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Mullvad VPN Review

Screenshots of Mullvad on MacOS

Simon Migliano is a recognized world expert in VPNs. He's tested hundreds of VPN services and his research has featured on the BBC, The New York Times and more.

Fact-checked by Callum TennentAdditional Testing by David Hughes

Our Verdict

How is this calculated?

We calculate the VPN service’s Overall Rating by combining the ratings of several testing categories. Each category is weighted as follows:

  • Privacy & Logging Policy: 20%
  • Speed: 20%
  • Security & Technical Features: 15%
  • Streaming: 15%
  • Ease of Use: 10%
  • Torrenting: 5%
  • Server Locations: 5%
  • Bypassing Web Censorship: 5%
  • Customer Support: 5%

Learn more by reading our VPN testing and review methodology.

Mullvad VPN is fast, great for torrenting, and excellent at keeping you safe online. It uses AES-256 encryption, OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols, multi-hop, and a dependable kill switch. However, Mullvad prioritizes internet privacy over entertainment. Despite its excellent privacy and security offering, the VPN is terrible when it comes to unblocking streaming services.

Ranked #15 out of 65 VPNs

Mullvad VPN Category Ratings

  • 3.0/10
  • 9.1/10
  • 9.3/10
  • 8.7/10
  • 7.9/10
  • 6.0/10
  • 9.3/10
  • 8.0/10
  • 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10

Mullvad VPN Pros & Cons

  • Extremely safe and private
  • Advanced customization options & SOCKS5
  • Multi-hop servers & obfuscation technology
  • IPv6 support & automatic kill switch
  • Cash payment available
  • Good for Linux users & torrenters

  • Fails to unblock most streaming sites
  • No transparency report or logging audit
  • No live chat support
  • No Fire TV Stick app or Smart DNS
  • Port forwarding removed
  • Firefox proxy extension only

Why Trust Us?

We’re fully independent and have been reviewing VPNs since 2016. Our ratings are based on our own testing results and are unaffected by financial incentives. Learn who we are and how we test VPNs.

Mullvad is a beginner-friendly VPN with some advanced tools for privacy-seekers. However, it’s not good for streaming. If you want a VPN to stream georestricted content, look elsewhere.

Mullvad won’t unblock US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or most other international streaming sites. It has no Fire TV Stick app or smart DNS, either, and we can’t recommend it for Apple TV.

Mullvad has chosen to focus on internet privacy, and it’s doing that job very well. It’s an independent VPN that comes with a safe logging policy and industry-standard protections, including AES-256 encryption, WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols, full IPv6 support, manual settings for custom DNS, and a watertight kill switch system. You can also pay with cash.

While Mullvad has a number of advanced features, they are dependent on what device you’re using. For example, split tunneling isn’t available on macOS or Windows, and OpenVPN protocol isn’t available on iOS. Inconsistency creates confusion, but we like the way the Mullvad apps look and work generally.

Overall, Mullvad is fast, secure, and simple. We just wish it worked on streaming sites too.

EXPERT ADVICE: ExpressVPN is similarly privacy and security focused as Mullvad, but it beats most streaming geo-blocks.

ExpressVPN’s fast no-logs servers unblocks 18 Netflix regions (including US), HBO Max, and many more streaming services. Use its 100% refund promise and try ExpressVPN for free.

Mullvad VPN Key Data

Data CapUnlimited
Download Speed93Mbps
Logging PolicyNo Identifying Data
Data LeaksNo
JurisdictionSweden (14 Eyes Member)
IP Addresses655+
Countries with Servers43
US NetflixNo
Simultaneous Connections5
Works In ChinaNo
SupportEmail & Online Resources Only
Cheapest Price$5.50 per month
Money-Back Guarantee30-day Money-Back Guarantee
Official WebsiteMullvad.net

Privacy & Logging Policy

Minimal Data Logged & No Email Required

How is this calculated?

We analyze and dissect the VPN service’s logging and privacy policy. A VPN should never log and store:

  • Your real IP address
  • Connection timestamps
  • DNS requests

Headquarters outside of 14 Eyes or EU jurisdictions are also preferable.

