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Hotspot Shield Review

Rebecca Duff
Rebecca DuffUpdated
Our Score8.7
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No-frills VPN offering decent privacy & very fast server speeds. Works with Netflix & iPlayer.

What we like
  • Superb speeds of up to 98Mbps on local connections
  • Currently working with Netflix and iPlayer
  • User-friendly apps for popular devices
  • Connect securely to 27 countries
  • Good access to China-only content

Hotspot Shield is a well-established VPN for those with basic privacy needs on a budget. It offers incredibly fast performance on both local and international connections, and streaming fans will be pleased to hear it’s currently working with both Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Sleek, user-friendly custom apps are available for popular platforms but incompatible with anything outside of these, including routers.

Hotspot Shield offers strong encryption and some solid privacy features such as a VPN kill switch, however the free version of the app has recently been subject to a great deal of controversy following claims it wasn’t protecting customer data in the way it had promised (more details in the privacy section below). The server network is on the small side but covers most popular locations, and customer support is decent enough with intermittent access to a live chat feature.

Pricing & Deals

Hotspot Shield offers a few different pricing plans so you shouldn’t struggle to find one that suits you. As is the case with most other providers, the longer subscription you sign up for, the less you pay on a monthly basis.

The most expensive option is a single month, coming in at $12.99, but you can bring the cost down by over 54% to $5.99 on the annual plan. The biggest savings can be found on the two-year subscription, costing an impressive $2.99 per month and saving you more than 75%.

Hotspot Shield Coupon

Hotspot Shield Pricing & Deals

Best Value Deal
2 Years
Save 76%
Billed $71.76 every 2 years
12 Months
Save 54%
Billed $71.88 every 12 months
1 Month
Billed $12.99 every month
Get Hotspot Shield45-day money-back guarantee

Hotspot Shield offers both a free trial and a money-back guarantee. The trial gives you full access to the VPN for up to seven days, which is great, but unfortunately you do have to provide your payment information before you sign up. This means that unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, you’ll be automatically ‘upgraded’ to a paid subscription at the most expensive monthly price of $12.99.

The 45-day money-back guarantee is the most generous we’ve seen from any provider, and it is genuinely ‘no questions asked’ with no hidden restrictions or data cap. Simply request a refund from the support team within 45 days of signing up and the money will be returned to your account within 5-10 business days, making the entire process relatively risk-free.

Payment Options

Hotspot Shield offers the usual popular ways to pay, such as all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Neosurf and Alipay. We were a little disappointed to see no option to pay with any forms of cryptocurrency, but hopefully this feature will be introduced in the near future.

Speed & Reliability

Hotspot Shield produced some absolutely outstanding results across the board in our speed tests, however these do come with a huge caveat in that you can’t choose your VPN protocol, but are rather limited to the proprietary protocol baked into the app. If this doesn’t bother you, then it’s by far one of the fastest providers we’ve seen, meaning you’ll be able to stream HD content on multiple devices without breaking a sweat. Very speedy uploads and low latency on most local connections are great for torrenters and gamers too.

Hotspot Shield performs exceptionally well on local connections, peaking at over 90Mbps in the UK, Germany and France – more than quick enough for high-bandwidth multi-tasking. Connecting out to the US East Coast from Europe you can expect very fast speeds of 73Mbps, which puts it up there with many of our top-tier providers. Performance doesn’t drop too much over longer distances either, with connections out to Australia still reaching speeds of over 60Mbps, which is insanely quick considering, for this particular provider, we test from London using our manual methodology (consult our speed testing methodology for more detailed information).

We also logged latency as low as 3ms on the UK server, putting Hotspot Shield very much in the frame for gamers. As is to be expected, latency does balloon out on more distant servers, but connecting locally you shouldn’t have any issues.

Connection time is very impressive at around 3 seconds, outperforming its rivals comfortably with its snappiness. We found performance to be very reliable once connected, just be sure to switch on the VPN kill switch to protect yourself in the case of any unexpected dropouts.

Uploads are a little less consistent across the server network than downloads, but still very impressive on some connections, peaking at 100Mbps in France. This makes Hotspot Shield ideal for torrenters and P2P users. You can expect speedy uploads even over longer distances, such as 39Mbps from London to New York, however they struggle to reach 10Mbps in Australia.

If you’re happy using whatever proprietary protocol is baked into Hotspot Shield’s software as opposed to the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol, these are some of the best speeds we’ve seen in our tests so far. Performance is reliable no matter what country you choose to connect to, and peak speeds of over 90Mbps on most local connections mean there are few limitations to what you can do online.

