for both of these protocols in every Windows VPN.

AES-256 encryption is also expected from the top VPNs. If you find a VPN which only offers AES-128, it’s still perfectly safe, but it’s not the strongest available.

We consider all of these factors when awarding ratings in this category.

3. Logging Policy: 17.5%

Minimum Requirement: Anonymous or aggregated usage logs briefly retained.
We Recommend: No logs retained whatsoever, audited by a third party.

Equally as important as the encryption used is the logging policy of the VPN itself.

Using a VPN is pointless if the service logs private, revealing information like timestamps and URLs visited.

All the VPNs we recommend have a privacy policy that’s minimal and transparent.

The ideal VPN won’t log any information whatsoever, with everything deleted as soon as your session ends. These VPNs are rare, but they do exist.

More realistically, the top Windows VPNs maintain anonymous, aggregated usage data. This might be something like the total amount of data you use in a month, how many times you connect, or the total number of users connected to a server at once.

We also place great importance on third-party auditing. This is where an external legal agency verifies the claims of a VPN’s logging policy. Conducting these on a regular basis is a huge sign of trustworthiness for a VPN.

4. Speed: 15%

Minimum Requirement: Less than 40% speed loss on local connections.
We Recommend: Less than 20% speed loss on local connections or 40% on distant ones.

If you have fast home internet, then a bad VPN will noticeably slow down your connection. If you have slow home internet then a bad VPN will make your Windows device practically unusable.

We conduct two different types of speed tests to determine the fastest VPNs for Windows.

We perform manual speed tests on a weekly basis, while our automated speed test tool runs 126 tests every six hours to keep a log of VPN speeds across the world.

The best VPNs are between 5% and 20% slower on local connections, but anything less than 40% is acceptable.

We typically expect to see greater slowdown on international connections. The further your desired server, the greater the slowdown will be.

Speed losses of less than 40% on a connection that’s 400-800 miles away from you is very respectable.

5. Streaming: 10%

Minimum Requirement: Can provide reliable access to US and UK Netflix.
We Recommend: Reliable access to various international streaming libraries.

The very least we expect of a VPN is to consistently stream US Netflix (or UK Netflix if you’re based in the US). These two libraries have the most varied and popular content.

A great VPN will also work with BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

We have subscriptions to all these streaming services, and perform regular tests to determine which Windows VPNs can unblock them.

Some VPNs offer specialized streaming servers, designed to stream a particular platform more easily. While these servers are useful, we prefer VPNs that give streaming access on any server.

6. Torrenting: 10%

Minimum Requirement: Permits P2P activity on a wide choice of servers.
We Recommend: Permits torrenting on all servers, with good P2P bitrate.

Torrenting is very popular on Windows desktops and laptops, and it’s crucial you can trust your VPN to hide your torrent IP address.

The trouble is, not every VPN supports torrenting. We test ever VPN for a wide selection of servers compatible with P2P traffic. They should be well-distributed geographically, too.

The top-rated Windows VPNs allow torrenting on every server. We check both marked and unmarked servers don’t throttle or restrict your bandwidth while you torrent.

We test using qBitTorrent, and download a series of large files when testing to make sure that bitrates are good.

While rare, port forwarding is an important bonus for a torrenting VPN. Being able to open specific ports within the VPN can lead to big increases in download speed.

Are Free VPNs for Windows Safe?

If you’re looking for a VPN for Windows 10 or 11, you could be tempted to search the Microsoft Store to see what’s popular. The screenshot below shows what comes up when you do that.

Many popular free VPNs in the Microsoft Store are insecure

With a few trustworthy exceptions, you should avoid almost all of the VPNs in the screenshot above.

We constantly discuss how few good free VPNs there are, and it’s the same for Windows as any other operating system.

Some free VPNs are harmless, but a nightmare to use – slow speeds, lack of server choice, daily data caps, and more. But the worst ones log everything you do online.

In addition to Proton VPN Free, there are a small number of free VPNs that are 100% safe, trustworthy, and performed well in our tests.

Free VPNs to Avoid on Windows

It’s not just no-name VPNs that are unsafe. There’s a number of popular, well-known VPNs you should stay away from.

Here’s two of the biggest Windows VPNs you should not use:

Hola Free VPN

Millions of users have installed Hola Free VPN around the world, but the fact is b>you should never download it.

In reality, Hola isn’t a proper VPN. Rather than providing its users with a network of secure and anonymous servers, Hola instead treats its users like servers.

Whenever you connect to an IP address using Hola, you’re actually using the IP address of another user.

This goes both ways of course, meaning that thousands of Hola users could be using your IP address to do whatever they want online.

What’s more, Hola’s parent company can also sell any ‘spare’ bandwidth from your connection to anyone willing to pay for it.

Hola is not a real VPN, and it is not safe – avoid it at all costs.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN, one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store, is also available on Windows. You should not download it.

Our independent investigation into free VPN ownership revealed troubling information about the ownership of Turbo VPN.

While it tries to remain suspiciously anonymous, Turbo VPN is actually linked to a family of corporations with no background in privacy, and worrying ties to mainland China.

You shouldn’t trust Turbo VPN with your personal data, as there are no guarantees as to what is being done with it.

The free version of Turbo VPN also has intrusive advertising and invasive trackers.

Which VPN Services Support Windows XP?

Windows XP has been largely phased out, however there are people who still use this legacy operating system.

For the best Windows protection, we recommend you upgrade to a newer version of Windows since Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows XP.

If you must keep using Windows XP, it is still possible to use a VPN with it.

These VPN services still maintain applications and support for Windows XP:

  • Windscribe
  • ExpressVPN
  • AirVPN
  • VPNArea
  • Froot VPN
  • SaferVPN
  • Hotspot Shield

However, these popular VPN providers no longer support Windows XP:

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • IPVanish
  • Astrill
  • Proton VPN

However, even if a VPN service doesn’t have a dedicated application, you can still set up a VPN on Windows XP using Windows Diallers.

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