Mullvad does not log any sensitive data and its privacy claims have been proven. It only collects payment information and customer support queries. However, we'd like to see Mullvad go even further and owns its entire server network and release transparency reports.

Ranked #5 out of 65 VPNs for Privacy & Logging Policy

Here’s a summary of what we check for in a privacy policy – Mullvad logs none of it.

Data TypeLogged by Mullvad VPN
Account InformationNo
Browsing ActivityNo
Date of Last ConnectionNo
Device InformationNo
DNS QueriesNo
Individual Bandwidth UsageNo
Individual Connection TimestampsNo
Number of Simultaneous ConnectionsNo
Originating IP AddressNo
VPN Server IPNo
VPN Server LocationNo

Mullvad’s privacy policy is clear: it does not log any traffic, user bandwidth, or your originating IP address. It used to log metadata relating to server usage, but it has since abandoned that.

Mullvad VPN does not ask for an email address or any other information in order to create an account. Instead, it gives you a random account number that you use to activate your VPN.

Mullvad doesn’t even run subscriptions anymore. Instead, it runs a one-time payment model so that it need never store any data regarding its users.

This is unique to Mullvad and shows how much it values customer privacy. Just don’t lose the account number.

Mullvad’s privacy guarantee was proven when, in May 2023, Swedish authorities raided Mullvad’s offices and no user data could be extracted.

Mullvad went even further and moved all of its entire server network to a diskless RAM-only network. That means no data is stored in physical hardware.

Sweden (EU) Jurisdiction Is Not Ideal

Mullvad is based in Sweden, which means it has to follow the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. There are serious privacy implications to an EU jurisdiction: Mullvad is obliged to collect your payment information should you pay via bank wire, PayPal, Swish, or Stripe.

Here’s what Mullvad knows based on your payment method:

  • Bank wire: your name, address, bank account number and Mullvad account number.
  • PayPal: transaction-ID, your name, country of origin, email address.
  • Swish: Swish-ID, name, phone number.
  • Stripe: Stripe charge ID, expiration date, last four digits of the card, card type, and origin country.

As you can see, if you pay via bank wire your Mullvad account number is associated with personally-identifiable information. For this reason, Mullvad warns against paying for its service through bank wire. It states:

“Please avoid making payments through bank wire if you do not want your Mullvad account to be traceable to you.”

For maximum privacy, Mullvad allows subscribers to pay via Bitcoin and even cash. We like that Mullvad is transparent about this and warns potential subscribers, and suggests a way around it.

The only other data Mullvad collects is the content of emails and problem reports that you send, as well as the email address you use. Mullvad advises you to refrain from entering personal data when contacting support.

While Mullvad does receive information requests about its users, it has no information to provide. Mullvad told us:

“We frequently get requests regarding IP-addresses and if we know which user was using it at a certain time. Since we do not have any VPN activity logs, they get very similar responses […] that we have no information that could help their investigation, and that all our IP-addresses are shared by our users.”

Who Is Behind Mullvad VPN?

Mullvad VPN is owned by Swedish company Amagicom AB and run by its CEO, Jan Axel Jonsson. The owners and sole shareholders of Amagicom AB are Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson, who describe themselves as “idealists.” The company is based at Engelbrektsgatan 28, 411 37 Göteborg, Sweden.

As more VPNs get acquired and consolidated under larger companies like Kape Technologies (owner of ExpressVPN , CyberGhost), Ziff Davis (IPVanish, StrongVPN), and Cyberspace (NordVPN, Surfshark, AtlasVPN) Mullvad remains an independent VPN service provider and the owners “are not interested in ever selling it.”

Security & Technical Features

Extensive Security Within a User-Friendly Package

How is this calculated?

A secure VPN must offer OpenVPN or WireGuard protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a working kill switch.

To calculate this rating, we also factor in additional security settings and features.

Mullvad is a safe, no-frills VPN service. Its security package is not as extensive as leading VPNs like NordVPN and Surfshark, but it comes with all the essentials, including a reliable kill switch, AES-256 encryption, and the WireGuard protocol. It also includes some additional tools like multi-hop VPN servers and an effective ad blocker.