To read about our speed testing methodologies, please read How we test for VPN speed performance.


Server Locations

2,500+IP Addresses2,500+IP Addresses

Hotspot Shield offers a very slim choice of server locations with just 27 countries on offer in total. It has the main locations most light VPN users would need, but if you need to connect to less popular destinations we’d advise looking into other providers. Check out the server list before buying as there are some gaps in coverage, such as Italy, that might affect your decision.

We know that Hotspot Shield has over 2,500 servers spread throughout these countries, however the support agent we spoke to was unwilling to disclose the specific number of individual IP addresses it maintains. In a network this size, we can only presume it’s a fairly high number, and Dynamic IPs that constantly change provide an extra layer of privacy and prevent you from being tracked.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to drill down to city-level servers, which could be particularly frustrating for users in countries such as the US that wish to pinpoint a specific state. HSS will need to introduce these in the near future if it wishes to compete with its rivals, with some providers such as CyberGhost offering almost 20 different US city-level servers.

Coverage is best in North America, major European countries and Australia, with limited choice across the rest of the world. Asian coverage is very thin but the inclusion of a server in mainland China (most likely a virtual server) makes Hotspot Shield an appealing budget choice for users wishing to access China-only content, such as video site Youku. The only server in South America is located in Brazil, and Africa is sadly lacking any choice at all.

You can find the complete list of Hotspot Shield server locations by country on their website below.

Platforms & Devices


Windows LogoWindows
Mac LogoMac
iOS LogoiOS
Android LogoAndroid

Hotspot Shield offers custom apps for the four main platforms – Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It isn’t possible to manually configure the VPN to work with any other devices, including routers, and Hotspot Shield actually provides a list of all the unsupported devices on their website here.

There are basic set-up guides for supported devices on Hotspot Shield’s website, however these aren’t very detailed at all and probably won’t be that much help for first-time users. We’d really like to see compatibility with a wider range of devices in the near future, particularly routers, as right now the only way to use the VPN is to install the app on each individual device you want to protect. This probably won’t be an issue for most, but if you want to protect all of your family’s devices as well as your own, the limit of five simultaneous connections might present a few problems.

Browser Extensions

Chrome LogoChrome
Firefox LogoFirefox

Hotspot Shield offers proxy extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, both of which can be downloaded and installed in just a few seconds if you already have the main app open. These work in much the same way as the desktop apps in that you simply choose a country and you’ll appear to be connecting from that location, allowing you to access content that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

These extensions also come with useful extras such as ad and tracker blocking, along with built-in malware protection, preventing third parties from sending you personalized ads based on your browsing history. The only downside is that these are proxies rather than full VPN extensions, meaning that it will encrypt your browser traffic but not as securely as a true VPN connection. If you’re a heavy browser user seeking a more lightweight alternative for Chrome or Firefox, these could be ideal, but for most people they’re not a complete alternative to the desktop app.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

Hotspot Shield is not a good choice if you want to use a VPN on any of your games consoles or streaming devices. This includes (but isn’t limited to) Apple/Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Kodi, Amazon Fire TV Stick and all games consoles. These are all listed as ‘unsupported’ platforms on Hotspot Shield’s website, meaning they are not compatible with the software in any way, so we’d advise looking elsewhere and not wasting your time.

There are no manual workarounds for this, as HSS also doesn’t support custom router configurations or direct VPN connectivity (without using the app), so if you want to use the VPN on anything other than the four main platforms, you’re out of luck. There are providers out there offering far more hassle-free solutions for streaming devices, including native apps for the Amazon FireTV Stick.

Streaming & Torrenting

Hotspot Shield is currently a good choice for streaming fans, as access to both Netflix and BBC iPlayer is possible through their US and UK servers. We’re not sure how long this will last for though, as a lack of dedicated streaming servers means that this could change from one day to the next – in fact, up until recently HSS didn’t work with either of these popular sites. Netflix took a little while to load but once we were up and running the quality was pretty good, and excellent performance in this location means that you can take advantage of the HD option and play your favorite shows in the best possible quality.

BBC iPlayer loaded a lot more quickly but the quality was equally as good, if not better. HSS has done very well to provide access to this site considering the BBC’s recent crackdown on VPN providers, however a lack of city-level servers means that if this one was to stop working, you wouldn’t really have any backup options. Thankfully it looks like they’re pretty dedicated to providing hassle-free streaming solutions, so hopefully this will continue for a long time.

