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  1.  100% 

    Fast VPN

    I get really good speed in Europe with ZoogVPN partially because they use IKev2 VPN protocol on their Windows, macOS and iOS apps by default. Looking forward to them introducing IKEv2 to Android also. This makes it ideal for streaming and downloading. Great VPN at very affordable prices! Highly recommended and their servers are not yet overloaded as some other popular VPN providers +++

  2.  100% 

    Nice Window app

    I'm glad that they finally updated the Windows app which now offers OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IKEv2 by default and Kill Switch all for an unbelievable price ($1.25 p/m). With that price you can't go wrong even if they have less servers than others. Never actually had an issue with speed and IKev2 is lightning fast. Keep up good work and keep improving the apps/service.

  3.  40% 

    Cheap but that's it

    You get what you pay for, it's cheap but slooow! So slow that a lot of my connections timeout making virtually useless. The website offers 7 days money back guarantee. Tried to get my money back but told told to read the small print, basically 7 days money back with a lot of conditions, couldn't get a refund in the end as I was suppose to tried manually configuration this and that. I told Zoog support that other VPN do not require manually adjusting configuration and do not time out, their reply was problem on my side! Recommend Nord VPN instead, fast, no connection timeouts!

  4.  100% 

    Excellent Kill Switch

    This VPN is perfect for torrenting as it has Kill Switch on both Windows and macOS desktop operating systems. I use it all the times on my Windows 10 and it does not leak my IP. I can feel secure now that my IP will never be leaked in case of VPN disconnect to my ISP and can safely download torrents and other files. The speeds are also excellent when using IKEv2 VPN protocol in-built in the app by default. All of this at very affordable prices. Will be recommending ZoogVPN to my friends.

  5.  100% 

    Impressive fast speeds

    Thanks for the great review Callum, very detailed. However, I did notice you referred to their server speeds as "Unimpressive speeds" although based on my experience it's quite the opposite especially if you use the correct VPN protocol and server. The server selection set on "Auto" normally chooses the fastest/closer server so that's not an issue. I noticed you chose to use OpenVPN Auto as the option in the settings, as great and as time-proven as OpenVPN is, it is not the fastest protocol available. OpenVPN has a significant overhead on speed which is directly proportional to the strength of encryption and since ZoogVPN uses AES-256 bit, which is a strong encryption it does have an impact. Therefore, the VPN protocol of choice should be IKEv2 if you, like me, want speed. So for those seeking a fast and affordable VPN especially on your macOS and Windows, ZoogVPN is a great choice an incredibly affordable pricing. I would say the only thing that could improve their offering is the Kill Switch (firewall) on Windows, which they said is coming very soon and perhaps a few more servers, although I have not experienced any issues with their servers being overloaded.

  6.  100% 

    Excellent for US Netflix

    One of a few that still works with US Netflix at very affordable price! Use it on my iPad and macBook to stream it. In addition it provides a great layer of protection against the nasties of the Internet.

  7.  100% 

    Excellent value for money

    Great VPN at affordable prices. I use it on all my devices and feel secure and protected while online. I also use it for safe downloads on desktop while streaming on iPad.

  8.  100% 

    Excellent Windows app for torrenting

    The updated Windows app (v5.0) works great now with many features including seamless VPN connectivity while I can safely download torrent files.

  9.  40% 

    useless customer support

    unfortunately I didn't insist for refund in 7 days,as stated when paid. Sometimes it doesn't displays websites correctly (no option to post screenshots here).When contacted customer support thru live chat,they asked few question and were unable to hep,just left and I was waiting and waiting and waiting....Chat window said online and nothing else happened.(tryed 3 times).Absolutely regret subscribing to ZoogVPN.

  10.  100% 

    Great streaming VPN at affordable prices

    Excellent service with ability to watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and US Netflix all on my iPad and macBook! Excellent speeds from Spain and highest levels of encryption on top of Kill Switch and IKEv2 protocol. Excellent value+++

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