Ranked #9 out of 65 VPNs for Security & Technical Features

ProtocolsAvailable in Mullvad VPN
EncryptionAvailable in Mullvad VPN
SecurityAvailable in Mullvad VPN
Diskless ServersYes
DNS Leak BlockingYes
First-party DNSYes
IPv6 Leak BlockingYes
Supports TCP Port 443Yes
VPN Kill SwitchYes
WebRTC Leak BlockingNo
Advanced FeaturesAvailable in Mullvad VPN
Ad BlockerYes
Dedicated IPNo
Double VPNYes
Split TunnelingYes
Static IPNo
Tor over VPN ServerNo
Tracker BlockerNo

Mullvad’s VPN apps have lots of extra features and have been audited for safety, ideal for high levels of internet security.

Two Safe Protocol Options

Mullvad has OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols available on almost every platform (Android only offers WireGuard). We like that it’s left out protocols like PPTP and IKEv2, using only the two best security protocols in town, because we don’t recommend using any other.

Mullvad Protocol Options

Mullvad has two protocols: WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Mullvad actually donated money towards the development of the WireGuard protocol and was one of the very first VPNs to implement it, which has since become industry practice. Even Mozilla VPN and Malwarebytes Privacy use Mullvad’s trailblazing WireGuard servers.

Under Advanced in the settings menu, there are additional settings for each protocol. For WireGuard you can enable multi-hop VPN servers for double protection, or change your port. You can also choose between IPv4 and IPv6 connections, or stay with automatic.

For OpenVPN, you can choose between UDP and TCP connections and enable Bridge Mode, which is Mullvad’s anti-censorship obfuscation technology.

It’s a shame that Bridge Mode isn’t available on WireGuard and multi-hop isn’t available on OpenVPN.

Split tunneling, which lets you decide which programs should use the VPN connection and which ones shouldn’t, is also only available on Windows, Android, and Linux.

Automatic Kill Switch & VPN-Only Option

Mullvad has an in-built kill switch, so it’s always running, ready to stop your entire internet connection should the VPN connection drop, and you cannot turn it off.

Many VPNs make the kill switch optional, or have it off by default (like Surfshark). We like Mullvad’s approach because it prioritizes security and guarantees no accidental exposure of your real IP address.

Mullvad Kill Switch

Mullvad VPN comes with an automatic, in-built kill switch.

Mullvad also has something called Always Require VPN, which is an optional feature that also works like a kill switch. Unlike the normal kill switch which only works once your VPN tunnel is activated, Always Require VPN blocks your internet connection until you connect to Mullvad.

Mullvad Always Require VPN

Mullvad can block your internet connection until you connect to an encrypted VPN server.

This is useful if you’re someone who forgets to turn your VPN on. It also means Mullvad has double kill switch protection: an automatic one to protect you from accidental VPN connection drops, and an optional one to kill your internet until you are connected to the secure VPN tunnel.

Mullvad’s iOS kill switch is always running in the background, but to use the kill switch on Android you have to adjust your Android device network settings and activate Always-on VPN or Block connections without VPN. This is an inconvenience and should be integrated within the app as a matter of importance.

Working Ad, Tracker & Malware blocker

Under Preferences, you can find toggle options to launch the app on start up and auto-connect, as well as activate ad, tracker, and malware blockers.

Mullvad Preferences Menu

Mullvad comes with a few customization options and a good ad and tracker blocker.

Mullvad doesn’t have the best VPN ad blocker we’ve tested, but it does block the majority of social and analytic trackers, and some pop-up ads. It’s worth toggling on, but it’s not as effective as a proper ad blocker like uBlock Origin.

Full IPv6 Support

Mullvad supports IPv6 connections on its VPN servers even if your ISP doesn’t yet support it.

Mullvad IPv6

Enable IPv6 is available on macOS & Windows.

Many VPNs deal with IPv6 incompatibility (and subsequent leaks) by simply blocking IPv6 connections and redirecting you to IPv4. Mullvad is one of only a few VPNs that has found an alternate solution.