Good news for torrenters too, as P2P activity is permitted on all of Hotspot Shield’s worldwide servers, massively reducing the risk of congestion at busy times. Combine this with a minimal logs policy and speedy uploads on local connections and you’ve got yourself a great VPN for risk-free filesharing.

Encryption & Security

Hotspot Shield does some things right in terms of privacy, however it does suffer from a few issues that make it difficult to recommend for people with high-level privacy and security needs. Recent controversies include a software flaw that made it possible for hackers to view your true location through your WiFi network name, which was discovered in February 2018 (you can read about this incident here). HSS brushed this claim off as ‘unfounded’ but did claim it would remove any components capable of leaking ‘even generic information’, which is a step in the right direction.

In 2017, the company was accused of ‘unfair and deceptive trade practices’ when it emerged that they had allegedly been injecting affiliate links to users’ traffic so they could monetize that traffic. While this only affected people using their free VPN,  it still goes against everything HSS says in their privacy policy and massively violates user privacy. You can read about this in more detail here. Thankfully Hotspot Shield seems to have steered the ship in the right direction following these allegations, and we hope to see this continue in the future.

The lack of information or options regarding standard security protocols and features is also a concern. You can’t decide to connect using a specific VPN protocol, but rather you’re restricted to the one baked into the apps, HydraVPN. The level of security offered by this protocol isn’t completely clear, so we can’t make a definitive call on how it measures up to OpenVPN. Hotspot Shield also unfortunately doesn’t operate its own DNS servers, meaning your web traffic could be routed through less secure servers, potentially even owned by your ISP.

On the more positive side of things, Hotspot Shield does offer top-rate encryption (AES-256) as well as a VPN kill switch and protection against IPv6 leaks. This means that even if your VPN connection was to drop for any reason, your true IP address would still be protected from wannabe snoopers or hackers. But, if you are looking for higher levels of privacy, providers such as PrivateVPN offer a much wider range of security features and fully zero-logs policies.


  • L2TP/IPSec
  • Proprietary
  • AES-256
  • IPV6 Leak Blocking
  • VPN Kill Switch
Advanced features
  • Ad Blocker

Bypassing Censorship

We wouldn’t recommend Hotspot Shield to users who are mainly going to be connecting out from high-censorship countries such as China, as it’s highly unlikely that the service will work in that country. There’s a list of ‘known blocked countries’ on the support section of the website, where HSS states that connection may be ‘intermittent’ due to ISP or government blocks.

This is due to a lack of additional obfuscation tools, meaning it’s easy for governments to detect you’re connecting using a VPN. In order to bypass the Great Firewall, you need to choose a provider that offers some kind of Stealth protocol, which disguises VPN traffic as normal HTTPS browser traffic, therefore making it a great deal easier to beat the censors and access blocked content. One example of this is VyprVPN’s proprietary Chameleon protocol.

Countries that are known to currently block VPN traffic include China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, the UAE and many more. If you’re mainly going to be using a VPN to connect out from these locations, we strongly advise against using Hotspot Shield and suggest you opt for a provider that is well-known for bypassing these kinds of blocks.


Logging Policy

Hotspot Shield’s logging policy isn’t quite zero-logs but it’s almost there, collecting only basic connection metadata in order to ‘perform analytics…[and] trouble shoot service issues’. When you connect to the VPN, they collect your originating IP address, however this is then immediately encrypted and stored only for the duration of your session. Your IP address isn’t associated with any of your online activities and is deleted when you disconnect from the VPN, meaning it isn’t stored anywhere permanently.

Any websites you visit via Hotspot Shield’s servers are ‘aggregated and stored’ to help them measure ‘whether our users…are able to successfully access certain websites or apps’. Thankfully no specific website visits or app usage are attributed to any specific users, and more importantly HSS doesn’t log your online activities or associate any domains or apps that you use with you as an individual, your device or your email address. In simpler terms, nothing you do online can be traced back to you specifically.


Hotspot Shield operates under the jurisdiction of the USA, making it subject to very intrusive data laws and intelligence-sharing agreements with other countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada. Thankfully this isn’t too much of an issue, due to the fact that your IP address isn’t stored beyond the length of your VPN session and none of your online activity is monitored or linked to you as an individual.

