Top10VPN's Simon Migliano discussing the Dark Web on BBC's Watchdog

Top10VPN Reveals On Watchdog What You’re Worth On The Dark Web

Consumer data illicitly traded on the dark web is worth on average three times as much as it was at the start of the year, our investigation shows

Rebecca Duff
By Rebecca Duff
Crowds Outside the Apple WWDC

New Apple Guidelines State VPN Providers May Not Sell or Use User Data

The decision was announced alongside a host of new features as Apple continues to shift its focus towards privacy

David Hughes
By David Hughes
Mozilla Firefox logo under a magnifying glass

Mozilla Firefox Now Stops Advertisers From Tracking You Online

The enhanced tracking protection is enabled by default for all new Firefox browser users

Rebecca Duff
By Rebecca Duff
Dark Web Market Price Index June 2019 UK Update

Dark Web Market Price Index 2019 (June UK Update)

Changes to the dark web market landscape have driven up prices for stolen data. This update to the Index shows someone's identity could now be worth three times as much

Simon Migliano
By Simon Migliano
Tor Project Logo on an Android Phone Screen

Official Android Version of Tor Browser Released on Google Play Store

“Stable” version of privacy-focused Tor Browser removes the need for complex workarounds

David Hughes
By David Hughes
China Data Protection Regulations Article Header Photo of Red Square

The Privacy Paradox: China’s Data Protection Regulations

Policymakers in Beijing are implementing a nationwide data protection scheme with far-reaching implications for internet users, businesses, and emerging technologies.

William Chalk
By William Chalk
Prague Cityscape at Night

Nations Unite in Calling for Greater Huawei 5G Security

Over 30 countries back security suggestions at Prague Summit in light of Huawei concerns

David Hughes
By David Hughes
Home Router

Researchers Uncover Vulnerabilities in WPA3 That Allow Hackers to Attack WiFi Networks

The flaws have been named “Dragonblood”

Charlotte Darrell
By Charlotte Darrell
Us Senate at Night with US Flag in Foreground

Proposed Updates to US Children’s Online Privacy Law to Prevent Tech Companies From Collecting Teenagers’ Data

It aims to ban ads targeted at minors

Charlotte Darrell
By Charlotte Darrell
Cyberviolence Against Women Header Image

We Need Better Rules to Tackle Cyberviolence Against Women

Women, as well as men, have benefited hugely from the internet and new technologies that have afforded power, visibility, and access to opportunities - but they are also at risk in the digital world.

Jennifer Baker
By Jennifer Baker
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