Mullvad’s Security Features Compared Across Devices

As there are considerable differences between the Mullvad apps, it might be helpful to compare what’s available on each platform with the table below:


Very Fast Speeds On Nearby Servers

How is this calculated?

We calculate the VPN’s speed rating using our download speeds, upload speeds, and ping (latency) measurements.

We regularly test the VPN’s local and international speeds using a dedicated 100Mbps internet connection in New York, USA.

Mullvad VPN is fast on both OpenVPN and WireGuard connections. Local speeds are particularly excellent, with only a 7% speed loss compared to our normal internet connection. Speeds suffer more when connecting to long-distance countries, but no more than expected.

Ranked #35 out of 65 VPNs for Speed

We connected to Mullvad’s servers on six different continents, using a 100Mbps internet connection similar to the speed you might have at home.

Here’s a table showing Mullvad’s speed test results:

A 7% difference between our normal internet connection and a VPN-connected internet is very good, but not quite as fast as some other VPN services.

Connecting to Canada we recorded speeds over 95Mbps, which is very good for such a distance. Likewise, we picked up best speeds of 90Mbps connecting to Brazil.

Mullvad's speeds when connecting to VPN servers in the same country and then the United Kingdom, then compared to ExpressVPN, Hide.me, IPVanish, and NordVPN. It does not fare very well in comparison.

However, download averages of 87Mbps to the UK are a little less impressive. As you can see the chart above, it struggles compared to some popular rival VPNs.

There are better VPNs for long-distance connections, like Hotspot Shield, but we think you’ll be satisfied with Mullvad’s performance.

Server Locations

655 Servers in 43 Countries

How is this calculated?

The key factor for calculating this rating is the global spread and coverage of the VPN’s server network.

We also consider the total number of servers, the number of city-level servers, and the number of IP addresses available.

Mullvad has 655 physical servers spread across 43 countries. It’s not a huge amount, but most users should be satisfied, especially if you’re in Europe where most of Mullvad’s servers are. Most of these servers are rented but have been vetted and remain safe.

Ranked #23 out of 65 VPNs for Server Locations

Globe with a blue flag
43 Countries
Image of a city landscape
68 Cities
Image of a pink marker
655+ IP Addresses

Mullvad VPN’s servers are spread out in the following continents:

Continent Number of Countries
Europe 31
Asia 5
South America 2
North America 2
Africa 1
Oceania 2

Mullvad has servers in 43 countries. This isn’t as expansive as many VPN competitors. ExpressVPN has servers in 106 countries, for example. Still, most users should be satisfied and speeds are unaffected by server congestion.

Good City-Level Server Options

Mullvad has a good number of city servers across the globe.

You can choose city-level servers in eight countries:

  • Australia (six cities)
  • Canada (three cities)
  • France (two cities)
  • Germany (two cities)
  • Japan (two cities)
  • Serbia (two cities)
  • Sweden (four cities)
  • UK (two cities)
  • US (13 cities)

EXPERT TIP: Some of Mullvad’s city locations disappear if you change protocol. For example, Osaka and Marseille are not available when using OpenVPN. You should select Mullvad’s automatic protocol for the most city-level options.

The US comes out on top for city-level servers, with 13 choices. This isn’t far off the best VPNs for US servers, which typically have between 16-18 city servers.

Australia is also a standout with Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney IP addresses all available. Even the best VPN services for Australia usually only have around three or four city options.

However, other parts of the world aren’t served anywhere near as well as the US and Australia. South America (Brazil) and Africa (South Africa) only count one country location each. Asia and the Middle East are poorly served, too.

Mullvad Rents Most of Its Servers

Mullvad VPN is helpfully transparent about what sort of servers it operates and exactly how many of them there are (not all VPNs are).

Using the server page on the Mullvad website, you can find out if they are owned by Mullvad or are rented, whether they are 10Gbps or not, and which work on WireGuard or OpenVPN.