In their privacy policy, HSS states that they will share any information they do have if required to do so by law or ‘in the good faith that such action is appropriate’, for example if they suspect illegal activity on your account. They recently released a Transparency Report, outlining the fact that they ‘cannot identify an individual user’ and have ‘never provided the identity or other personal information regarding our users to the government’, which is reassuring, especially considering the recent allegations.

Ease of Use

You can’t really get much simpler than the custom apps offered by Hotspot Shield. There is a big connect button and a drop-down menu of server locations next to it. Select a location and hit the button. That’s it. Connection time is incredibly quick, so no frustrating wait. You can see your new location and IP address, along with info about your data usage.

Unfortunately the desktop app is almost simple to a fault in that the options are very limited indeed, with no facility to change protocols or select servers optimized for specific tasks for example. Aside from a couple of toggle switches for IP leak protection and when the app should start automatically, there is very little configurability.

Experienced VPN users looking for loads of settings to fiddle with will need to look elsewhere, but Hotspot Shield is absolutely ideal for beginners who don’t want the hassle of messing about in order to get the best connection. If you just want a one-button VPN, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Getting Started

Getting started with Hotspot Shield is really easy, even if you’ve never used a VPN before. All you have to do is log in to your account on the website, download the relevant software for your device and then follow the tips given to you by the installation wizard. These are easy enough to follow but there are step by step installation guides on the support section of the website if you get stuck.

Once the software install is complete, all that’s left to do is log in and you can begin using the VPN. The app automatically creates a desktop shortcut to make it easy to find every time you use your device, and you can even set up the app to automatically connect on startup.

  • Installing software
  • How to use the app

Customer Support

Hotspot Shield could do a lot better on customer support. There is a live chat option but this is only available intermittently, with the option disappearing entirely when all of the support agents are busy (which was the vast majority of the time in our experience). The only other option is to submit a form on the site, but this has a really restrictive structure that makes it awkward to ask general questions and some queries are limited to Premium subscribers. We’re told that support is available 24/7 but that isn’t much use if it’s impossible to get hold of somebody to talk to. Other providers, like HideMyAss!, do much better at providing support at any time, day or night.

The knowledge base on the website is pretty basic and put to shame by competitors’ efforts. The lack of video is also a downside. Thankfully there is a search feature, saving you trawling through loads of articles to find the answer to your question, however we found most of the troubleshooting guides to be incredibly unhelpful – in most cases just telling us to try and restart the VPN, which isn’t much use. That said, Hotspot Shield is so incredibly simple to use, there’s a high change you may not need any support at all.

The Bottom Line

What we like
  • Excellent server speeds of 98Mbps on local connections
  • Currently working with Netflix and iPlayer
  • Sleek, user-friendly apps for popular platforms
  • Connect securely to 27 countries
  • Generous 45-day money-back guarantee
What we like less
  • Limited choice of countries
  • Based in privacy-unfriendly US
  • Past controversies around the free VPN app
  • No configurable settings on desktop app
  • Live chat only intermittently available

Hotspot Shield is a super-fast, reliable VPN that is working on regaining their users’ trust following recent controversies. It’s very reasonably priced if you opt for one of the longer plans, and a generous 45-day money-back guarantee means that you have some time to think before you completely make up your mind. Performance is outstanding on both local and international connections, and access to Netflix or BBC iPlayer will be an added bonus for streaming fans.

Privacy-wise it offers the basic features, such as a VPN kill switch and DNS leak protection, along with strong encryption and a minimal logging policy. However it’s difficult to recommend HSS to anyone with stringent privacy needs following a series of security flaws that allowed hackers to identify users of the service through their WiFi network name. It also emerged that users’ web traffic was being redirected to partner websites, including advertising companies, proving that Hotspot had been lying about its logging policy.

On the bright side, the custom apps are incredibly sleek, modern and user-friendly, although they’re only available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, with no manual workarounds for other devices such as routers. Live chat is available intermittently but we’d advise submitting a support ticket as the response times are usually quicker, as the knowledge base on the site is really only limited to basic troubleshooting issues. All in all a good VPN for beginners but needs some work on the security front.

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    Great for torrenting.

    It was great for protection, I didn't have to worry when I was downloading torrents, it was great! I would definately recommend hotspot shield to friends if they needed it.

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    It works!

    I needed to be able to work on sights that my company would block. Hotspot Shield delivered what I needed at a reasonable cost.

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    World Best VPN

    World Best vpn is Hotspot vpn. Awesome security, Awesome protection and stability Esta and west Hotspot is Best

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