Is ZoogVPN Really Free?

ZoogVPN’s free plan can be used 100% for free. No payment details are required, but you will need to provide a valid email address on Android and desktop devices.

On iOS, you can start using ZoogVPN Free without providing an email address. But we recommend steering clear of ZoogVPN’s iOS app because it doesn’t have a kill switch.

Is ZoogVPN Safe to Use?

ZoogVPN is not the safest VPN. In our tests, we encountered multiple connection failures using OpenVPN and worrying IP address leaks with its kill switch enabled on macOS.

It doesn’t do independent security audits or logging policy audits that can confirm whether it has software vulnerabilities and whether it’s safe to use. Its out-of-date warrant canary also doesn’t inspire confidence.

In short, there are much safer VPNs available for a similar price to ZoogVPN.