Most of Mullvad’s servers are rented. This isn’t a problem if they are rented from trustworthy companies and Mullvad undertakes a rigorous vetting process. Mullvad claims to do so, and that the servers it rents are not shared with anyone else.

But as Mullvad is so transparent about its infrastructure you can identify and choose to connect to Mullvad-owned servers only. These will be the most secure servers, but the risk to privacy is very low on rented servers too.

All-Physical Server Network

Mullvad operates an exclusively physical server network. This explains why there are so few countries available to connect to.

Virtual servers provide IP addresses from a chosen country even if the server is physically located somewhere else. This is how a VPN like HideMyAss is able to offer IP addresses in almost every country. With Mullvad, though, every single server is located where it says it is.

When it comes to physical vs virtual servers, one approach isn’t wholly better than another. But it’s generally agreed that physical servers are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

No Static IP Addresses

Mullvad does not operate static VPN IP addresses, sometimes called dedicated IPs. This means that you’ll never be assigned the same IP address twice, which is great for privacy.

But it also helps to explain why Mullvad is so bad at unblocking streaming services: static IP addresses appear more like normal internet traffic compared to dynamic IP addresses.


Mullvad Fails to Unblock US Netflix, BBC iPlayer & More

How is this calculated?

This rating is calculated by how many different streaming services and regional content libraries the VPN can unblock, and how consistently it can access them.

We test access to Netflix, Disney+, Max, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and many more platforms on a weekly basis.

Mullvad is very disappointing when it comes to streaming. It can only unblock the US Amazon Prime Video library, HBO Max on the Raleigh server, and Australian Netflix. It failed to access US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more.

Ranked #37 out of 65 VPNs for Streaming

Here are the few streaming services we found Mullvad worked to unblock:

Streaming PlatformWorks with Mullvad VPN
Amazon Prime VideoYes
BBC iPlayerNo
Channel 4Yes
Hotstar IndiaNo
Netflix USNo

Mullvad doesn’t unblock streaming sites and doesn’t pretend to. It no longer works with Netflix and it hasn’t bothered to develop any streaming-optimized servers or an app for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

We tested it on all the major streaming sites and recorded very little success. Only Amazon Prime Video (US), HBO Max, and Australia’s version of Netflix became available to us outside those regions. It won’t bypass Hulu blocks.

Mullvad failed to unblock Hulu and most other streaming services.

Like with Astrill VPN, it’s fair enough that Mullvad is focused on privacy. But a VPN can do both. We’d love to see Mullvad expand into unblocking streaming sites, especially unblocking Netflix. Then we can recommend it wholeheartedly.


P2P Servers & Fast MiB/s Downloads

How is this calculated?

This rating is determined by the VPN’s torrenting speeds, the percentage of servers that allow P2P file sharing, the service’s privacy and trustworthiness, and useful settings like port forwarding.

For speed specifically, we calculate the VPN’s average download bitrate using our bespoke torrenting setup.

Mullvad is much better for torrenting than streaming. All of its servers allow P2P activity, it downloads at 9.8MiB/s on average, the privacy policy is safe, and it comes with SOCKS5 proxy for faster file sharing. However, Mullvad has removed port forwarding.

Ranked #6 out of 65 VPNs for Torrenting

Here’s a quick summary of showing how Mullvad VPN performed in our torrenting tests:

Torrenting Attribute Result
Average Download Bitrate 9.8MiB/s
No. of P2P Servers 655
Logging Policy No Identifying Data
Kill Switch Yes
Port Forwarding No

Mullvad is a top torrenting VPN. All of its servers are optimized for P2P activity. Some VPNs, like TorGuard, now ban popular torrenting websites, but Mullvad still has no restrictions in place.

We tested Mullvad VPN on safe torrent clients like qBitorrent to see how it performed as a torrenting VPN. We found that the download speeds were quick and stable; we recorded an excellent average torrenting bitrate of 9.8MiB/s.

Mullvad qBittorrent Test

We tested Mullvad VPN on qBittorrent to see how well it functions as a torrenting VPN.

While Mullvad wasn’t as fast as the best VPNs for torrenting, it is still a fast and private choice – kill switch protection and a safe logging policy make sure of that.

SOCKS5 Proxy Is Available, But Port Forwarding Has Been Removed

SOCKS5 is available on all of Mullvad’s servers once you activate it for the application you wish to use it on. This is great for torrenters and even reduces the chance of seeing CAPTCHAs.

However, citing “avenues for abuse,” Mullvad no longer allows you to use port forwarding for faster P2P connections. Port forwarding is a useful manual tool for gamers who use VPNs, as it allows you to optimize speeds, change your NAT type, and reduce lag.

Bypassing Web Censorship

Doesn't Work Consistently in China

How is this calculated?

We routinely test if the VPN can bypass strict internet restrictions in China using our remote-access server in Shanghai.

Other important factors we consider include obfuscation technologies and the availability of servers in neighboring countries (for faster connections).

Mullvad VPN has Bridge Mode to get around web blocks in places like Russia and China, but it’s not always matched our expectations of an anti-censorship VPN. Currently it is unable to get around tough web restrictions in China.

Ranked #35 out of 65 VPNs for Bypassing Web Censorship

Mullvad’s Bridge Mode works by first connecting you to one of Mullvad’s ‘Bridge servers’, which use the Shadowsocks proxy to avoid fingerprinting, and then connect you into the country you wish to bypass web blocks in.

This technique for bypassing censorship doesn’t always work: we tested Bridge Mode on our server in Shanghai and it wouldn’t get around the Great Firewall of China, which has the strictest web censorship in the world.

Mullvad Bridge Mode

Mullvad’s Bridge Mode is available on OpenVPN only.

Bridge Mode is more likely to work in countries with less sophisticated censorship technology, such as the UAE, Turkey, and Russia.

Mullvad has servers close to Russia, including Estonia and Latvia, should you need to get around Russian web blocks and access banned websites like Twitter and BBC News.

EXPERT TIP: To enable Mullvad’s Bridge Mode and get around web blocks, go to Settings > Advanced > OpenVPN > OpenVPN Settings > Bridge Mode > On. You can then choose your Entry and Exit locations via the locations list.

Device & OS Compatibility

Available On Major Devices Only

How is this rated?

A high-quality VPN should maintain functional, fully-featured applications and browser extensions for as many platforms and devices as possible.

Our ‘Device & OS Compatibility’ assessment contributes to the Ease of Use rating.

Mullvad VPN is compatible across the major mobile and desktop devices, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It’s also available fully-featured on Linux complete with a GUI. We’d like to see a smart DNS feature and Fire TV Stick app going forward, and some useful browser extensions.

Mullvad's Apps

Mullvad VPN has application for all the major devices, including:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Linux
  6. Router

The Mullvad software looks identical across all devices, but the settings are slightly different for each.

Mullvad is one of the best VPNs for Linux because of the simplicity, usability, and effectiveness of its GUI, which is identical to the Windows one.

Five-Device Limit

Mullvad allows you to use the VPN on five different devices at once. This is about as generous as the industry standard, but there are competing VPNs like Surfshark that offer unlimited simultaneous connections and no device limitations at all.

Games Consoles & Streaming Devices

Mullvad does not cater to streaming devices or games consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. While it does have a port forwarding option, it’s still not the best VPN for gamers.

The lack of Smart DNS also means that Mullvad isn’t the best choice for Apple TV. You can set Mullvad up on your home router, but this process is quite technical. If you really want to, though, we have a guide dedicated to setting up a VPN on your router.

Mullvad’s Firefox Extension Isn’t a VPN

Mullvad VPN has a browser extension for Firefox that it calls Mullvad Privacy Companion. It’s not actually a VPN but it can be used to connect to Mullvad’s SOCKS5 proxy servers.

It also works as a WebRTC blocker and tip tool that offers details about your current connection and suggests you install things like uBlock Origin and Cookie AutoDelete.


Mullvad Privacy Companion Firefox Extension

Mullvad’s Firefox extension doesn’t do much.

This is good advice, but we’d like to see Mullvad invest in a fully-fledged VPN service for browsers. Currently, Mullvad’s Firefox extension doesn’t serve much purpose.

Mullvad’s network and infrastructure is actually used by Mozilla for its own VPN. Unsurprisingly, our review of Mozilla VPN found that the two products perform very similarly.

Ease of Use

Mullvad Looks Good & Works Smoothly

How is this calculated?

This rating mainly consists of the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of setting up and regularly using the VPN.

We also factor in customization settings, as well as device and OS compatibility (see section above).

Mullvad’s apps are sleek, clutter-free, and pleasing to the eye. We like them for their simplicity and the explainers beside each feature, making it less intimidating for newcomers. We’ve never encountered a bug using Mullvad and the structure of the interface is identical across platforms. To avoid confusion, we do wish the features and tools were the same on all devices.

Ranked #26 out of 65 VPNs for Ease of Use

Mullvad is one of the more pleasant VPN apps we’ve encountered. For usability and design, it’s excellent, without losing any credIbility as an advanced VPN for technically-minded users.

The app is composed of a simple interface, including a home connect button, a server locations list, and a settings cog. This is all you need.

Going deeper into the settings, there are a few options, including account information, preferences, and advanced settings. Nothing is overwhelming, as can be the case with providers like AirVPN and Windscribe.

Where there are some more technical features, Mullvad almost always includes a helpful explainer.Some things still aren’t obvious though, like Mssfix.

Despite its excellent usability in general, there are some considerable differences between each Mullvad app in terms of what features or tools are available, making it slightly more confusing to use on multiple devices.

Some Mullvad features also have to be configured from within your account on the Mullvad website, like WireGuard Keys. We prefer a self-contained experience.

20 Languages Available

One thing we appreciated was how you can easily change the language of the Mullvad app. With a click of a button you can switch between 20 languages, making it easier to use for many people across the globe.

Mullvad Language Options

You can use Mullvad VPN in 20 different languages at the click of a button.

Desktop Apps: macOS & Windows

The Mullvad macOS and Windows apps are identical in every way, except for the fact that split tunneling is only available on Windows. All other features are included on both.

Mullvad VPN's apps for Windows and macOS

Mobile apps: iOS & Android

Mullvad VPN on iPhone and Android is similar to its desktop counterpart, but it’s got fewer settings. The Android mobile app is slightly more advanced than iOS because it includes split tunnelling. On the other hand, the iOS app has an ad, tracker, and malware blocker.

Mullvad VPN's apps for Android and iOS

OpenVPN isn’t available on iPhone or Android, which also means you can’t use the OpenVPN-exclusive Bridge Mode. Both are missing the “Always Require VPN” option.

Mullvad iOS Settings Menu

Mullvad’s iOS app has fewer settings compared to desktop.

Both mobile applications use the WireGuard protocol and automatic WireGuard key rotation. This setting changes your WireGuard keys every four days for extra security.

Customer Support

Excellent Website, but No Live Chat Support

How is this calculated?

This rating is based on our assessment of the VPN’s:

  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Online resources

Not every VPN offers all these support options, and they often vary in quality and response times.

Mullvad’s website support is refreshingly helpful, transparent, and well-written. Email support is also very useful and replies are quick. We wish Mullvad had live-chat support for instant assistance, though. Currently, other VPNs offer more extensive support.

Ranked #34 out of 65 VPNs for Customer Support

Customer SupportAvailable in Mullvad VPN
24/7 Email SupportNo
24/7 Live Chat SupportNo
Email Support via Online FormNo
Live Chat SupportNo
Online ResourcesYes
Tutorial VideosNo

Mullvad’s help center is genuinely useful, with straight-to-the-point, clearly-written troubleshooting fixes, user guides, and suggestions, as well as explainers of Mullvad’s features.

You can access the help center via the FAQ & Guides link in the app. You can also report a problem within the app itself.

You can report a problem from within the Mullvad app.

If you want to contact Mullvad directly, you can send an email. We sent an email at 2:37pm and got a response at 2:50pm. 13 minutes isn’t a long wait for an email response, so we were impressed.

We’d like to see Mullvad invest in 24/7 live chat support for instant assistance. Most top VPNs have this level of support on hand.

Price & Value

$5.50 per Month Flat Price

How is this calculated?

While we do assign a ‘Price & Value’ rating, it doesn’t contribute to the Overall Rating. We believe the reader should decide what is or isn’t a reasonable price.

A good rating isn’t just based on how cheap the VPN is, but for the overall value it offers.

Mullvad no longer offers subscriptions for privacy reasons, and it costs the same no matter what: $5.50 per month. A single tier pricing, one-time payment system is unique among VPNs, and its simplicity is appealing. You aren't tied to long-term deals. However, it's still too expensive. On longer-term deals, top VPNs can cost $3.00 per month or less.

Ranked #13 out of 65 VPNs for Price & Value

Mullvad operates an innovative pay-as-you-go system, asking you to ‘top up’ every month with the same price of $5.50. There are no deals to be had. You can also purchase a subscription via physical Amazon vouchers.

  1. Monthly


    Price converted from 5.00 EUR. Subject to currency fluctuations.

In the long run, Mullvad is pricier than most VPNs because it doesn’t offer savings for long-term contracts.

PrivateVPN, for example, costs the equivalent of $2.00 per month on its three-year deal.

But, if you take the VPN on a pay monthly basis, Mullvad is very cheap. Most VPNs charge over $10.00 for a month-to-month service.

Payment & Refund Options

Mullvad accepts payment via a large number of methods:

  1. American Express
  2. Bank Wire / Direct Transfer
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. Cash
  6. Giropay
  7. iDeal
  8. Mastercard
  9. PayPal
  10. Voucher

Mullvad is one of the few VPN services that lets you pay with cash, which is the best form of non-traceable payment.

If you do want to send an envelope of cash to Sweden, Mullvad accepts most major currencies. To promote private payments further, Mullvad gives a 10% discount if you pay with Bitcoin.

Mullvad is also partnered with a number of resellers, who offer different pricing plans. You can buy a Mullvad coupon from Selfridges in London, for example. You can also get Mullvad via physical Amazon vouchers.

Mullvad Refund Policy

Mullvad has a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. This is standard practice among most VPN services. Only a few VPNs offer a longer refund period, such as CyberGhost – which offers 45 days.

To claim your refund, simply email support@mullvad.net with your account number and other details depending on how you paid.

You cannot claim for a refund if you pay for Mullvad VPN with cash.

No Free Trial Available

Mullvad does not have a free trial. If you want to test Mullvad VPN out before committing, you’ll have to buy a subscription and take advantage of the 30-day refund period, claiming your money back before it expires.

The Bottom Line

Do We Recommend Mullvad?

Simple security is Mullvad’s philosophy. Mullvad VPN has the respect of most privacy advocates due to its impressive security credentials and principled stance on privacy issues.

It’s a great choice if you prioritize online anonymity and don’t want to overcomplicate things with marketing jargon or fluffy extras. It’s a flat-price package that changes your IP address and encrypts your data securely.

However, if you want to watch movies and TV from outside your home country you should not choose Mullvad. Almost no effort is made to unblock streaming services like US Netflix or BBC iPlayer. There is no Smart DNS or Fire TV Stick app, either.

For an even simpler experience, we’d love to see Mullvad improve its mobile service and streamline the apps more closely. Mullvad has lots of features, but they’re spread unevenly across platforms, in a way that requires guidance. Luckily, Mullvad’s website and email support is excellent. We just wish it had a live chat option, too.

Alternatives to Mullvad VPN

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History of Major Updates to Mullvad VPN

  • 20 September 2023: Mullvad completes migration to a RAM-only server network.
  • 7 August 2023: Mullvad’s infrastructure is audited by Radically Open Security, which found no logging of data or information leakage.
  • 29 May 2023: Mullvad removes port forwarding.
  • 20 April 2023: Mullvad’s offices are raided by Swedish authorities. No data is compromised.
  • 14 September 2022: Mullvad releases the results of a DNS audit.
  • 21 June 2022: Mullvad discontinues subscriptions in favor of a one-time payment model.